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Help find a woman's missing husband and their dog.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Mizahabi at Elden Root Temple
Location(s): Vicinity of Elden Root Temple
Reward: Scented Leathers
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 923
A happy family
Mizahabi has lost track of her husband and her dog. I've offered to help her look for both of them.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Go to Elden Root Temple and talk to Mizahabi.
  2. Find Eat Eat and pat him.
  3. Find Ninglenel, Mizahabi's Husband.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Acquiring the QuestEdit

A Khajiit looking out for something

When you come to Elden Root Temple, you can see a Khajiit, Mizahabi, standing at its rim and looking out for something. Talk to her:

My husband, Ninglenel, went for a walk yesterday morning. Said he wanted to get away from the squabbling at Elden Root. He hasn't come back!
I went looking for him this morning with our dog, and now my dog has wandered off!
That's a run of bad luck.
Yes, thank you for pointing that out.
The last place I saw our dog, Eat Eat, was near the fork in the road that leads to Cormount, just west of here.
Take this whistle. Use it when you get to the fork in the road. I'll wait here in case he comes home.
I'll find your dog. And your husband, if I can.

Find Eat EatEdit

Head a bit west, down the road until you reach a crossing. Now use the whistle and an enthusiastic dog will approach you. Pet it:

<Eat Eat bounces back and forth under your hand. He looks like he wants you to follow.>
I should see where he wants to go.

Find NinglenelEdit

There's something down there

After this masterpiece of communication between a sentient being and an adventurer, follow Eat Eat running along the road leading north. If you interact with him during the search, he will be anxious to continue:

<Eat Eat makes a sad sound each time he looks toward the north.>

After a short while the dog stops and bays towards a ravine on the left side of the road. A closer look will reveal a Bosmer laying on the ground of the ravine. When you walk down to him, you see he is alive and you can talk to him:

Ironic. We come back to my homeland and I'm the one that falls into a ravine. I used to scale these rocks like they were stairs.
I guess none of us are immune to the ravages of time.
You're going to be fine, Ninglenel.
Just give me a second, and I'll head back home. I knew Eat Eat wouldn't leave me here to rot.
Mizahabi will be worried sick. Thank you!

He offers you your reward for looking after him and walks down the road. That ends the quest, but when you return to Elden Root Temple you will find the whole family reunited.

Quest StagesEdit

Until Death
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should head to the fork in the road and try to call Eat Eat.
Objective: Use Dog Whistle
The dog looks upset. I should pet it to calm it down.
Objective: Pet Eat Eat
Eat Eat wants me to follow him. Perhaps he'll lead me to Ninglenel.
Objective: Follow Eat Eat
Finishes quest  I found Ninglenel! I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ninglenel
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