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Yvara Plouff
Location Just north of the Hjaalmarch Great Lift, The Antiquarian Circle
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Antiquarian Circle
Yvara Plouff

Yvara Plouff is a Breton scholar who can be found just north of the Hjaalmarch Great Lift.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

She can be found standing next to a broken cart, "Ugh! Stupid thing! I should have never come out here alone …."

Talk with Yvara to see why she's out in the middle of Hjaalmarch.

"Oh, hello! Please don't laugh … I'm having a terrible time and this cart isn't even half of it.
Though, you look rather experienced. Maybe it's fortuitous that you came along! You might be just the right person to help me."
Help in what way?
"You've heard about Dragon Mounds, right? They're ancient Dragon burial sites. Centuries old, the Dragon War, the Dragon Cult
I'm overexplaining. The job is simple. I just need some charcoal rubbings from those mounds."
If that's all, why not get them yourself?
"I intended to! I hired this cart and everything. But as you can see, that didn't work out.
Maybe I was foolish to try and do this on my own. I don't have a lot of field experience. Almost none. But you! You could handle this right? I'll pay you!"
All right, I'll get these rubbings for you.
"Thank you for helping. It's a big relief.
I need rubbings from two Dragon mounds; one south of here and another off to the east. I'm particularly interested in any symbols that look like Dragons, but anything you find will help."

You can then ask her some questions about her field of study.

What can you tell me about the Dragon Cult?
"You should read Historia Draconis! The writer was an eyewitness!
Very briefly, in ancient times Dragon Priests and the Dragons ruled over the Nords. More like slaves really, unless you joined the Dragon Cult."
And then there was a war?
"Right! The Nords revolted. A few Dragons even fought against their own kind. The texts say thousands on thousands of Nords died, but I think that's exaggerated.
Eventually, they defeated the Dragon Priests and their Dragons."
What happened to the Dragon Cult? / What can you tell me about the Dragon Cult?
"We're still sorting that out. The Historia claims the Nords killed them all, but it's biased.
Some scholars think the Cultists sacrificed themselves to become draugr. That way they could protect the Dragons and priests buried in the mounds."
Why these particular Dragon Mounds?
"Oh, that's easy. Most of the burial sites are still buried, and therefore inaccessible. These two happen to be at the surface and may have the rubbings I need. If my research is correct, of course.
There's more but let's start with this, at least."
Is there any danger at these Dragon Mounds?
"I really don't know. I've never really done research in the field before. I planned to go in armed to the teeth just in case.
A lot of good that did me. I bought all this adventuring gear and have nothing to show for it."

Once you have the rubbings from the two dragon mounds, you can bring them back to her. She will then mention and explain her theory, before asking for your help once more.

"You're back! I'm so glad to see you. I hope it wasn't too dangerous. I feel like I should have gone with you, but I probably would have slowed you down.
Oh, the rubbings. Did you get them?"
Yes, I have them.
"How exciting! I can't believe I get to examine these myself. Field work is wonderful!
Now, I just have to hope they confirm my theory."
What's your theory?
"Well, the glyphs here are definitely Merethic era with Nord inclusions that have … Sorry, I'll skip all that.
These symbols resemble those on Dragon Cult tablets. I think they're charms that speed up the release of the Dragons from their mounds."
You think the Dragons buried there may wake up?
"Well, something like that. It happened in Elsweyr, didn't it?
Now that I have these, there's one final mound to investigate. I have to physically go there this time. Would you still be willing to help me? I'm not sure I can do this alone."
What do we need to do?
"There's a Dragon mound farther down the road, a big one. When I first entertained this theory, I made a warding spell. One that should seal whatever's inside, permanently. It's difficult to cast, however.
I need someone to watch my back."

Before leaving, you can ask some more questions.

Why didn't you tell me your plan earlier? / Why didn't you tell me your plan before now?
"I wasn't sure about this last part. I needed the rubbings to know.
Besides, if I said I needed you to maybe help me cast a spell to seal up a dead Dragon, you'd think I was ridiculous. Everyone else does, especially my mentors."
Are you sure you need to do this?
"Sure? No, but what if I'm right? I know it's all untested theory, but if the alternative is a Dragon waking up, then I think I should try.
I've seen all the reports of the slaughter in Elsweyr. It sounds horrible."
Do you really think Dragons could threaten Skyrim?
"It certainly happened in Elsweyr, didn't it? Everyone thought Dragons were gone for good and now the giant lizards are burning villages.
Is that what happens if I do nothing?"
If you played any Elsweyr quest (Northern or Southern, or either prologue):
The Dragons in Elsweyr weren't dead, just sleeping. I was there.
"You were? Then you saw what they did. Is it so unlikely it could happen here?
And I have so many questions to ask you! But, later."
You've read the reports. What did happen in Elsweyr?
"The reports aren't clear about where they came from, just rumors. Some say they were entombed until something woke them up, but Elsweyr doesn't have Dragon Mounds like we do here.
But I think until we know more, why risk an attack?"

When you reach the road near the burial mound to the west, a panting Yvara will catch up.

Yvara Plouff: "I'm here! Wait for me!"

Speak with her to see what she wants to do next. This is her first time doing such a thing so she is understandably nervous.

"Well, I've made it this far with no catastrophes. That has to count for something, right?
Is the area safe? I'm so nervous."
We won't know until we're closer.
"Oh! Right, of course. You're the one who knows what to do.
I brought my dagger, in case there are giant bugs or something. I've never stabbed a giant bug before. Is it as icky as it sounds?"
It washes off.
"Wonderful. So those tales about being dragged into caves and devoured by Frost Bite Spiders are just stories to make children behave?
Don't answer or you'll scare me out of doing this."
Follow me and stay close.

She will then become your companion and you can lead Yvara to the mound.

Yvara Plouff: "Lead on to the mound!"
"Let's go. The mound is just past that hill. I need to get a feel for the energy there before I start. I don't want to accidentally turn you into a frog or something.
That was supposed to be funny."

If you near a hostile creature, she'll call out a warning:

Yvara Plouff: "Mara's mercy! Watch out!"
Yvara Plouff: "Look out!"
Yvara Plouff: "Be careful!"
Yvara Plouff: "Watch it! That one looks mean!"
Yvara Plouff: "You can take that thing. I believe in you!"

Once you arrive outside the mound, she'll use her Antiquarian's Eye to get a reading on mound. You can then talk to her afterwards.

"I'm not sensing any strange energies. I don't know if that's good or bad. Are you ready to head inside?"
Let's go.

You can speak to her once more before advancing:

"So far so good. Let's get up there. Whenever you're ready."

You can then escort her to the center of the mound.

Yvara Plouff: "We need to go to the center of the mound. That's the best place for my spell."

When you arrive, she will begin her spell:

Yvara Plouff: "Here we go."
<A magic circle appears beneath her, soon a fog also appears around her.>
Yvara Plouff: "Don't worry, everything's fine! I'm not panicking!"
<The spell is completed.>
Yvara Plouff: "There!"

With the spell completed, you can see how she is and what she wants to do.

"It worked! At least I think it worked. No rumblings, no explosions; so that's promising.
But that spell took a lot out of me. Could you help me out of here? Maybe as far as the road?"
Follow me back to the road.

You can then lead her back to the road:

Yvara Plouff: "Let's hurry. I don't want to linger here."

Speak to her once more before you arrive at your destination:

"Let's move quickly, before a big bug or something worse shows up."

Once you arrive:

Yvara Plouff: "Here we are. Entirely uneaten!"
"Thank you for your help. I had no idea field work was so invigorating.
I can't wait to tell my peers at the Antiquarian Circle all about it!"
Member of the Antiquarian Circle:
I belong to the Antiquarian Circle. I'm not sure I remember seeing you.
"Oh! Really? I'm very new, our latest member. I only joined recently.
Anyway, this is wonderful! Imagine the coincidence of my asking you, a fellow member, for help out here."
Did the Circle send you to ward the Dragon Mounds?
"Well, not exactly. Gabrielle made her skepticism quite clear. Is she always that blunt?
She told me I could gather information as long as I didn't get directly involved. But I wanted to prove myself to the Circle! I hope I'm not in trouble."
Do you think you should be in trouble?
"No! I mean, I don't think so. I took the initiative to deal with something that could be a big threat. That counts for something, right?
I have to explain my findings to Gabrielle. And I promised to pay you, so meet me at the Circle."
I'll see you there.
The Antiquarian Circle?
"You've not heard of it … er, us? Sorry, I'm their newest member. I always wanted to be one so I assumed everyone knew about them.
The Antiquarian Circle are scholars and mages devoted to uncovering the forgotten relics and mysteries of Tamriel."
So they sent you to test your theory out here?
"Well, not exactly. In fact, Gabrielle, our leader, was entirely against it. She didn't think my theory held any merit.
She told me I could gather information as long as I didn't get involved directly. But I wanted to prove myself to the Circle!"
Are you going to get in trouble?
"No! I hope not? I disobeyed because I saw a threat and took the initiative to deal with it. And nothing bad happened, so that's a good thing, right?
You should join us! I'll mark our location on your map. Meet me there and I can pay you."
I'll see you there.

If you talk to her again, she will give directions.

"I'll meet you at the Antiquarian Circle in Solitude, near the Blue Palace.
Oh, and don't worry! I promised to pay you, and I will! I left my gold at home in case I got eaten by something."

When you arrive at the Antiquarian Circle, Yvara will be reading a book in the front room. As you talk to her, she'll want your advice on how to present her theory.

"Ah, you're here! Don't worry, I have your pay. I'm just finishing my notes.
Though, if I'm being honest, I'm not as confident as I once was that my theory is correct. How can I really know my spell worked?"
Is there any way to test it?
"Not really. My whole theory depends on the idea that a Dragon buried in that mound could, conceivably, rise from the dead. We know necromancers can raise human skeletons, so why not dragons?
That's what my ward is supposed to stop."
But you don't know for sure.
"No. I researched thoroughly to make it unbreakable, but I just don't know if it worked. I expected some kind of reaction … but there was nothing.
I don't know, what do you think? How should I present my findings to the Circle?"
Trust yourself. If you believe in your theory, let others know.
"You're right! I've always been self-conscious about my ideas. Too many competing scholars back home. But I created a competent ward, and if anyone tries to raise that Dragon, they'll fail. I'm sure of it."
What will you do now?
Caution is best. Say what you've done but don't jump to conclusions.
"You're right. I may not like it, but it's true. I'm sure I cast a good ward, but there are just too many unknowns. I don't want to seem overconfident or brash.
I'll tell Gabrielle everything I learned, but I'll let her decide what to make of it."
That seems wise.

If you resume the conversation again before deciding on a suggestion, she'll say:

"How would you proceed, if you were me? Should I tell Gabrielle I'm confident in my theory, even if it gets proven wrong later? Or should I only say what I did and leave it for others to decide?
Trust yourself. If you think your theory is correct, let others know.
Caution is best. Tell Gabrielle what you've done, but don't jump to conclusions.

Both choices will lead to the same reply:

"Now, I need to get up the nerve to report my findings. Part of that includes telling Gabrielle that I went against her wishes. Hopefully she'll go easy on me.
Thank you for listening, and for all your help."
I wish you luck.
"Oh, wait, we're not done yet! I promised you compensation for your help, and I'm a Breton of my word. I know it's not much, but take this.
And may we never see dragons over Solitude."

Speaking with her after being paid for your help.

Member of the Antiquarian Circle:
Member of the Antiquarian Circle (Alternate (?)):
"Thank you for all your advice about the Antiquarian Circle. Who knows, maybe we'll have another adventure together!"
When will you present your findings to Gabrielle?
"I think I'll wait a bit. Gabrielle might assume I'm just an over-eager newcomer if I present to her without preparing. I want to organize my research so she can look it all over. I want her to see that I didn't make wild assumptions."
And then?
"Hopefully, she'll see that my theory has merit. It may not have all the facts she wants, but that just means it needs more investigating. She might even agree to let me continue my research in the field; this time with experienced help."
"Thank you for all your advice about the Antiquarian Circle. Who knows, maybe we'll have another adventure together!"
When will you present your findings to Gabrielle?
"If I know Gabrielle, I need to spend some time getting my details right. I might even go back out there for some more research.
Don't worry, one of the more experienced Antiquarians here has offered to help me."
And then?
"And then I go brave the lioness in her den.
That's a very Breton way of saying I will present my facts and make the case that I'm right. And I am right!"
"Really, you should think about joining the Antiquarian Circle. You have a knack for this sort of thing!"
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