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This page contains those hints and tips which are closer to being 'illegal' than the rest. See also the Redguard Hints page which may contain those hints which are not considered cheating.

Skip the Scarab PuzzleEdit

It's possible to beat the scarab puzzle without doing it. There is a bug in the game Redguard, where if you jump from the ledge to the side of scarab door, you can climb up onto the top of the walls that line the stairway to the scarab door. Once on top of the wall, you can walk above the level and outside of it. Next you jump over the door and into the passageway behind. It will go into the next level. Careful, or you will fall off into the endless dark. This mistake will actually let you roam outside of the level.

Free Items CheatEdit

Use this cheat to give yourself just about any item in the game. Hit F12 to bring down the developer's console screen and then type item add, #.

The # corresponds to an item number as follows.

ID Item
0 Sabre
1 Compass
2 Gold
3 Potion of Ironskin
4 Health Potion
5 Ring of Invisibility
6 Voa's Ring
7 Guard Sword
8 Rusty Key
9 Gold Key
10 Silver Key
11 Amulet
12 Soul Gem
13 Soul Sword
14 Crow Bar
15 Rune (2 lines and a dot)
16 Rune (a line and dot)
17 Rune (2 lines)
18 Letter
19 Orc's Blood
20 Orc's Blood (sublimated)
21 Spider's Milk
22 Spider's Milk (sublimated)
23 Ectoplasm
24 Ectoplasm (sublimated)
25 Hist Sap
26 Hist Sap (sublimated)
27 'Dwarven Lore'
28 Dwarven Gear
ID Item
29 Glass Vial
30 Glass Vial (with elixir)
31 Iron Weight
32 Bucket
33 Bucket with Water
34 Rune (fist)
35 'Elven Artifacts VIII' (copy)
36 'Elven Artifacts VIII'
37 'Redguard History'
38 'Flora of Hammerfell'
39 Map
40 Leather Pouch
41 Trithik's Map Piece
42 Silver Boat
43 Shovel
44 Aloe
45 Torch
46 Monocle
47 Flag
48 Silver Locket
49 League Insignia
50 Joto's Map Piece
51 Flask of Lillandril
52 Talisman
53 Iszara's Journal (open)
54 Canah Feather
55 Kithral's Journal
56 'Ffoulkes Firmament'
57 Iszara's Journal (locked)
ID Item
58 Starstone
59 Key to Krisandra's Storeroom
60 Key to Iszara's Lodge
61 N'Gasta's Spellbook
62 Bar Mug
63 Mariah's Watering Can
64 Glass Bottle
65 Glass Bottle with Pure Water
66 Pure Water and Aloe Mix
67 Strength Potion
68 Bandage
69 Bloody Bandage
70 Skeleton Sword
71 Keep Out
72 No Trespassing
73 Tobias' Bar Mug
74 Bone Key
75 Flaming Sabre
76 Goblin Sword
77 Ogre's Axe
78 Dram's Sword
79 Silver Key (Palace)
80 Dram's Bow
81 Dram's Arrow
82 Silver Locket (copy)
83 Island Map
84 Wanted Poster
85 Palace Diagram