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The controls menu with the default options

This page documents the controls available while playing Redguard and their default settings.

Controls MenuEdit

You can re-map the controls listed in the controls menu to other keys to suit your preferences.

Control Default Notes
Forward Kbd Up Run or walk forward. Also used to navigate menus.
Back Kbd Down Walk backward. Also used to navigate menus.
Left Kbd Left Turn left. Also used to navigate menus.
Right Kbd Right Turn right. Also used to navigate menus.
Use Ctrl Activate an object in the world, use an item, or attack if your weapon is drawn.
View Alt While held, use the keys assigned for movement to rotate the camera around Cyrus. If your weapon is drawn, defend against attacks.
Jump Space Jump in the air or climb on an object. Cyrus performs a standing jump if you are standing still, strafing left or right, or moving backward in walk mode. He performs a short jump in the direction of movement if walking forward or backward. Running forward makes him perform a long jump.
Walk L Shift While held, Cyrus will walk forward instead of run and stops at the edge of ledges instead of falling off. Unlike the Walk Mode toggle, this also changes the behavior of Left and Right to strafe rather than turn. In dialogue, this skips lines.
Items I Open or close the inventory.
Map M Show or hide the island map if you have one.
Log L Open or close the log. Only works if there are entries in it.
Sword S Make your sabre the current item if it's not already and sheathes or unsheathes it.
Health H Drink a health restoring item if you do not have 100 health. In order of priority, they are: pure water and aloe mix (15), health potion (15), and glass bottle with pure water (5).
Next Period Make the next item in your inventory the current item.
Prev Comma Make the previous item in your inventory the current item.

Other KeysEdit

These are not listed in the controls menu and cannot be re-mapped.

Control Default Notes
Delete Save Game Del In the save game or load game menu, bring up the option to delete the highlighted save game.
Main Menu Esc Open or close the main menu.
Version Info F1 Show version numbers for "Redguard", "Build", "Savegame", and "Console". These are V1.0, 1.0, V1.31, and V2.0 respectively, even though the main menu shows the game's version as
Save Game Menu F2 Open the save game menu, the first entry on the main menu.
Load Game Menu F3 Open the load game menu, the second entry on the main menu.
Display Menu F4 Open the display menu, in the game's options.
Sound Menu F5 Open the sound menu, in the game's options.
Controls Menu F6 Open the controls menu, in the game's options.
Auto-Defend F7 Toggle auto-defend. With it on, you can just hold the View/Defend key; otherwise, you must press it around the same time the enemy attacks.
Health Status Display F8 Toggle the way health is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
Candle and Health Score: A candle and number are shown to indicate health. The candle's height is relative to the health percentage out of 100.
Candle Only: Hides the number below the candle.
No Health Display: The candle is hidden except when your weapon is drawn or when taking damage.
QuickSave F9 Save the game instantly under the name "Quick Save Game". This overwrites previous quicksaves. The quicksave cannot be overwritten through the save game menu.
Show Game Credits F10 Show the game's credits. These credits are the same as the ones shown at the end of the game.
Walk Mode Tab Toggle walk mode, which is the same as holding down the Walk key except that Left and Right turn as usual instead of strafe.