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Shivering:Fork of Horripilation

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Fork of Horripilation
Artifact: Fork of Horripilation (0007877F)
(lore page)
Type Blade; Dagger
Editor ID SE45ForkHorripilation
Damage Damage 2
Damage Damage 2 Health Health 220
Speed 1.4
Speed 1.4 Reach 0.6
Weight Weight 6 Value Value 5
Fork's Wound (Stunted Magicka)
on Self, not on Strike like all other weapon enchantments in Oblivion
Charge/Cost = Uses 0
Fork of Horripilation

The Fork of Horripilation is a one-handed blade (equivalent to a dagger) found on a table in Longtooth Camp. When wielded, it stunts the user's magicka.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The fork's Stunted Magicka effect which becomes active when the fork is equipped can be removed by enchanting it at the Chironasium at the Arcane University if Big Head is killed before the quest starts which will remove the quest item flag from the fork. If you return the fork to Big Head, it will remain flagged as a quest item and be unavailable for enchantment.


  • After you complete the quest, the fork will remain a quest item if you give it to Big Head, meaning it will remain in your inventory if you steal it back or kill him and take it from his corpse. If you kill Big Head before starting the quest and encounter the fork, it will no longer be a quest item and will be able to be picked up. This will, however, lock you out of Big Head's quest rewards.