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The Shivering Isles adds a vast number of additional items, rewards, and new oddities to be discovered or wielded. More detailed information can be found about these items, how they work, or how to obtain them using this page as a guide.

Item CategoriesEdit

  • Artifacts: Truly legendary items unlike anything else in appearance or attributes
  • Weapons — All the new sets, unique, and base weapons
  • Clothing — All new generic clothing
  • Unique Clothing — All new unique clothing and jewelry
  • Armor — All new armor that can be obtained by the player
  • Ingredients — All additional alchemical ingredients in the Isles
  • Potions — New potions and beverages to be found in the Shivering Isles.
  • Books and Journals — Added bound works of the Isles
  • Keys — All keys found in the Isles
  • Notes — Scribblings of the Isles' residents
  • Scrolls — Unique scrolls new to the Shivering Isles
  • Miscellaneous Items — Includes Amber, Madness Ore, Oddities, minor quest items, etc.
  • Quest Items — All items that are marked as Quest Items by the Shivering Isles