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Amber Armor
Amber Weapons

Amber is a substance that is only found in the Shivering Isles. As part of The Antipodean Hammer quest, you can take Amber to Dumag gro-Bonk and he will fashion it into Amber armor and Amber weapons free of charge. Amber Matrices can additionally be used to create enchanted armor and weapons. Amber can be found in containers or on creatures; a few samples also exist in houses.

See the Lore article for general information.

Item StatisticsEdit

Name Object ID    
  Amber 00016568 1 10
  Amber Arrow Matrix 00016CF1 5 50
  Amber Boots Matrix 00016561 5 50
  Amber Bow Matrix 00016CF2 5 50
  Amber Cuirass Matrix 00016562 5 50
  Amber Gauntlets Matrix 00016560 5 50
  Amber Greaves Matrix 0001657F 5 50
  Amber Hammer Matrix 00016CF3 5 50
  Amber Helmet Matrix 0001657E 5 50
  Amber Mace Matrix 0001F3E8 5 50
  Amber Shield Matrix 0001657D 5 50
  Amber Sword Matrix 00016CF4 5 50



A few samples of Amber are found in people's houses, and can only be acquired by stealing. Homes containing Amber are:


All standard Gnarls may be carrying Amber, in most cases with a 20% chance. One notable exception are the Gnarl Cultivators, spawned by the Gnarl Chrysalises found in The Fountainhead. Gnarl Cultivators each have a 50% chance of carrying Amber and can also be repeatedly spawned and killed to efficiently harvest Amber. It should be noted that unlike Grummites, Gnarls will not carry matrices at all. The article on Gnarl Bark provides details on locations where Gnarls can be found.


Amber ContainersEdit

Hollowed Amber Stump
Hollowed Amber Limb

Hollowed Amber Limbs and Hollowed Amber Stumps are containers that only contain Amber. They seem to attract a sort of golden sparkling "dust sprite" which hovers in the air nearby. (These sparkling "sprites" are also found in the outdoors, but then only for decorative purposes, and not to indicate any amber in the vicinity.)

Although somewhat varied in appearance, all such limbs and stumps contain the same items:

  • 1 guaranteed Amber sample
  • 3 possible Amber samples, each with a 50% chance of appearing
  • 1 possible Sheogorath-Shaped Amber, with a 1% chance of appearing

All of these containers are non-respawning; if you revisit a dungeon, no new Amber samples will appear in the Hollowed Amber Limbs and Stumps.

Hollowed Amber Limbs and Stumps are found primarily in Mania dungeons, specifically in the following dungeons:

Other ContainersEdit

Hollowed Stumps and many boss chests in the Shivering Isles can possibly contain Amber, along with many other possible items. Many different types of Hollowed Stumps and boss chests exist, each with different possible contents. Some never contain Amber; some have a guaranteed Amber sample; some have a randomly generated Amber sample. If the Amber is randomly generated, there is a chance that an Amber Matrix will appear instead of Amber, depending upon your level:

  • Levels 1-8: 14.3% chance for an Amber Matrix
  • Levels 9+: 25% chance for an Amber Matrix

In general, these containers respawn and therefore return trips to the same dungeon may allow additional Amber to be collected.

The types of containers that may contain Amber are:

The individual dungeon pages list locations where these containers can be found.


  • Rare Sheogorath-Shaped Amber may randomly be found (1% chance) in Hollowed Amber Limbs and Stumps with regular Amber, however the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber cannot be used to create armor or weapons. Instead, it is part of the quest The Museum of Oddities.

See AlsoEdit

  • Madness Ore — The Demented equivalent for Heavy Armor users.