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Madness Armor
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Madness ore is a substance that is only found in the Shivering Isles. As part of The Antipodean Hammer quest, you can take Madness ore to Cutter and she will fashion it into Madness armor and Madness weapons free of charge. Madness Matrices can additionally be used to create enchanted armor and weapons. Madness ore can be found in containers or on creatures.

See the Lore article for general information.

Item StatisticsEdit

Name Object ID    
  Madness Ore 00012D33 2 20
  Madness Arrow Matrix 0001F3D5 5.0 50
  Madness Boots Matrix 0001F3D6 5.0 50
  Madness Bow Matrix 0001F3D4 5.0 50
  Madness Cuirass Matrix 0001F3D3 5.0 50
  Madness Gauntlets Matrix 0001F3D2 5.0 50
  Madness Greaves Matrix 0001F3D1 5.0 50
  Madness Claymore Matrix 0001F3DE 5.0 50
  Madness Helmet Matrix 0001F3CF 5.0 50
  Madness Axe Matrix 0001F3EE 5.0 50
  Madness Shield Matrix 0001F3CE 5.0 50
  Madness Sword Matrix 0001F3CD 5.0 50



Grummites congregating around Madness Ore

All standard Grummites may be carrying Madness ore, in most cases there is a 25% chance. There is also a small chance that the Grummite carries a Madness Matrix instead (0.0625 on average from level 9).


Madness Ore DepositsEdit

Madness Ore Deposit

Madness Ore Deposits are containers that only contain Madness ore. All of these containers are non-respawning; if you revisit a dungeon, no new Madness ore samples will appear in the Madness ore deposits. Madness ore deposits are mostly found in ruins, specifically in the following ones:

Other ContainersEdit

The types of containers that may contain Madness ore are:


See AlsoEdit

  • Amber — The Manic equivalent for Light Armor users.