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Shivering:Jayred Ice-Veins

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Jayred Ice-Veins
(RefID: 00011FC4)
Home Town Passwall
House Jayred's House
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC+10 Class Sharpshooter
RefID 00011FC4 BaseID 00011FA1
Other Information
Health 50 + (5+0.6)x(PC+9), PC=1-74
Magicka 88 + 1.5x(PC+9) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Essential Until he hands over the Gatekeeper Bone Arrows
Follower During Through the Fringe of Madness
Faction(s) SEPasswallFaction; Dementia, Wilderness
Jayred Ice-Veins in Passwall

Jayred Ice-Veins is a Nord sharpshooter living on the outskirts of Passwall. His chief obsessions are bones and the Gatekeeper, whom he wishes to slay. During the related quest, it will be up to you to help him carry out his plan of using a former Gatekeeper's bones to slay its still living brother.

His life in Passwall is relatively slow-paced: after waking up early at 6am, he spends the next four hours relaxing inside his house. At 10am he makes for Passwall proper and will spend the next eight hours strolling around the center of the village, taking a break at midday for a two-hour lunch at the Wastrel's Purse. After taking his evening meal at the inn, at 8pm he heads back home and will spend the remaining four hours of the day wandering around until he finally goes to bed at midnight.

He wears an almost complete set of fur armor: a cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and boots. In combat, he relies on a leveled bow, twenty bone arrows, and the Blood of the North lesser power of the Lord birthsign. He also carries a spare set of lower-class Dementia clothing worn only when sleeping: patchwork pants, a matching shirt, and a pair of scruffy shoes. His only other possessions are a leveled Restore Health potion and a leveled amount of gold.

Related QuestsEdit


When you approach Jayred for the first time, he will look at you and make one of three comments:

"You've got nice bones."
"Killed anything?"
"I can hear the bones talking."

His fixation with bones is evident upon first talking to him:

"I'm Jayred Ice-Veins. Do you ever wonder why things look better without their skin on? For instance, you can only really see the bones when you take them out. You can hear them better that way, too."

When asked about his nemesis, the formidable Gatekeeper, he will recommend you go see for yourself:

"Go up there now. The Gatekeeper is about to turn some adventurers into bones. I'll collect those later."

On the Gates of Madness he will reveal his urge to get to the other side:

"I can hear them, calling to me from the other side."

On Passwall, he will explain how he got there:

"I followed the bones. They lead [sic] me here. I just moved in when I got here. No one seemed to mind. Everyone here seems to be waiting for something."

Before you go, he will bid you farewell with one of the following lines:

"Let me know if you need something killed."
"If you hear any bones talking, come get me right away!"
"Those bones want out."

Once you complete Through the Fringe of Madness and you enter the Isles proper, Jayred will follow and will spend the rest of the game hunting in the area near the Gates of Madness. If you run into him in the wilderness after completing the Main Quest, Jayred will look at you and say:

"Huh. I'd have thought a god would be taller than that."

If you talk to him, he will add:

"I wonder. Do gods have bones? What wonderful things those must be!"

When exiting conversation, the bone-obsessed hunter will humbly bid you farewell:

"May the bones of your enemies be warm with blood, Lord."

Quest-related dialogueEdit

"And the best way to kill something is with the bones of its own."

After witnessing the demise of some unfortunate adventurers, two local Passwall citizens, Shelden and Felas Sarandas, will both suggest talking to Jayred about the Gatekeeper:

"Jayred plans on killing it. Don't know how... The Gatekeeper looks indestructible to me."
"Jayred Ice-Veins wants to kill the Gatekeeper. Sounds like suicide to me."

Indeed, Jayred lives with a constant urge to move on from Passwall, and sees the Gatekeeper as an obstacle; when you talk to him he will say:

"Do the bones talk to you, too?"
"We should go hunting. Soon."

The latter is specifically true; asking Jayred about the Gatekeeper will net you:

"I want him dead. I need him dead! His bones are calling to me. Rumor has it you want him dead, too. If you're any good with a lockpick, we can help each other out. We can get into the Gardens of Flesh and Bone."

When asked about the Gates of Madness he will reveal:

"I can hear them, calling to me from the other side. We need to kill the Gatekeeper! He has the keys."

Jayred's plan is obvious when asked about Gardens of Flesh and Bone:

"They say the Gatekeeper's magical. I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in bones. And the best way to kill something is with the bones of its own. I can see the bones of a dead Gatekeeper in the courtyard of the Gardens. The door's locked, though. You'll pick that lock, and I'll collect the bones. Then I'll make some arrows, and we'll kill the Gatekeeper. Sound good?"

Finally, he will conclude:

"He must die. It's the only way."

As soon as you accept his offer, Jayred will hand you a lockpick and instruct you once again:

"Here. Take this lockpick. Careful, it's the only one I've got. You open the door. I'll kill things. Let's go!"

He will then lead the way to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone; upon arriving at the locked gate, the impatient bone hunter will ask you to hurry:

"Hurry! Pick that lock open. I can hear them in there!"
"I need to get in there!"
"Hurry, get that door open!"

When the gate finally swings open, Jayred will draw his leveled bow, doing his very best to help you clear the area of undead enemies. Afterwards, he will kneel down before the Gatekeeper Skeleton in the center of the area and pick up some bone fragments, saying:

"Here we are!"

He will then seek you out and explain the next step:

"From these Gatekeeper bones I can make some arrows. Find me in a few hours. We'll kill the Gatekeeper."

He will then walk all the way back to his house and start 'fabricating' the desired arrows, in reality practicing his marksman skills using the target nearby until his bedtime at midnight. After this, he will resume his usual routine. When you approach him, he will hand you twenty Gatekeeper arrows with the words:

"The arrows are ready. Here are some for you, and I'll keep some. Let's go kill the Gatekeeper. We might die. But there's worse things."
"He must die. It's the only way."

At this point, Jayred loses his essential status. If you ask him to wait while you prepare for the final showdown, he will impatiently say:

"Hurry. The bones are calling out to me!"

When you finally accept, Jayred will follow you all the way to the Gates of Madness and exhaustingly help you fight the Gatekeeper. If he survives, he will walk up to you and say:

"The Gatekeeper is slain. Congratulations. The honor of taking the keys from his corpse is yours."

When asked about the Gatekeeper he will conclude:

"The Gatekeeper's dead. As soon as you get one of those doors unlocked, we can go in. They're calling to me from in there."

When asked about the Gates, he will say:

"As soon as you get those doors unlocked, I'm going in!"

Stage-Dependent DialogueEdit

At different stages in the Main Quest, Jayred will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • "Any new adventurer trying to get into the Isles will have a tough time going up against the Gatekeeper."
  • "The Gatekeeper is dead. He's got really big bones."
  • "That Resonator keeps adventurers trapped until they die. Lots of bones in there."
  • "They say Thadon is addicted to some drug. I can understand what that's like. The bones call to me like his drug calls to him."
  • "They round up people like animals in New Sheoth. I should hunt those nobles. That's what I should do."
  • "I've heard the Great Torch is lit once more. City dwellers. Such useless folk. I've got no use for them. A giant torch? Really?"
  • "Someone new is running Crucible. Can't say I care."
  • "Someone new is running Bliss. Can't say I care."
  • "Damn Knights! Scaring away all the beasts!"
  • "A new Gatekeeper is in the Fringe now. That's good. Fewer adventurers means more creatures for me to hunt."
  • "The armies are back in order? I've got no use for armies. Killing is personal, not political."
  • "Even the great Lord Sheogorath forsakes us. The bones are getting louder."
  • "I'm glad Jyggalag is defeated. Can't imagine a grey world."



  • A second version of Jayred exists: SEJayredIceVeinsOrdered, but never appears in-game.
  • His house is named SEPasswallJayredsTent, hinting at a previous idea for Jayred's accommodation.
  • Jayred is the only NPC in the Isles who possesses bone arrows.
  • According to two unused lines of dialogue, Jayred was supposed to return to Passwall at some point during Retaking The Fringe: "It's a shame that you had all the fun before I could get here. Now, there's nothing left to do but rebuild." and "If those Knights come back to Passwall, we'll be ready for 'em."