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Oblivion:Restore Health

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OB-icon-Restore.png Restore Health
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Effect ID REHE
Base Cost 10.0
Barter Factor 0
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Restore Health M points for D seconds

Increases the value of the target's Health by M points each second for D seconds. (The duration is 1 second if not specified). The total increase is MxD points. Restore Health only repairs previous damage (for example, from a Damage Health effect, from being hit by a weapon, or falling a long distance); Restore Health will not increase Health past its base value. Also, Restore Health will not heal a Drain Health effect.


  • Since you start with the spell Heal Minor Wounds, this effect is immediately available for spell making as soon as you gain access to the appropriate altars.
  • This effect cannot be used for enchanting.

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