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Oblivion:Restore Fatigue

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OB-icon-Restore.png Restore Fatigue
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Effect ID REFA
Base Cost 2.0
Barter Factor 0
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Restore Fatigue M points for D seconds

Increases the value of the target's Fatigue by M points each second for D seconds. (The duration is 1 second if not specified). The total increase is MxD points. Restore Fatigue only repairs previous damage (whether from a Damage Fatigue effect or from swinging your weapon many times); Restore Fatigue will not increase Fatigue past its base value. Also, Restore Fatigue will not heal a Drain Fatigue effect.


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Alchemy IngredientsEdit

Restore Fatigue potions are by far the easiest to create, due to the sheer number of alchemy ingredients which have the effect available at Novice level, and the fact that most of these ingredients are extremely common. Creating these is the fastest way to level your Alchemy skill, an easy source of income and Mercantile practice as well. Restore Fatigue potions are also very handy for characters that rely largely or exclusively on physical combat, such as those characters that go into battle swinging heavy Claymores or Warhammers. Especially when fighting multiple opponents, a Restore Fatigue potion keeps your stamina up and helps you to keep dishing out the damage. The usefulness of Restore Fatigue potions to physical combat characters is augmented by the fact that these potions are easy and cheap to create, since all a warrior needs is an Alchemical apparatus and a knowledge of where to find food (such as Inns or farms.) The complete list of ingredients which have the effect is below: