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Magic is a very important part of Oblivion. Usually it is impossible to play the game without using magic at all. Spells, natural abilities, enchanted items and even food — all is more or less related to it.

Magic Overview — General information about using magic in the game
Magical Effects — Descriptions of effects available from spells, potions and scrolls
Spells — Common spells found in Tamriel
Leveled Spells — Spells which vary in power based on the player's level when learning them
Spell Merchants — Where spells can be bought
Spell Making — How to create new custom spells
Useful Spells — Examples of useful custom spells
Enchanting — Make your own artifacts, imbued with magical power
Magic Items — General information about the magic items available
Staves — Mage class-specific weapons
Generic Staves — Randomized generic magic staves
Generic Magic Apparel — Randomly appearing magic apparel (armor, clothing, and jewelry)
Generic Magic Weapons — Randomly appearing magic weapons
Unique Items — Magic items which are unique in the world of Oblivion
Leveled Items — Magic items varying in power based on the player's level when acquiring them
Artifacts — Powerful, unique magic items obtainable through quests for otherworldly powers
Sigil Stones — Enchanting without access to the Arcane University
Useful Enchantments — Examples of useful custom enchantments
Scrolls — Magical scrolls which are used to cast spells
Alchemy — The science of creating potions and poisons
Alchemy Effects — List of specific alchemical effects and those ingredients which have them
Ingredients — List of the various ingredients used in alchemy
Ingredient Locations — Where to look for specific ingredients
Useful Potions — Examples of useful custom potions
Mages Guild — Join the Mages Guild