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Oblivion:Restore Magicka

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OB-icon-Restore.png Restore Magicka
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Effect ID RESP
Base Cost 2.5
Barter Factor 0
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Restore Magicka M points for D seconds

Increases the value of the target's Magicka by M points each second for D seconds (the duration is 1 second if not specified). The total increase is MxD. Restore Magicka only repairs previous damage (for example, from a Damage Magicka effect or from casting a lot of spells); Restore Magicka will not increase Magicka past its base value. Also, Restore Magicka will not heal a Drain Magicka effect.

Most characters naturally regenerate magicka over time. However, characters with Stunted Magicka (e.g., characters with the Atronach birthsign) will rely much more heavily on Restore Magicka to replenish magicka reserves.


  • Potions are the most common way to Restore Magicka. The game's default potions provide instant restoration, but custom potions can provide larger total restoration (just spread over time), can be less heavy, and can be created in large quantities. The ingredients that provide Restore Magicka are all listed below; see the individual ingredient pages for tips on how to find the ingredients.
  • Besides potions, other sources of Restore Magicka include:
    • Welkynd Stones provide immediate, 100% magicka restoration. However, Welkynd Stones are a finite resource, and are also relatively heavy.
    • Ayleid Wells provide 400 points of restoration.
    • Magicka Essences found in Planes of Oblivion provide up to 250 points (level-dependent).
    • The Blessing of Arden-SulSI provides 500 points.
    • The Court HealerSI provides 500 points.
    • The Basin of Renewal in the Arena provides 1000 points.
  • Magicka regeneration is also possible using the Absorb Magicka and Spell Absorption effects.

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