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Oblivion:Painted Troll Fat

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Painted Troll Fat
Painted Troll Fat
Value 75 Weight 2
Alchemy Effects
1st Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
2nd Restore Health Restore Health
3rd Fortify Health Fortify Health
4th Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
# Samples 0
A Painted Troll

Painted Troll Fat

The ingredient Painted Troll Fat comes from Painted Trolls, a rare form of troll that only exists in the Painted Forest entered during the quest A Brush with Death. Its alchemical properties are completely different from those of standard Troll Fat.

There are only six painted trolls (none of which respawn) and therefore it is only possible to get six samples of Painted Troll Fat. It cannot be duplicated in the Arch Mage's Enchanted Chest.

Its rareness is unfortunate, because otherwise it is a very powerful alchemy ingredient, with its unique combination of four valuable restorative effects.

At journeyman alchemy skill or higher, combining it with Void Salts and Boar Meat will create a potion with all four effects. With Shivering Isles installed, an expert or better alchemist may combine it with Blister Pod Cap, Venison, and Somnalius Frond to create a potion which also has every effect of the Painted Troll Fat in addition to Feather.