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Oblivion:Troll Fat

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Troll Fat
Troll Fat
Value 25 Weight 2
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Agility Damage Agility
2nd Fortify Personality Fortify Personality
3rd Damage Willpower Damage Willpower
4th Damage Health Damage Health
# Samples 2
Creature Trolls

The ingredient Troll Fat is primarily collected from dead Trolls. Note that Painted Trolls drop Painted Troll Fat, which has completely different alchemical properties than regular Troll Fat.

Troll Fat is one of only two ingredients (the other is Imp Gall) which can be used to create Fortify Personality potions. Since these two ingredients also share the effect Damage Health once you reach Expert alchemy level, Expert alchemists can only make Fortify Personality potions that have a negative side-effect; only Journeyman alchemists can combine these ingredients to make a Fortify Personality potion without side effects. Master alchemists have the option of making a Fortify Personality potion from Imp Gall by itself, without any side effects; any grade of Alembic will reduce the Damage Health effect, with a Master Alembic reducing it to 1 damage for one second.

You will need one sample of Troll Fat to start Malacath's Daedric quest.


2 guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations (magenta crosses on map):

It can also be found randomly in the inventories of alchemy vendors (starting at level 9) and in some Monster loot chests (starting at level 6).


Troll Fat is dropped by most varieties of Trolls, including standard Trolls, Savage Trolls, Swamp Trolls, Azhklan Trolls (except at levels 1-3), and Kalperklan Trolls (except at levels 1-3). Troll varieties that do not drop Troll Fat are the Uderfrykte Matron and the Painted Trolls (who drop Painted Troll Fat instead).

Standard Trolls are most frequently encountered as randomly generated Monsters. In Monster Dungeons (circles on map), they will be at levels 8-16 (6-8 for boss-level monsters). Outdoors (squares on map), they are found in Forest and Rainforest regions. In the wilderness they appear starting at level 8; along roads, they appear starting at level 6. At high levels (17 and higher), they are only found in Forest regions (not Rainforest regions).

Below level 4, Troll Fat can only be obtained in a limited number of places (magenta circle and crosses), all of which are part of Fighters Guild quests. None of these trolls respawn:

Places where trolls who drop Troll Fat are guaranteed at levels 4 and higher are:

  • 21 respawning Azhklan Trolls are found in Veyond (red circle).
  • 3 respawning Kalperklan Trolls are found in Tidewater Cave (red circle).

Finally, at levels 6-8, trolls will be opponents in the Arena Grand Champion matches, if you ask to fight against two or three creatures.

Locations of Trolls and Troll Fat