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Melisi Daren
(RefID: xx00B0B3)
Added by Fighter's Stronghold
Home City Battlehorn Castle
Location East Wing
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 8 Class Hunter
RefID xx00B0B3 BaseID xx00B0A0
Other Information
Health 70 Magicka 110
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) Faction for Battlehorn NPCs
Melisi Daren in her workshop

Melisi Daren is a Dark Elf hunter who works as the taxidermist in Battlehorn Castle after you purchase the Battlehorn Trophy Hall upgrade. She will create stuffed replicas of the creatures you kill upon being presented with the right ingredients.

Melisi wears a forester's shirt and light brown linens. She also carries the Marksman skill book, Father Of The Niben, an apprentice alembic, tongs, corn and mead.

Amusingly, she was recommended by Baenlin, a Wood Elf who figures into a Dark Brotherhood quest involving a mounted head.

Melisi is the one character in the castle who gets a full eight hours of rest, sleeping in the bed in her office between 10pm and 6am. She eats once a day, taking her meal in the east wing dining hall between 8pm and 11pm. For the rest of the day she either reads a book, practices her potion-making, or paces her room. At 10am each day when she is given the necessary items (9am for the bear), Melisi finishes making the replica on which she has been working and heads off to place it in the great hall before returning to her normal routine.


  • The items used to create the stuffed recreations remain in Melisi's inventory after she has completed them.


  • Melisi finishes making each replica at 10am with the exception of the bear, which she completes at 9am. That means it is possible for her to create the bear and one other replica in a day instead of having to wait 24 hours for each.