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County Bruma, in the Jerall Mountains
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View of Bruma from the top of the gate to the Jerall Mountains

Bruma is a city in the Jerall Mountains region in northern Cyrodiil, north of the Imperial City along the Silver Road. The Orange Road connects the city to Chorrol to the southwest, while Cloud Ruler Temple is nearby to the northwest. The region is cold and snow-covered, with the city featuring architecture influenced by nearby Skyrim and a significant Nord population, some of whom follow the traditional Nordic pantheon.

The city is dominated by the Great Chapel of Talos, the youngest of the Nine Divines. The Countess of Bruma is Narina Carvain, a Nibenean Heartlander of noble descent. Representatives of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood may be found in the city, as described below.

For more information about Bruma, see the lore article.

Bruma PeopleEdit

Quests Starting HereEdit

View of Bruma looking south, with the Imperial City in the background


Mages GuildEdit

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  • After completing the main quest Great Gate, a statue of your character will be erected near the north gate. The statue will feature the equipment considered by the game to be the best in your inventory at a specific point during the quest.
  • The Bruma Mages Guild is a good starting point for mage-type characters, as the guild members sell spells in every school with a wide variety of effects. Of particular note is the spell Summon Dremora Lord, which cannot be purchased anywhere else. See Volanaro for more details.
  • Ongar, the first fence for the Thieves Guild, lives in the city.
  • The lower level of J'Ghasta's house features a Black Hand Hood and a Black Hand Robe worn by members of the Dark Brotherhood, a Hand to Hand skill book, and a secret training room.
  • In Oblivion's official trailer, an arena could be seen in Bruma, further evidence of the original plan to have arenas in every city.
  • Bruma also appears in ESO.


  • It is possible to climb over the city walls and out of the city. See here for details.