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County Chorrol, in the Great Forest
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View of the Great Oak in Chorrol

Chorrol is a city in the Great Forest region in northwestern Cyrodiil, west of the Imperial City along the Black Road. The Orange Road connects the city to Bruma to the northeast. The city is near the Colovian Highlands along the Hammerfell border.

The city is dominated by the Chapel of Stendarr. The Countess of Chorrol is Arriana Valga, whose husband was slain in battle. The city features a great oak growing in the central plaza, and offers significant work for members of the Fighters Guild.

Just outside the city lies the settlement of Weynon Priory, where the main quest leads you after the Tutorial.

For more information about Chorrol, see the lore article.

Chorrol PeopleEdit

Quests Starting HereEdit

View of the Great Oak plaza


  1. Separated at Birth: Investigate rumors around Chorrol that indicate some strange behavior on the part of one Reynald Jemane.
  2. Legacy Lost: Help long-lost twins recover their childhood home.
  3. Sins of the Father: A thief wants you to recover an item stolen by the Jemane brothers' father.

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

  • Next of Kin: Next to the Great Oak in Chorrol, your next assignment demands the lives of an entire bloodline.

Fighters GuildEdit

Mages GuildEdit


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  • Internal game data indicates several additional NPCs were once intended to reside in Chorrol, but were ultimately cut from the final game.
    • NPCs named Meryaran, Oghat gro-Othmuk, Randal, Sifahtar, and Voldsea Giryon are all mentioned by unused AI packages. There's also an unused topic for Baurus mentioning Sifahtar, implying they would have been involved in the main quest.
    • A male Imperial Bard named Marus Antonius and a male Dark Elf named Nelos Seleno appeared in Chorrol in the game's E3 2005 demo video. In the same video, an unknown red-haired human woman could also be seen walking through the streets. No evidence of these NPCs is found in the final game's files.
    • In the ChorrolNQDScript, which contains values related to local rumors, the last name Strantus is found; this name does not correspond to any existing NPC. Related rumors confirm the NPC would have been male, and the naming convention suggests he would be an Imperial. Strantus' first name is unknown.
    • Hundolin is also mentioned in the same script. He and Owyn were originally created as members of Chorrol's Arena, but these NPCs and the planned location were repurposed into the Imperial City's Arena in the final game.
  • The Prima Official Game Guide names the town's statue as "The Touch of the Healer's Hand", which depicts the Second Era healer Saint Osla ministering to the fallen at the Sack of Sancre Tor.
  • Chorrol also appears in ESO.


  • It is possible to climb over the city walls and out of the city. See here for details.
  • Sometimes when entering Chorrol, the entire southwestern portion of the city walls and the nearby shacks will be completely missing. This allows exiting the city limits, but otherwise has little impact on gameplay.
    • One possible fix is to fast travel far away, such as to Cheydinhal. Another is to load a save created before entering Chorrol and triggering the bug.


Map of Chorrol
1. Gate to the Great Forest
2. Northeast Wall Tower
3. Chorrol Fighters Guild
4. Rimalus Bruiant's House
5. Chorrol Mages Guild
6. Castle Chorrol Arch Tower
7. Castle Chorrol Great Hall
8. Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View
9. Castle Chorrol Barracks
10. Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View
11. Northwest Wall Tower
12. Chapel of Stendarr
13. Arborwatch - House for Sale
14. Vilena Donton's House
15. Francois Motierre's House
16. Fire and Steel
17. Eugal Belette's House
18. Casta Scribonia's House
19. Alberic Litte's House
20. Jirolin Doran's House
21. Renoit's Books
22. The Oak and Crosier
23. Northern Goods and Trade
24. Reynald Jemane's House
25. Modryn Oreyn's House
26. Malintus Ancrus' House
27. Valus Odiil's House
28. Southwest Wall Tower
29. Chorrol Castle Gate Tower
30. Gate to the Great Forest
31. Chorrol Castle Gate Tower
32. The Grey Mare
33. Southeast Wall Tower