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(RefID: 000234FD)
Home City Chorrol
Store Northern Goods and Trade
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level 6 Class Trader
RefID 000234FD BaseID 000234B8
Available 6am-12am every day
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 6am-12am; 12am-6am
Training Trainer (Advanced)Mercantile (Advanced) Mercantile, Advanced
Gold 800 Mercantile Apprentice (40)
Sells Miscellaneous Items,
Boots of the Swift Merchant,
Chorrol House upgrades
Other Information
Health 62 Magicka 155
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Essential Until A Shadow Over Hackdirt is completed
Faction(s) Chorrol Citizen; Seed-Neeus Family

Seed-Neeus is an Argonian trader at Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol. Seed-Neeus sells general goods and provides training in Mercantile. The unique Boots of the Swift Merchant can be purchased here and nowhere else and she will also sell you upgrades to your house in Chorrol.

Her beloved daughter Dar-Ma will go missing during the A Shadow Over Hackdirt quest, leading Seed-Neeus to ask for your help in getting her back safely. As an advanced trainer in Mercantile, she will also point you towards Palonirya for master training.

She lives an uncomplicated life, never leaving her shop. She sleeps between midnight and 6am. She should only serve customers between 8am and 8pm, but the package she uses in her spare time causes her to open the shop the minute she awakens, and close it only when she goes to bed. And as if this wasn't enough overtime, during A Shadow Over Hackdirt she will stay up all night waiting for the return of her daughter, essentially offering services at all hours until the quest's completion.

She wears a nice black & burgundy outfit and gold trimmed shoes. She also carries a green silk garment, a sizable amount of gold and the key to her shop.


She will greet you as any good merchant would:

"Only the finest wares to buy and barter at Northern Goods and Trades. I'm Seed-Neeus, the proprietor. How can I help you?"
"If I don't have what you need, you might try the other Chorrol merchants. Renoit's has books. Fire and Steel for your armor and weapons."

If you haven't yet completed Deliver the Amulet, you can ask her about Jauffre:

"An old cleric with that name comes in now and then. Lives southeast of town on the Black Road at Weynon Priory."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Shadow Over HackdirtEdit

After Dar-Ma's disappearance, you will hear about it from Chorrol's citizens:

"Seed-Neeus is worried sick about her daughter Dar-Ma. If you think you can help, you'll find her at her shop, Northern Goods and Trade."
"Did you hear that Dar-Ma has disappeared?"
"Yes, Seed-Neeus is worried sick about her. I hope nothing has happened to her. Sweet girl, but naive."

Emfrid and Talasma will similarly point you towards Seed-Neus:

"Maybe you haven't heard, but Seed-Neeus's daughter has disappeared. Very sad."
"Did you ever meet Dar-Ma? Young Argonian lass, popular around town. She's disappeared, and her mother is worried sick about it."

When you speak to Seed-Neeus, she will ask you to help her out:

"I'm [sic] don't mean to impose, but I'm hoping you can help me. My daughter, Dar-Ma is missing and I don't know what to do."
Missing Daughter
"That's right, my daughter Dar-Ma never came back from Hackdirt. I'm dreadfully worried something may have happened to her. Can you help?"
Sorry, I can't help now.
"Ah well, never mind then."
Yes, I'll help find Dar-Ma.
"I can't thank you enough for your kindness! She was supposed to make a delivery to Etira Moslin in Hackdirt, so I would start there. In case it may be useful, she was with Blossom -- her horse, I mean. Dar-Ma loves that animal, and would never willingly abandon her."

This will start the quest and you will now be able to ask Seed-Neeus for more background:

"The best daughter a mother could ask for, kind-hearted and a friend to everyone she meets."
"A rather isolated village, south of Chorrol. We do some business with the trader there. Small volume, but she pays well. Normally I make the deliveries, but I wasn't feeling well so Dar-Ma insisted on going this time. I do hope nothing has happened to her!"

If you return to her before rescuing Dar-Ma, she will be anxious:

Missing Daughter
"Have you found her? Is she safe?"
I haven't found her yet.
"I am so worried about her. Please find her."

When you return with her daughter in tow, she will be overjoyed:

Yes, Dar-Ma is safe.
"Thank you, thank you! I can never repay you for your gift of my daughter's life, but you have my friendship and gratitude to the end of my days."

She will then reward you with a free skill boost of +5 in Mercantile and will thereafter occasionally greet you with:

"I will never forget your brave rescue of my daughter. What can I do for you today?"

Chorrol citizens may talk about Dar-ma's return:

"Did you hear that Dar-Ma came back, safe and sound? You know, Seed-Neeus's daughter, the Argonians."
"Yes, Seed-Neeus was so worried. Nice to get a bit of good news for once, isn't it?"

If Dar-ma has died, however, she will be devastated:

I'm sorry, Dar-Ma is dead.
"Oh, no. I had feared she might never return, but I had hoped for the best ... I ... thank you for your efforts ... please, excuse me ..."

Chorrol's citizens will also pity the poor mother:

"Did you hear the bad news? Dar-Ma's daughter was killed by some strange cultists down in Hackdirt. Terrible, terrible times we live in."
"I'm sorry to hear that. Seed-Neeus must be devastated, poor dear."

Buying a house in ChorrolEdit

After you've purchased Arborwatch, Countess Arriana Valga will suggest you spruce it up by buying upgrades from Seed-Neeus:

"The last tenant of Arborwatch has cleaned the place of furniture. I'd recommend stopping by Northern Goods and Trade. The owner, Seed-Neeus, should have everything you need."

Indeed, Seed-Neeus will sell you all eleven possible upgrades for a total cost of 19,400 gold.

Mercantile TrainingEdit

Once your Mercantile skill is above 70, she will refer you to Palonirya to receive master training:

"Palonirya is one of the wealthiest traders in Cyrodiil. Her shop in the Imperial City is so successful. If anyone can teach you more, she can."

Asking her once more will only net you a reminder:

"Travel to the Imperial City, and speak with Palonirya."


The citizens of Chorrol are very pleased with her shop:

"Northern Goods and Trade is an excellent place to buy supplies."
"I'm going over to Northern Goods and Trade. There's always something I need at that place.".

To which others will reply:

"Very true. You can find almost anything you need there."
"I can't say I've done a lot of shopping there, but I've heard good things."
"No question about it. And Seed-Neeus is an excellent proprietor."

They will also on occasion ask each other:

"Do you ever do any shopping at Northern Goods?"

Which will elicit either of these answers:

"Well, of course. I mean, there's always something there I need. And Seed-Neeus gives a fair price."
"I haven't needed anything there in a while. I'm sure I will soon, though."

She also gets a stamp of approval in Alessia Ottus' Guide to Chorrol:

"The proprietor of Northern Goods and Trade, Seed-Neeus, is an Argonian, but unlike so many of her countrymen, she is clever, honest, and well-spoken. Isn't that remarkable? She is so acccomplished [sic] that she offers training in the mercantile arts, but you will not purchase goods from her cheaply."