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Console Location Code(s)
Great Forest
South of Chorrol, north of Skingrad

Hackdirt is a village with an inn south of Chorrol (quest-related).

Chapel interior

The small mining village was founded by Vlanhonder Moslin's grandfather, Irlav. The town's residents turned to worshipping the "Deep Ones" they encountered in their mines (as evidenced by the Bible of the Deep Ones in the chapel), but the cult's activities apparently got out of hand, with travelers being murdered, and the village was burned to the ground by the Imperial Legion in the ensuing hostilities. Its citizens took this as oppression by the "outsiders" and have since rebuilt part of the town, though its new buildings are still surrounded by burnt-out rubble. They are notoriously intolerant of outsiders, so much so that some will become downright hostile with the right provocation. It appears their shifty activities have not ceased, as the daughter of a prominent merchant in Chorrol has gone missing while making a delivery to the town. You will be tasked with rescuing her during the related quest.

The settlement consists of three houses (Jiv Hiriel's House, Marlena Brussiner's House, and Natch Pinder's House), Moslin's Inn, Moslin's Dry Goods, the Chapel of the Brethren, and some underground caverns (accessed through trap doors, with two outside and five more inside the buildings).

The interiors of the houses and the other buildings are generally in disarray, and feature no items of note other than those involved in the related quest and a Nirnroot plant in Natch's house.

Hackdirt PeopleEdit

Related QuestsEdit


  • The citizens of Hackdirt are so aggressive to outsiders that, while committing crimes against them will increase your bounty, they will refuse to call the Imperial Legion, and guards will never arrive to arrest you. Instead, you will be swarmed by Hackdirt Brethren.
  • Hackdirt also appears in ESO.


Map of Hackdirt
  1. Natch Pinder's House
  2. Moslin's Inn
  3. Hackdirt Caverns
  4. Marlena Brussiner's House
  5. Moslin's Dry Goods
  6. Chapel of the Brethren
  7. Jiv Hiriel's House
  • Each white dot corresponds directly to a door. All doors are numbered and relate to a Key on the side of the map.