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About MeEdit

"Drem Yol Lok. Greetings."Paarthurnax

I am an administrator on the wiki and can be contacted through Discord, my talk page, or email. I developed a bot called CyrusBot to assist with large-scale, repetitive editing. You can make a bot request on the Bot Requests page or ask me on Discord.

The main administrative tool I use is surprisingly moving pages without leaving a redirect, and a close second to that is deleting pages (usually unnecessary redirects). As a patroller, I do my best to check edits for accuracy and formatting, particularly outside the Online and Legends namespaces.

As an editor, I've made contributions throughout the wiki to varying degrees. The first big project I attempted was overhauling the Redguard namespace to bring it up to current standards, and those are perhaps my best edits even now. I am currently working on Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel documentation, which so far has involved a lot of moving pages to split Tamriel_Data into its own subspace of Morrowind Mod. Most content for Tamriel Rebuilt following the release of Antediluvian Secrets is missing, and nearly all for Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil. My other edits include template work, correcting grammar and spelling, and general maintenance like adding and fixing links.

I was introduced to The Elder Scrolls through Oblivion, and ever since then I've had a great interest in the games and lore. My interests focus on computers, programming, finance, and math. The programming languages I know best are Python, Java, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript, though I can get things done with VBA and SQL, not to mention MediaWiki's template language and Morrowind's scripting language. I have worked on and created several mods, which you can read about below.

I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, particularly those by Brandon Sanderson, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George R.R. Martin. For movies, I most appreciate those by Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, and Hayao Miyazaki.

I also have accounts on Wikipedia and Tolkien Gateway with the same username. Check out my mods on NexusMods.


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  • Sandbox 1 — Reserved for testing
  • Sandbox 2 — Skill changes from Daggerfall to Skyrim
  • Sandbox 3 — Idea to provide summaries of lore books
  • Sandbox 4 — Morrowind Mod Task List

Recommended ModsEdit

Mods I Worked OnEdit


A 4-part questline that lets you assist the lighthouse keeper at the Vivec Lighthouse south of Ebonheart (requires mod by MwGek).
Adds playable Nine-holes boards to Vvardenfell, with an AI to challenge you and the option to bet gold.
Adds a 2-to-4-player, fully playable card game to the world, with betting, available at several taverns and other gathering places. Uses the Telvanni suit and Morag Tong card from Tamriel_Data's Dunmer card set.
Allows your character to write books and make money publishing them.
This is a simple mod that speeds up character creation to the time it takes you to make your character.
Warns you when you enter and leave the unreleased Preview lands of Tamriel Rebuilt.
  • Tamriel Rebuilt / Project Tamriel: Have contributed interiors, quests, writing, and bug reports and plan to continue doing so. As a senior developer, made direct edits to section files to merge claims and fix bugs.


This mod adds content from Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn to the world through leveled lists, merchants, and manual placement of objects. Its purpose is to incorporate the DLC into the base game in ways that make sense, but were left out for various reasons.



I made the two maps below using various official maps from the Elder Scrolls series. The one on the left is notable because it shows all locations on the map of West Tamriel in readable form. The names were determined through Redguard's loading screens and box art. The map on the right (two versions) is based primarily on the Elder Scrolls Anthology map, along with the West Tamriel map and maps from Arena through ESO.


This map is a non-canon depiction of the island of Kevalla, located in the Eltheric Ocean between Yokuda and Tamriel. The only source for this place is the West Tamriel map, so except for the general shape the geography is entirely made up. Credit to Nirn is Flat on Discord for the idea and names.