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Tamriel Data, usually stylized as Tamriel_Data, is a shared asset repository containing new data such as meshes, textures, sounds, races, items, spells, and creatures for use in any Morrowind mod. It provides the data structure of the large-scale province mods Tamriel Rebuilt and those within Project Tamriel: Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil. It is available to download with either vanilla- or high-resolution textures.

Many of the assets in Tamriel Data are foreign to Vvardenfell. There are assets associated with all of the Tamrielic provinces and common races.

File Information

Tamriel Data includes two BSA files, TR_Data.bsa and PT_Data.bsa, that must be registered in the main game's Morrowind.ini file under its [Archives] section to link the repository data to the game's engine. Failing to register the BSAs will cause numerous in-game problems when trying to play dependent mods. Receiving missing file or texture warnings in-game is usually a sure sign of a registration or load order problem. For a detailed guide, see Tamriel Rebuilt's BSAs guide.

The Tamriel_Data.esm game file is a combination replacement of the old TR_Data.esm, PC_Data.esm, and Sky_Data.esm files that were formerly used. Like all mods with an ESM or ESP, it must be enabled as part of the load order.

Character Information

  • Races — New races added by Tamriel Data, such as Reachmen
  • Classes — New classes used by NPCs, mostly for provinces other than Morrowind

Gameplay Information

  • Diseases — New diseases you may catch
  • Items — New items, including armor, clothing, weapons, ingredients, potions, scrolls, books, and clutter
  • Spells — New spells you may cast

World Information

  • Creatures — New creatures that inhabit the world
  • Factions — Factions defined by Tamriel Data for use by its dependent mods
  • Regions — Regions defined by Tamriel Data for use by its dependent mods