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Malintus Ancrus
(RefID: 000234C9)
Home City Chorrol
House Malintus Ancrus' House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 8 Class Thief
RefID 000234C9 BaseID 000222A6
Available Never *
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 12am-6am
Training Trainer (Basic)Security (Basic) Security, Basic
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 110
Responsibility 25 Aggression 10
Faction(s) Chorrol Citizen; Thieves Guild Cat Burglar(Cat Burglar Cat Burglar)
Malintus Ancrus in his house in Chorrol

Malintus Ancrus is an Imperial thief living in Chorrol with a Dunmer woman named Glistel. The people of Chorrol frequently express disdain at this "shameful" relationship, but this may only be a front, as they are both Thieves Guild members, and the only ones living in the city.

Despite being one of the few connections the Thieves Guild has in Chorrol, Malintus lives a very relaxed life. He starts his day by waking up at 6am and will begin to wander around his house, unlocking the door at 8am. Sometime after 10am, he will be visited by Gaturn gro-Gonk. He will quickly send Gaturn off after a brief conversation. He will continue to wander around his house for the remainder of the day, locking up at 9pm. He will then stroll around some more until he heads to bed at midnight. During the quest Arrow of Extrication, Malintus will calmly wait outside his house while you and the Gray Fox conduct business.

Malintus wears a set of lower class clothing: a coarse linen shirt, laced leather pants and a pair of rough leather shoes. He is armed with an iron dagger and carries some lockpicks, a torch, his key and a small amount of gold.


Speaking to Malintus Ancrus for the first time will have him greet you by saying:

"I'm Malintus Ancrus. How are you doing?"
"Glistel and me, we keep an eye on things here in Chorrol for certain interested parties... as a public service, like."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Once you've fenced enough items, Amusei will track you down to deliver a message from the Gray Fox

"The Gray Fox has a task for you. Meet him at Malintus Ancus' house in Chorrol."

At this point, Malintus will relocate to just outside his house and stand guard at all hours. When he spots you, he will say:

"Don't keep the Gray Fox waiting."

Speaking to him will net you another reminder:

"The Gray Fox is waiting for you."

After your conversation with the Gray Fox, Malintus will remind you one last time

"Aren't you supposed to be on a quest for the Gray Fox?"

Once you leave for Bravil, he will resume his normal schedule. Once the quest is complete, however, a bug causes him to spend the rest of the game wandering just outside his house.


His partner Glistel will hint at their criminal

"My housemate, Malintus Ancus [sic], and I are well-known in certain circles here. But, you don't travel in those circles, do you?"

The townspeople are quick to gossip about the situation between Glistel and Malintus:

"I can't believe that Glistel would live with that Malintus Ancrus. Shameful, and her being such a lovely girl."
"I don't understand what Glistel is doing with Malintus Ancrus. I mean, have you seen her? And have you seen him? I just don't get it."
"I'm sure you've heard that Glistel and Malintus Ancrus are living together. Simply shameful."
"Have you seen Glistel and Malintus Ancrus together? Isn't it awful?"

Though not everyone shares the same outlook on the relationship:

"The whole thing is a big shame. She's such a nice young girl."
"I don't see a problem with it. Perhaps they're in love."
"You're right. It's shameful. Still, what is anyone supposed to do? It's her life."

Others will reply:

"It is awful. Her poor mother. What is Glistel thinking?"

While some will be more forgiving:

"I don't see a problem with those two. It's a bit odd, but that's their business."


  • Malintus seems to have at one point been an Orc named Murgakh gro-Ushag. The key to Malintus' house still bears this early name, and the package used by Gaturn to seek him out is still called GaturngroGonkVisitMurgakhgroUshag10x0.