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Location Cloud Ruler Temple
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 40 Class Knight
RefID 00032A17 BaseID 00023F2A
Other Information
Health 1000 Magicka 75
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Essential Until The Path of Dawn Stage 79
Follower Light the Dragonfires
Faction(s) Character gen Blades; Emperor faction, for Uriel and Martin

Baurus is a Redguard member of the Blades who starts the game as a bodyguard to Emperor Uriel Septim. As you quickly learn, however, Baurus is unable to save the Emperor from the assassination plot. As the only Blades member to have survived the assassination attempt, Baurus takes the failure somewhat personally, and proceeds to spend his time searching for the assassins. Baurus wears a full set of Blades armor and wields his Akaviri katana in combat. While sleeping or undercover, he wears leather boots, leather bracers, belted braies and a green wool shirt. He also carries a moderate amount of gold.

During the quest The Path of Dawn, you are tasked to meet up with Baurus and help his investigations; at this time you can usually find him at Luther Broad's Boarding House in the Imperial City Elven Gardens District. Although up until that quest, Baurus has been an essential NPC (i.e., unkillable), during this quest he can be killed.

If he survives, he will then relocate to Cloud Ruler Temple for the remainder of the game, here he will also have a full set of Blades armor you can remove from his body if he dies. If you talk to him at Cloud Ruler Temple, he will give you free skill boosts in Blade (+1), Block (+1), and Heavy Armor (+1). While Martin is still alive Baurus will watch over him night and day. Also, he will fight by Martin's side in subsequent battles, such as the Defense of Bruma, and Light the Dragonfires.

If Baurus dies at any point and you talk to Jauffre about him while holding Baurus's Akaviri Katana, Jauffre will say:

"He will not be forgotten. He goes to Aetherius to join the other fallen heroes of the Blades. I thank you for recovering his sword. I will set it in a place of honor in the Great Hall of Cloud Ruler Temple."

Then he will take it from you and do what he says by adding it to the wall above the fireplace in Cloud Ruler Temple next to the swords of Glenroy and Captain Renault (if you retrieved them). If you ask about Baurus again, or if you simply haven't got his sword, he will say:

"He served with honor. No Blade could ask for higher praise."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


When Baurus appears with the Emperor and the other Blades during the opening quest he is occupied with keeping the Emperor safe with an order to lock the doors:

Renault: "Baurus! Lock that door behind us!"
Baurus: "Yessir."
Uriel Septim: "My sons... they're dead, aren't they?"
Renault: "We don't know that, Sire. The messenger only said they were attacked."
Uriel Septim: "No, they're dead. I know it."
Renault: "My job right now is to get you to safety."
Uriel Septim: "I know this place ... The prison?"
Renault: "Yes, your Majesty. Beneath the Legion Compound. We're headed for a secret passage known only to the Blades. No one can follow us through here."

Once the gates are open:

Baurus: "No sign of pursuit, sir."
Renault: "Good. Let's go. We're not out of this yet."
Glenroy: "Stay put, prisoner."

After you've spoken to the Emperor he will mutter: "Looks like this is your lucky day. Just stay out of our way."

Speaking to him now will net you:

"Keep quiet, and stay out of the way."
"I told you to keep out of our way."

He will then escort the Emperor and his fellow Blades as they make their way through the secret tunnels. During the fight that kills Captain Renault he will shout at you:

"Prisoner! Help the Emperor!"
"Prisoner! The Emperor needs help!"

After the fight, he has a brief exchange with Glenroy and the Emperor:

Baurus: "Are you all right, sire? We're clear, for now."
Uriel Septim: "Captain Renault?"
Baurus: "She's dead. I'm sorry, sire, but we have to keep moving."
Glenroy: "How could they be waiting for us here?"
Baurus: "Don't know. But it's too late to go back now. Don't worry, sire, we will get you out of here."
Glenroy: "They won't be the first to underestimate the Blades. I'll take point. Let's move."
Baurus: "You stay here, prisoner. Don't try to follow us."

After this the party will leave the area through a key-requiring door, which forces you to instead take a longer detour before you rejoin them in Imperial Subterrane, where they will immediately be ambushed:

Glenroy: "We should find a defensible spot and protect the Emperor until help arrives."
Baurus: "Help? What makes you think help will get here before more of those bastards? We need to get the Emperor out of here."
Glenroy: "Here they come again!"

If you remain hidden until the party fights off the attack, you will overhear another conversation:

Baurus: "I think that was all of them. Let me take a look around."
Uriel: "Have you seen the prisoner?"
Baurus: "Do you think he/she followed us? How could he/she?"
Uriel: "I know he/she did."

Once you jump down and speak to the Emperor about your birthsign, he will approach you and hand you a torch:

"You may as well make yourself useful. Here, carry this torch and stick close."
The Blades
"We're the Emperor's bodyguards. Our job is to get him out of situations like this. Although I admit, things are not going according to plan."
Uriel Septim
"My job is to make sure the Emperor gets out of here alive, and I intend to do it."
Baurus fighting the Emperor's assassin
"No... Talos save us..."

When exiting conversation:

"Stick close and let us do our job, and you'll be all right."

With this, the trio will continue their trek through the secret ruins. If you try to speak to him again, he will reassure or dismiss you:

"Stick close and you'll be alright."
"The Blades have gotten the Emperor out of worse situations than this."
"I don't like it. It's too quiet."
"There's no time to talk now, prisoner. We've got to keep moving."

In the final room, Glenroy will find the gate is locked:

Glenroy: "Dammit! The gate is barred from the other side! A trap!"
Baurus: "What about that side passage back there?"
Glenroy: "Worth a try. Let's go!"

However, Baurus soon delivers the bad news:

Baurus "It's a dead end. What's your call, sir?"
Glenroy: "I don't know. I don't see any good options here."

Shortly afterwards, more assassins will attack and Baurus will shout:

"Wait here with the Emperor. Guard him with your life."

If you stray too far from Uriel, Baurus will chastise you:

"I told you to stay with the Emperor!"
"Get back with the Emperor! Protect him with your life!"
"If you want to help, get back and protect the Emperor!"

After the death of the Emperor, if you speak to him before he reaches the body, he will shout:

"The Emperor! I must get to the Emperor!"

Once he reaches the body he will bemoan:

"No... Talos save us..."

He will then enter conversation with you:

"We've failed. I've failed ... The Blades are sworn to protect the Emperor, and now he and all his heirs are dead.
The Amulet, where's the Amulet of Kings? It wasn't on the Emperor's body."
The Emperor gave it to me.
"Strange. He saw something in you. Trusted you. They say it's the Dragon Blood, that flows through the veins of every Septim. They see more than lesser men. The Amulet of Kings is a sacred symbol of the Empire. Most people think of the Red Dragon Crown, but that's just jewelry. The Amulet has power. Only a true heir of the Blood can wear it, they say. He must have given it to you for a reason. Did he say why?"
I must take it to Jauffre.
"Jauffre? He said that? Why?"
There is another heir.
"Nothing I ever heard about. But Jauffre would be the one to know. He's the Grandmaster of my Order.Although you may not think so to meet him. He lives quietly as a monk at Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol."
How do I get there?
"First you need to get out of here. Through that door must be the entrance to the sewers, past the locked gate. That's where we were heading.
It's a secret way out of the Imperial City. Or it was supposed to be secret. Here. You'll need this key for the last door into the sewers."
The sewers?"
"There are rats and goblins down there... but from what I've seen of you, I'm guessing you are an experienced [character class]. Am I right?"

Baurus attempts to guess your character class based on the type of skills you used and leveled during your trip through the dungeon. His guess may be any of the twenty-one standard character classes, except Spellsword. At this point, the conversation will pause to allow you to select a character class. Once you have done so, Baurus will continue depending on how closely your chosen class matches his guess.

"I thought so. A few rats and goblins won't give you any trouble." (if your class matches his guess)
"I wasn't far off. In any case, rats and goblins won't give you any trouble." (if your class is similar to his guess)
"Really? I would never have guessed. Still, I don't think you'll have any trouble with rats and goblins." (if your class is completely different from his guess)

Regardless of his response, the conversation will continue:

After the sewers, then what?
"You must get the Amulet to Jauffre. Take no chances, but proceed to Weynon Priory immediately. Got it?"
Yes, I understand.
"Good. The Emperor's trust was well-placed."
No. Please explain more.
"Take it easy. You'll be fine. I know this is a lot to take in all at once. No one's more surprised than me that I'm sending an escaped prisoner off with the Amulet of Kings! But the Emperor trusted you for a reason, and I trust the Emperor. The Amulet of Kings must get to Jauffre at Weynon Priory. He'll know what to do with it. Jauffre should know how to find the heir that the Emperor spoke of. The Amulet must reach Emperor Uriel's heir so a new emperor can be crowned!"
What about you? What will you do?
"I'll stay here to guard the Emperor's body, and make sure no one follows you. You'd better get moving. May Talos guide you."

If you have either Captain Renault's or Glenroy's katana, or both, in your inventory, Baurus will add one of the following lines:

"By the way, thanks for recovering Captain Renault's sword. I'll see that it is given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades."
"By the way, thanks for recovering Glenroy's sword. I'll see that it is given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades."
"By the way, thanks for recovering my comrades' swords. I'll see that they are given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades."

This ends the conversation and you are free to go on your way. You may also ask Baurus about various different topics at this point if you wish, although he will urge you to get moving:

"You need to get out of here. There's no telling who will come first, the Blades or more assassins."
Amulet of Kings
"The sacred symbol of the Empire. Only those of Septim blood can wear it, they say."
The Blades
"My order is dedicated to the service of the Septim Emperors. We have failed in our duty to protect him."
"He's the Grandmaster of the Blades. As the eyes and ears of the Emperor, the Blades don't advertise themselves.
We of the Imperial Bodyguard are the public face of the Blades, but most of my brothers serve the Emperor quietly, behind the scenes.
You'll find Grandmaster Jauffre at Weynon Priory, living as a simple monk."
Uriel Septim
"May Talos guide his soul to Aetherius. Rest in peace, my Lord."
Weynon Priory
"A chapterhouse of the Order of Talos, a monastic order connected to the Blades. It's located on the Black Road just outside of Chorrol."

After this he will stand guard over Uriel's body, fulminating you if you try to loot the body: "Leave the Emperor in peace."

Once you reach Weynon Priory, Jauffre will give you some background on the loyal bodyguard:

"One of the youngest Blades ever to serve in the Emperor's personal guard. I am glad to hear that he survived, but I fear he will take the Emperor's death particularly hard."

The Path of DawnEdit

Once you've safely delivered Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple, Jauffre will task you with tracking down Baurus:

"You should go back to the Imperial City. Baurus may have learned something about the assassins. You'll find Baurus at Luther Broad's Boarding House in the Elven Gardens district of the Imperial City."

Sure enough, you'll find Baurus drinking at the bar of the Boarding House. He has discarded his heavy armor for an outfit of leather boots, leather bracers, belted braies and a green wool shirt, though he still carries his Akaviri katana. When you greet him he will silently say:

"Sit down. Don't say anything. Just do what I say."
"I'm being watched. Just sit down. Don't say anything."

Once you do sit down, he will whisper:

"Listen. I'm going to get up in a minute and walk out of here. That guy in the corner behind me will follow me. You follow him."
The enemy has the Amulet.
"We can't talk now! Just follow my lead."
I found Uriel's heir.
"Don't talk. Just follow my lead."
I'm ready when you are.
"Good. Remember, wait for him to follow me. I want to see what he'll do."

He then gets up and heads for the basement, swiftly followed by the watching Astav Wirich. If you manage to speak to Baurus in the basement he will seethe:

"I told you to stay back and keep an eye on the guy who was watching me."

After reaching the basement's main room, Astav will attack him, triggering a short fight. Once it's over, Baurus will tell you:

"Search his body. I'll keep an eye out, in case any of his friends are nearby."

Once you have the Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 in your possession, he will greet you more warmly:

"Good work. I am glad to see you, by the way. You just caught me at a bad time."
What have you learned?
"The assassins who killed the Emperor were part of a daedric cult known as the Mythic Dawn. Apparently worship the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon. I've been tracking their agents in the Imperial City. I guess they noticed."
The enemy has the Amulet.
"So you said. That's very bad news." (if you spoke to him about it previously)
"What? They took it from Jauffre? Things are worse than I had thought."
I found Uriel's heir.
"I hoped I had heard you correctly. Thank Talos! The Blades will protect Martin until he can claim his throne, don't worry. Or we will die trying." (if you spoke to him about it previously)
"Thank Talos he lives! Martin Septim, you say ... We will restore him to the throne! It is the sworn duty of all Blades."
What's our next move?
"There's a scholar at the Arcane University. Tar-Meena's her name. Supposed to be an expert on daedric cults. Why don't you take that book to her, see what she makes of it. I'll keep running down leads on the Mythic Dawn network. If you learn anything, you can find me at Luther Broad's. May Talos guide you."
"Like I said, she's one of the brains over at the Arcane University. Supposed to know everything there is to know about daedric cults."

He will take his leave with: "I hope you learn something from Tar-Meena about that book. This might just be the break we need."

If you speak to him again he will be impatient:

"Aren't you supposed to be going to see Tar-Meena? I have plenty of leads of my own to track down, don't worry."

After you've spoken to the librarian, he will welcome you with:

"I haven't turned up anything new on my end yet."
"I think you're onto something with those books. You should finish tracking them all down, and then we'll see what we've got."
"So far Mankar Camoran's books are our best lead. You should keep working on getting copies of all four." (if greeted again)
Mythic Dawn
"You should keep working on getting a hold of those other Mythic Dawn books. That's our best lead right now."

He will send you off with: "It sounds like those books may be an important lead. Get back to me as soon as you turn up anything new."

Once you've acquired the third volume from Gwinas, head back to Luther Broad's Boarding House, where you will be greeted by an excited Baurus:

"You're not easy to get a hold of. What have you found out?"
Mythic Dawn
"They'll pay for the murder of the Emperor. Now that we know who they are, it's only a matter of time."
Mythic Dawn meeting
"This just might be the break we've been looking for! Good work. We need to get that fourth book, then. If Tar-Meena is right, we can use these books to locate the Mythic Dawn's hidden shrine. Let's go. I know that part of the sewers well."
"The sewers run underneath the whole Imperial City. There are access points in every district. The Blades have occasion to use them in our undercover work, as well as a means to move around the city without attracting attention."

He will then set off towards the Elven Garden Sewers with: "Follow me. I know how to get to the part of the sewers where we need to meet the Sponsor."

As he guides you through the sewers, he will fight off the animals and goblins living there. If you speak to him now he will just say: "I know the part of the sewers you were talking about. Follow me, I'll show you."

Once you reach the final room where the meeting with the Sponsor will occur, he will say:

"Alright. The room with the table is just through this door. I always wondered who put it there. I happen to know that if you go up the stairs there, you can get a vantage point on the meeting room. I think I'd better be the one to handle the meeting. You'll be my backup. Keep watch from above in case of trouble."
I'm not ready yet.
"Well, don't take too long. I don't think they'll like it if they realize you didn't come alone."
"Make it quick. The longer we spend down here, the more chance we have of being discovered."

Once you return he'll say:

"So, here's the plan. I'll meet with the Sponsor, while you cover me from the upper gallery. What do you think?"
I'll meet the Sponsor.
"No, it should be me. I have a blood debt to repay these Mythic Dawn assassins. Besides, I've trained for this kind of thing my whole life."
No, I'll meet the Sponsor.
"Very well. We'll do it your way. Be careful, and remember, we can't leave here without that book. It's our best chance of getting the Amulet back."
Alright. I'll cover you.
"Good. Remember, we must not leave here without the book. It's our best chance of finding the Amulet."
I'm ready when you are.
"Listen. I may not survive this. But if I don't, you must. You must recover the book and find the Amulet of Kings."
You leave me little choice.
"That's right. Everything depends on this. So don't screw it up."
I understand. We'll do it - together.
"I'm glad to have you at my back. Okay. Let's do this."
Don't worry, I never fail.
"Then I'm lucky you're here to save my skin. Come on. Let's do this."

If you speak to him again before entering the room, his response varies depending on your previous choices:

"You're taking the meeting. You'd better get in there before they realize you didn't come alone."
"We agreed I would meet the Sponsor. You need to get out of sight before you blow the whole meeting."
Baurus attacks the Mythic Dawn members

Regardless of which one of you speaks to the Sponsor, you will end up fighting him and two accomplices. During the battle, Baurus can be heard shouting: "For Uriel Septim!"

If he survives the fight, Baurus will say:

"That's three more that won't be reporting back to their Master." (on approach)
"That could have gone smoother. Can't say I minded killing a few more of these bastards, though. Get the book and let's get out of here."
"Get the book and let's go." (if greeted again)

Once you have the prized fourth volume, he will announce his intentions to take up personal guard duty for Martin:

"Now that you have all four books, you should be able to handle things from here. I'm going to Cloud Ruler Temple. My place is at Martin's side."
"I'll see you back at Cloud Ruler Temple. Good luck."

He will then start walking to the Temple, which will take him about one day. If you speak to him in Cloud Ruler Temple before the end of the quest, he will greet you with:

"Whatever you need, friend."
Cloud Ruler Temple
"I haven't been to Cloud Ruler since I was a young trainee. It feels good to be back. The Blades have always been here, and always will be."

Speaking to him after the quest will net you a free skill boost in Blade (+1), Block (+1), and Heavy Armor (+1):

"I never had time to properly thank you for your help back in the Imperial City. I wouldn't have made it back here if it weren't for you. Now that we have a free moment, I thought you might be able to use some tricks I've picked up fighting with the Blades over the years. Nobody who hasn't trained with the Blades will know these moves, so you should find them useful. See, when they swing at you sidearm, you twist your wrist like this... exactly! You're a natural at this. Let me show you another one..."

From this point on, he will dutifully guard Martin at all times of the day, occasionally telling him: "Good to see you." Speaking to Jauffre about him will net you:

"I'm glad to have Baurus here. He guards Martin night and day. His way of atoning for the death of Emperor Uriel, I suppose."


If you approach him after having started the Spies quest, he will say:

"I wish I could have helped you deal with the rest of those Mythic Dawn bastards. But it seems you did all right on your own."

Battle for BrumaEdit

Once you set off with Martin from the Great Chapel of Talos to the battlefield just outside Bruma, he will escort his Emperor through the cheering crowd and beyond. If you speak to him now he will say:

"I look forward to fighting by your side again."

Once you've closed the Great Gate, if he survived the battle he will be found cheering the victory and will greet you with:

"I was honored to fight by your side again."

We will then escort Martin back to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Light the DragonfiresEdit

Once you emerge back through the portal from Mankar Camoran's Paradise, Baurus will have relocated in the meantime to Green Emperor Way, where he will be found pacing around the entrance to the Imperial Palace.

Once you reach him with Martin in tow, he will greet his Emperor:

Baurus: "Sire, Chancellor Ocato is expecting you. He had word of your arrival in the capital."
Martin: "Very well. Let's finish this."

Speaking to him now will net you:

"Good to see you again. I told Martin that Mankar Camoran was no match for you."
Mythic Dawn
"I'm glad it was you that put them down. My only regret is that I wasn't there with you."

After this he will again escort Martin, first inside the Palace and then all throughout the battle to the Temple of the One, if he survives. If you talk to him during the fighting, he will shout:

"Come on! We have to protect Martin until he can light the Dragonfires in the Temple!"


After Martin's sacrifice, he will greet you with:

"Martin couldn't have done it without you. I count you among the greatest heroes of the Blades. To think we'd end up here, after such a beginning! Sending an escaped prisoner off with the Amulet of Kings... But I never doubted you, my friend. Emperor Uriel, he had the vision of the Dragonborn. He saw something in you. And he was right."
The scholars and priests can debate what happened to Martin in the end. What I know is that he sacrificed himself to save us all. As a Blade, I'm proud to have served such a master, if only for a short while.

After this, he will return to Cloud Ruler Temple and spend all of his days pacing around the Great Hall.

Combat DialogueEdit

During the Tutorial, hitting him will cause him to initially warn you before then launching into an attack:

"You're lucky I like you. Otherwise you'd be dead already."
"That's not smart."
"Do you have a death wish? Trust me, you don't want to try that again."
"Don't say I didn't warn you."

While in combat after the Tutorial, you'll hear him exclaim:

"This one's mine!"
"Look out!"
"Over here!"
"Get my back!"
"Stick together!"


  • Baurus does not have the Speechcraft minigame function enabled.
  • Baurus has a dialogue failsafe in place for if the game somehow messes up when predicting your class during the Tutorial. If possible to be heard, Baurus would've said, "There are rats and goblins down there, but from what I've seen of you, I'm guessing you're experienced enough to handle them. Am I right?"
  • Baurus also appears in Castles and in the Jaws of Oblivion card expansion for Legends, as the card Emperor's Attendant.