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Oblivion:Brother Martin

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Brother Martin
(RefID: 0001E745)
(lore page)
Home City Kvatch
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC+5 Class Conjurer
RefID 0001E745 BaseID 00033907
Other Information
Health 50 + (3+1.4)x(PC+4), PC=1-31
Magicka 163 + 5.5x(PC+4) (max=300)
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Essential Always, except during Defense of Bruma battle and Light the Dragonfires. Removed from the game after the latter.
Follower Find the Heir, Weynon Priory, Light the Dragonfires
Faction(s) Martin's Faction; Kvatch citizens; Refugees in the Kvatch Chapel
Martin Septim in Cloud Ruler Temple

Brother Martin is the illegitimate son of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. After the Emperor's death, Martin is the only remaining member of the Septim bloodline. At the beginning of the game he is a priest in Kvatch, unaware of his lineage.

At the beginning of the game, Martin will simply be wandering around inside of the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. Approaching him here will yield the greeting, "Have you brought help? We've been trapped here since the daedra overran the city." If you managed to approach him without allowing Hirtel or Savlian Matius speak to you about Kvatch, and also without beginning the Find the Heir quest, he will not have any dialogue options. If you have allowed one or both of them to speak with you, you will be able to ask him about Oblivion Gates, and he will respond, "They are stable portals between our world and Oblivion. They violate the most basic principles of daedric magic. They should be impossible. Something fundamental must have changed to make them possible." Throughout the game, Martin will often bid people farewell with, "Go with Akatosh." Once you begin to work your way through the main quest, his schedule and dialogue options change drastically. See the Quest-Related Events section for details.

Martin has a unique set of spells

When you first meet Martin in Kvatch he will be wearing a grey robe and buckled shoes. He will be armed with a Dagger of Sparks and carries a copy of Ten Commands: Nine Divines, a bread loaf, a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine, and a moderate amount of gold. The wine, book, and bread respawn. Martin's inventory changes somewhat during the main quest; see the Quest-Related Events section for details. For example, later on he will wear a silver Longsword of Frost with 5pts of Frost Damage, and the Emperor's cuirass, boots, gauntlets and greaves, providing him 50pts of Fortify Health, 50% Reflect Damage and 50% Reflect Spell.

Martin is armed with several spells. In particular, he has some of the bonuses typically only awarded by a birthsign. He is armed with the Blood of the North lesser power from the Lord, the permanent 50 point Fortify Magicka from the Mage, the Mara's Gift power from the Ritual, and finally the permanent +10 Strength and +10 Endurance from the Warrior. Martin always has the Fortify Luck spell (5pts for 90 seconds). He is also armed with three major leveled Frost Damage spells, one on touch, one on target, and one area effect. Finally, Martin has major leveled Restore Health (only up to Apprentice level; see Notes) and Shock Shield spells.

The first time you hear about Martin is during the quest Deliver the Amulet. When you go to give Jauffre the Amulet of Kings, at one point it will be possible to tell him about the Emperor's last wish for you to find his son. He will then tell you what he knows about Martin, "I am one of the few who know of his existence. Many years ago, I served as captain of Uriel's bodyguards, the Blades. One night Uriel called me in to his private chambers. A baby boy lay sleeping in a basket. Uriel told me to deliver him somewhere safe. He never told me anything else about the baby, but I knew it was his son. From time to time he would ask about the child's progress. Now, it seems that this illegitimate son is the heir to the Septim Throne. If he yet lives." If you have been to Kvatch already, and have spoken to either Hirtel or Savlian Matius, then when you ask about Martin's whereabouts, Jauffre will say, "His name is Martin. He is a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. Yes, Kvatch. I cannot believe that the attack on Kvatch is a coincidence. The enemy seem to know all our secrets. You must return to Kvatch at once, and rescue Martin if he lives. There is no time to lose! If there's anything you need, please ask. My resources here are limited, but I will help in any way I can." If you have not been to Kvatch at all yet, he will say, "His name is Martin. He serves Akatosh in the Chapel in the city of Kvatch, south of here. You must go to Kvatch and find him at once. If the enemy is aware of his existence, as seems likely, he is in terrible danger. And please, let me know if there's anything you need. My resources here are limited, but I will help in any way I can." Asking about Martin again will yield the response, "He is a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. He never knew that he was Uriel Septim's son. You need to find him at once and bring him safely back here." Jauffre sends you on your way to find Martin in Kvatch.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Find the Heir/Breaking the Siege of KvatchEdit

Arriving at Kvatch, you are approached frantically by Hirtel. If you ask him about Martin, he will tell you: "I knew a priest named Martin once. I'm sure he's dead, just like the rest of them. They're all dead, don't you understand?" Asking one of the others at the camp won't yield anything more optimistic: "If you mean the priest, I don't think he made it out of the city. Very few of us did. But Savlian Matius might know more. He's in charge of the city guard that are defending the camp." Following their advice and asking Savlian Matius, he will point you in the right direction: "You mean the priest? Last I saw him, he was leading a group towards the Chapel of Akatosh. If he's lucky, he's trapped in there with the rest of them, at least safe for the moment. If he's not..."

"I'm having trouble understanding the gods right now."

When you arrive at the Chapel of Akatosh, you can ask someone inside about Martin, and they will tell you: "Brother Martin? Yes, he's right over there. He led a group of us here during the confusion of the attack. We owe him our lives." When you approach Martin, you will have two options to tell him your purpose for finding him. If you tell him he's in danger, he will reply coarsely: "Of course I'm in danger. But I'm needed here. I can't leave. I assume you didn't risk your own life to come here to tell me something I already know. Who are you and what do you want?" The other option, telling him the Emperor told you to find him, will result in: "The Emperor is dead. Who are you? What do you really want with me?" You will then be able to confirm that he is really Martin, to which he will reply: "Yes. I'm a priest. Do you need a priest? I don't think I'll be much help to you. I'm having trouble understanding the gods right now. If all this is part of a divine plan, I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with it." You will again have two options. If you tell him there is a plan, he will retort: "What plan? What are you talking about? I prayed to Akatosh all through that terrible night, but no help came. Only more daedra. What can you possibly know that would help me make sense of this?" If you ask for his help, he responds: "If you came to me for help, you're more of a fool than you look. Look around. What good is a priest?" You must then tell him he is the son of the late Emperor. He responds with disbelief: "Emperor Uriel Septim? You think the emperor is my father? No, you must have the wrong man. I am a priest of Akatosh. My father was a farmer." You now have one more choice. If you tell him the daedra came here for him, he will be frightened: "An entire city destroyed to get at me? Why? ... Because I'm the emperor's son?" If you instead choose to tell him his father knew he was in danger, he says: "You spoke to the Emperor before he died? And he told you to find me?" You then must ask him why would you be lying, to which he responds: "I don't know. It's strange... I think you might actually be telling the truth. What does this mean? What do you want from me?" Telling him to come with you yields a refusal if you have not yet broken the siege of Kvatch: "No. I'm sorry, but even if what you say is true, I won't abandon these people to their fate. I'll go with you when we can all leave here together." He will say goodbye with: "Come back with help. I don't know how much longer we can hold out in here." He may now greet you with: "You're back. Did you bring help?" Attempting to speak with him again, he will simply say: "It isn't that I don't believe you. But I won't go with you until I know everyone can leave here safely. We've been through too much together already for me to just abandon them to their fate."

Martin being escorted to safety along with the other refugees

Once Kvatch has been saved, Savlian Matius will order Tierra to lead the troops to the safety of the encampment. Martin will follow Tierra to the camp, and then wander around there. At this point, if you ask Savlian Matius about Martin, he will tell you: "He should be around the camp somewhere. He was with the survivors we rescued from the Chapel of Akatosh." The other refugees from the Chapel are grateful towards him: "I'll never forget him. He saved as many as he could that terrible night. If only they'd listened and stayed with us in the Chapel." If, rather than approaching Martin in the Chapel, you finish breaking the siege of Kvatch without even speaking to him, you will find him at the camp. Approaching him here for the first time, he will say to you: "I heard about how you helped the Guard drive the daedra back. Well done." If you tell him he's in danger at this point, he will be angry: "Danger, you say? You came here to tell me this? Explain yourself or leave me alone. There are many others here who actually need your help." Telling him your whole story as above, he will finally agree to go with you to Weynon Priory, saying: "You destroyed the Oblivion Gate, they say. You gave them hope. You helped them drive the daedra back. Yes. I'll come with you to Weynon Priory and hear what Jauffre has to say. Lead on."

Finally, if you approached him in the Chapel before saving Kvatch, and then found him with the survivors at the refugee camp, he will greet you with: "I wondered if you'd come back. I admit, I've had my doubts about your story." He will then agree to accompany you to see Jauffre. If you break the siege without having begun Find the Heir, Martin will greet you with: "Thanks for the rescue. I didn't think we would make it out of the Chapel alive. Perhaps Akatosh guided you to us."

On your way back to Weynon Priory with Martin, he may say to you when you are nearby: "I've put myself in your hands." If you speak to Martin, he will say: "Unless you need something, let's continue on to Weynon Priory." If you tell him to follow you, he will say: "To Weynon Priory, then." If you tell him to wait, he will say: "I've put myself in your hands. Don't fail me." From this point until you finish the Weynon Priory quest, he will say goodbye to you with "I have many questions about all this. I hope Jauffre will be able to answer them."

"I've got this one!"

Weynon PrioryEdit

Martin and Jauffre ride for Cloud Ruler Temple

Once you arrive with Martin back at Weynon Priory, you find that it is under attack. Martin will continue to follow you around as you attempt to fend off the Mythic Dawn. During the battle, you may hear Martin say to you: "Out of the frying pan into the fire, eh?" If you speak to him, he will say: "I think we should find your friend Jauffre at once." If you tell him to keep following you, he will say: "I'm with you." If you tell him to stay put, he says: "I'll keep an eye out for trouble while you're gone." He will add as you end dialogue, "We'd better find Jauffre." While the two of you are battling, you may hear Martin call out: "Who are they?", "Watch out! There may be more of them!", or "I've got this one!". Once you have found Jauffre, Martin may say to you: "This wasn't part of the plan, was it?" Engaging Martin in dialogue at this point, he will wonder: "Do you think there are any more of those assassins about?" Ending conversation with him will have him say: "Be careful." Once the three of you have decided to head to Cloud Ruler Temple, Martin will hop on his horse for the journey. Martin will follow you anywhere you go at this point, and Jauffre will follow Martin, also on his horse. On your trip to Cloud Ruler Temple, if you speak to Martin he will say: "Let's continue on to Cloud Ruler Temple. I haven't had a good night's sleep since Kvatch was attacked." If you tell him to wait for you somewhere, he will say: "I was looking forward to reaching Cloud Ruler Temple. Don't be long." Telling him to continue following you will please him: "The sooner we reach Cloud Ruler Temple the better. Lead on."

Martin giving his speech

Upon your arrival at Cloud Ruler Temple, Martin will walk up to the main gate and be greeted by Cyrus: "My lord! Welcome to Cloud Ruler Temple! We have not had the honor of an Emperor's visit in many years!" Martin replies: "Ah, well, thank you! The honor is mine." Jauffre then hurries him along: "Come. Your Blades are waiting to greet you."

They will all then enter the Temple's courtyard and proceed up the steps, where some of the other Blades are waiting. If you try to speak to Martin on his way to his speech, he will say:

"Let's not keep the Blades waiting."

Jauffre will then give a speech:

Jauffre: "Blades! Dark times are upon us. The Emperor and his sons were slain on our watch. The Empire is in chaos. But there is yet hope. Here is Martin Septim, true son of Uriel Septim!"
Belisarius: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Captain Steffan: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Caroline: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Cyrus: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Jena: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Roliand: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Jauffre: "Your Highness. The Blades are at your command. You will be safe here until you can take up your throne."
Martin: "Jauffre. All of you. I know you all expect me to be Emperor. I'll do my best. But this is all new to me. I'm not used to giving speeches. But I wanted you to know that I appreciate your welcome here. I hope I prove myself worthy of your loyalty in the coming days. That's it. Thank you."
Jauffre: "Well, then. Thank you, Martin. We'd all best get back to our duties, eh, Captain?"

At this point the Blades disperse and Martin will reassure you: "Don't worry about me, my friend. I know I'm in good hands here."

After the ceremony, Martin will wait outside the entrance to Cloud Ruler Temple to greet you even if you left the ceremony. When you approach, he will initiate dialogue: "Not much of a speech, was it? Didn't seem to bother them, though. The Blades saluting me and hailing me as Martin Septim... I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I know I would be dead by now if it weren't for you. Thank you. But everyone expects me to suddenly know what to do. How to behave. They want an Emperor to tell them what to do. And I haven't the faintest idea..." You will then remind him the Amulet of Kings is gone. He will respond: "Of course. The Amulet of Kings. So we... I... can take it to the Temple of the One and light the Dragonfires. And stop the Oblivion invasion." You then remind him he will be the Emperor, and he says: "The Emperor... that's an idea that will take some getting used to. In any case, we need the Amulet first. Maybe Jauffre will know where to start." At the end of this conversation, Martin will join the Emperor Faction, leave the Kvatch Citizens Faction, and his name is changed from Brother Martin to Martin.

Martin is an avid reader

Martin now begins a new schedule. He will sleep in his bed in the Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing from midnight until 8am, eat in the East Wing from 8pm to 10pm, and read in the East Wing at all other times. He also now considers you his friend. If you hang around him, he may say: "My head is still spinning from everything that has happened. I'll need some time to adjust." once, and then just "Hello, my friend." Engaging him in dialogue, he will say to you: "This whole business of being heir to the throne will take some getting used to. Please bear with me." the first time, and "While I'm getting oriented here, you should follow Jauffre's orders." thereafter. You can now ask him about the Amulet of Kings. He will say: "All practitioners of daedric magic are familiar with the almost impenetrable barrier between our world and Oblivion. What the Emperor told you implies that the Amulet is the key to the preservation of that barrier. What I saw at Kvatch... everything I know about daedric magic says that such stable portals are impossible. Yet those gates to Oblivion existed. The old rules no longer apply. Kvatch is only the beginning of what Mehrunes Dagon will do. If the Amulet is truly the key to restoring the barriers between our world and Oblivion, you must waste no time in recovering it." Asking him about Oblivion gates, he will respond: "Something has changed to make these stable portals to Oblivion possible. Jauffre believes that the death of the Emperor and the darkening of the Dragonfires is the key." You can also now ask him about his past with daedric magic: "I haven't always been a priest. In my youth, I followed a different path. I know more than I want to about the seductive power of daedric magic. Let's just leave it at that." Finally, when you part ways, he will say goodbye: "Don't worry about me, my friend. I know I'm in good hands here." once, and then simply "Farewell, my friend."

If you ask Jauffre about the Amulet of Kings, he will tell you what to do next. Asking him about it a second time will have him tell you about Martin's role in the crisis: "The Amulet of Kings is the key to everything now. Once we have it back, Martin can use it to light the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One, and reseal the barriers between Oblivion and our world."

The Path of DawnEdit

Martin is not directly involved in this quest, but news of his survival will be greeted with elation by Baurus:

"I hoped I had heard you correctly. Thank Talos! The Blades will protect Martin until he can claim his throne, don't worry. Or we will die trying."
"Thank Talos he lives! Martin Septim, you say ... We will restore him to the throne! It is the sworn duty of all Blades."

Once you have collected all four volumes of Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Baurus will head to Cloud Ruler Temple and become Martin's personal bodyguard there. When Martin is in the Great Hall, Baurus will stand near the entrance to the East Wing. When Martin is anywhere else, Baurus will follow him around. Baurus will always be found guarding Martin except during certain quest events and when Baurus is sleeping between 4am and 8am.

Dagon ShrineEdit

Once you begin this quest, Martin will now greet you with: "What is it, my friend?" If you return to Cloud ruler Temple before retrieving the Mysterium Xarxes, you can ask Martin about it: "I don't know much about it. The "Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes" are the only source we have for its existence. The author of the "Commentaries" claims the Xarxes was written by Mehrunes Dagon himself, but no one else has ever seen it." Later, once you return to Cloud Ruler Temple with the evil book, Martin will be waiting for you in the Great Hall. He has now set up a study area in this room. When you speak to him, he will say: "Ah, you're back. I told Jauffre not to worry. ... I can see you have bad news. You didn't recover the Amulet, did you?" When you tell what book you have, he is terrified: "By the Nine! Such a thing is dangerous even to handle! Forgive me. You were right to bring it. But you'd better give it to me. I know some ways to protect myself from its evil power." Asking whether you can use it to find Mankar Camoran, the leader of the Mythic Dawn, he says: "I don't know. Maybe. I suspect that the secret of how to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise lies within these pages. But I will need time. Tampering with dark secrets, even just reading them, can be very dangerous. I'll have to proceed carefully. In the meantime, you should speak to Jauffre. He was concerned about reports of spies in Bruma."

Asking him again about the Mysterium Xarxes, he will tell you what he knows: "This evil book was written by Mehrunes Dagon himself, and given by him to Mankar Camoran. I believe Mankar Camoran used it to create his Paradise. It should give us the means to open a gate there ourselves. I will continue studying it." He will also tell you more about his past dabbling in daedric magic: "I put aside the dark arts when I became a priest. But the workings of fate may be seen in this, too. 'The gods can turn anything to good', or so I piously told those who came to see me for advice. Perhaps I may yet come to believe it myself." He is also more clear-minded about the Oblivion crisis: "It is now clear to me that the only way to stop the Oblivion invasion is to relight the Dragonfires. Emperor, Amulet, and Dragonfire--with these divine gifts, the daedra of Oblivion have been kept at bay for thousands of years. While the Dragonfires burned, the divine barriers kept the daedra from making more than fleeting visits to our world. But the Dragonfires can only be relit by an heir of the Septim blood wielding the Amulet of Kings. This was the essence of Mankar Camoran's plot. He was undone only by the merest... chance... but his complete victory remains perilously close. We must recover the Amulet of Kings and relight the Dragonfires, before it is too late to stem Dagon's invasion." He will close conversation with: "I hope to have at least part of the Mysterium Xarxes translated in a few days. Speak to Jauffre about those spies in the meantime."

Hanging near him at this point, he may idly say: "I'll have to proceed cautiously with the Mysterium Xarxes. It is exceedingly dangerous." If you speak to him again, he will say: "I need some time to study the Mysterium Xarxes. I'll let you know when I learn something." Speaking with him once more will yield the greeting: "I'm still studying the Mysterium Xarxes. Its corrupting power is terrible." He will say goodbye to you now with: "I'm working as quickly I can. The Xarxes doesn't give up its secrets easily."


Once you've received the details of this quest from Jauffre, Martin's schedule is changed a little. Rather than reading in the East Wing when not eating or sleeping, he now spends his time studying the Mysterium Xarxes in the Great Hall at his desk. Jauffre will remark: "I hope Martin knows what he's doing with that evil book. I fear for what it could do to him if he's not careful."

Once you begin to search for the spies in Bruma by either killing one of them, speaking to Burd about it, or finding evidence, if you return to Martin he may say to you if you hang around: "The Mysterium Xarxes is the most dangerous daedric sorcery I've ever encountered." or "I can't escape the Xarxes, even in my dreams. I wonder if my warding spells will be enough." Once you have discovered that Jearl has a visitor in town or have killed the Redguard, going back to speak with Martin will have him say once: "I've made some progress on the Mysterium Xarxes. I think I've identified the section that deals with opening a portal to Camoran's Paradise." Asking him about the book at this point, he will respond: "I've learned that the Mysterium Xarxes is both the gate and the key to Camoran's Paradise. In some sense, the book IS Camoran's Paradise. Mankar Camoran bound himself to the Xarxes when he created his Paradise, using dark rituals which I will not speak of further. A gate can be opened from the outside, however. It will be more difficult, as I will have to temporarily bind myself to the book. But I believe it can be done. I will continue working to decipher the arcane items needed for the binding ritual."

Once you have reported back to Jauffre that the spies are dead, Martin will now say to you excitedly: "I've made some progress with the Mysterium Xarxes, finally!" When you speak to him, he'll say: "I've deciphered part of the ritual needed to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise. The Xarxes mentions four items needed for the ritual, but so far I have only deciphered one of them: the 'blood of a Daedra Lord'. In fact, daedric artifacts are known to be formed from the essence of a Daedric Lord, from whence they derive their great power. Not an easy thing to come by, obviously, but we will need a daedric artifact. Bring it to me when you have acquired one." This will initiate the next quest.

Blood of the DaedraEdit

Martin begins his research

You can ask Martin about daedric artifacts, and he will tell you: "The only way to obtain a daedric artifact is through the cults devoted to each of the Daedric Lords. The book "Modern Heretics" is the best introduction to daedric cults. The library here has a copy if you need it. Remember, the Mysterium Xarxes ritual will consume the physical form of the artifact in order to release its daedric power." He is optimistic about his progress, saying goodbye with: "I think I'm close to deciphering more of the ritual. I hope to have made some progress by the time you return with a daedric artifact." Speaking to Martin now will yield the greeting: "The next section of the Mysterium Xarxes is very difficult. I haven't deciphered the rest of the ritual yet. I hope you are making better progress." Now he will bid farewell with: "I'm still working on the second item needed for the gate-opening ritual. I believe I'm close to deciphering the relevant passage."

Once you return with a suitable artifact, you can speak to Martin again about them. He will ask for it: "I won't ask what you went through to obtain this, my friend. I know all too well the depravity of the princes of Oblivion. Are you ready to give me the artifact? Remember, the ritual will consume its physical form. It won't be seen again on Tamriel for many years." If you are not yet ready to give up your artifact, he will say: "As you wish. My preparations for the ritual will be different, depending on the artifact we use, so I'll need it as soon as possible." If you are ready to give him an artifact, he has a different comment depending on the artifact you choose to give him. The following table lists the possibilities.

Daedric Artifact Martin's Anecdote
Azura's Star "Ah, Azura's Star .. as beautiful as all the tales tell."
Goldbrand "This blade has slain many a hero over the years. Tamriel will be better off without it for a while."
Masque of Clavicus Vile "Ah, the Masque of Clavicus Vile. You are wise not to let yourself get further enmeshed in his plots."
Saviour's Hide "There is no disguising the bestial nature of some of the daedric Princes."
Volendrung "Who now knows the tale of how this Dwemer hammer came to embody the power of one of their most bitter foes?"
Ring of Khajiiti "Thieves everywhere will curse us both for the loss of this ring, my friend. So be it."
Mace of Molag Bal "A fearsome weapon, and steeped in the ancient evil of its master. May its deadly power turn good, for once."
Ring of Namira "I'll sleep better once this keepsake of Namira is gone from my possession. A good choice for our purpose, though."
Skeleton Key "The merchants of Cyrodiil would sleep more soundly, knowing this Key is gone from the world. But why tell them?"
Spell Breaker "Not many people would give up Spellbreaker for destruction, my friend. Your sacrifice honors me."
Sanguine Rose "I never thought to see this again. I once possessed it, briefly ... a lifetime ago, it seems now ... To obtain it, and then give it up ... I honor your dedication to our cause."
Wabbajack "Good riddance to this tool of mischief."
Skull of Corruption "The world will be better off with this foul thing gone from it."
Oghma Infinium "Not many could resist the temptation of the Oghma Infinium. Now it is my turn to be put to the test!"
Ebony Blade "I wonder if Mephala herself knows how many lives this foul blade has taken over the years? I will be glad to give the world a respite from it."

Asking Martin what you should do next, he will say: "You should talk to Jauffre. He needs your help. Trouble down in Bruma, I think." This will start the Bruma Gate quest.

Blood of the DivinesEdit

If you either wait seven days from when you were given Blood of the Daedra, or have finished Bruma Gate, Martin will now say to you as you approach: "I have good news! I've made some progress on deciphering the gate-opening ritual." Speaking with him, he will be eager: "I've figured out another item needed for the ritual to open the portal to Camoran's Paradise. The second item is the counterpart to the first: the blood of a Divine. This was a terrible puzzle to me. Unlike the Daedra Lords, the gods have no artifacts, and do not physically manifest themselves in our world. How then to obtain the blood of a god? But Jauffre solved it. The blood of Tiber Septim himself, who became one of the Divines. This is a secret remembered only by the Blades, passed down from one Grandmaster to the next. Jauffre should tell it to you himself." He will send you on your way with: "Be sure to speak to Jauffre about the Armor of Tiber Septim. I'll continue my study of the Mysterium Xarxes." Once Jauffre has told you, if you speak to him again he will express his concern for Martin: "I'm worried about Martin. He does nothing but pore over that evil book all day." Approaching Martin after learning about the armor from Jauffre will yield the greeting: "My progress on the Mysterium Xarxes is slow, I'm afraid. How goes your search for the Armor of Tiber Septim?" He will bid you luck on your way out: "Good luck, my friend. Don't take any unnecessary risks." Once you return with the armor and give it to Martin he will say: "The Septim blood may flow through my veins, but you have the soul of a hero. The Armor of Tiber Septim himself! Jauffre will be amazed to see it. You can reassure Jauffre that I will not destroy the armor. All I need is a scraping of Talos's divine blood. The Blades are as touchy as priests about relics of Tiber Septim, it seems!"

If at any point you have both this quest and Blood of the Daedra both running at once, Martin will now begin conversation with: "My research is moving forward again. It's only a matter of time before I decipher the third and fourth ingredients for the ritual." Approaching Martin when you have at least found both a daedric artifact and the Armor of Tiber Septim, he will say: "I'm glad to see you. I'm finally starting to unlock the secrets of the second half of the gate-opening ritual."

When you finish either this quest or Blood of the Daedra, you will have to ask what else you can do, and Martin may say different things. If you have not yet completed Blood of the Daedra, but have completed Blood of the Divines, he will direct you to Jauffre and start the Bruma Gate quest. If you have now completed both, he will say: "While you were gone, I've made some progress in deciphering the Mysterium Xarxes ritual. The third item we need is a Great Welkynd Stone. You may have run across lesser Welkynd Stones; they are fairly common in Ayleid ruins. But a Great Welkynd Stone will not be easy to come by. They have been plundered one by one over the years, due to their great value to mages and occultists. There is only one place that is rumored to still contain one: the ruins of the Ayleid city of Miscarcand. A place where many have perished seeking its Great Stone. But nothing else will do, so you must succeed where all others have failed." This will begin the quest Miscarcand.


Once Martin has given you your next task, you must ask him about Miscarcand if you did not preemptively get the Great Welkynd Stone: "The capital of one of the ancient Ayleid kingdoms which flourished in Cyrodiil before the rise of Men. It is said that the ruins are still haunted by the vengeful spirit of its last king. True or not, it is not a place to enter lightly. Be careful." You can now ask him about the treasure that you are tasked to find. He will tell you: "The pinnacle of Ayleid magic. Once every Ayleid city had its Great Stone, but they've all been plundered over the centuries. All but one. The Great Stone of Miscarcand is reputed still to shine in the deep darkness of its ruined halls. But no one has ever done more than glimpse it from a distance. It is said to be guarded by the ghost of the last king of Miscarcand." You can also ask him about the ruin it is housed in: "Miscarcand is one of the most extensive Ayleid ruins in Cyrodiil. It was the capital of one of the ancient Ayleid kingdoms. You might find 'Glories and Laments Among the Ayleid Ruins' useful. I have the library's copy at my table if you need it." Saying goodbye, he will remark: "Be careful, my friend. I know you have braved many dangers already, but Miscarcand is not to be taken lightly."

If you already got the Great Welkynd Stone before being given the quest, Martin will say: "You are a wonder! Not only the Hero of Kvatch, but the Master of Miscarcand as well!" He will then tell you about the last item you are required to find (see the end of this section).

If you hang around Martin now, he may say to you: "I'm close to understanding the complete gate-opening ritual. The final section is almost within my grasp." Speaking to Martin again, he will say: "The last item for the ritual still eludes me, I'm afraid. The Mysterium Xarxes gives up its secrets reluctantly. The supporting glyphs all point to Oblivion, but the signifier of the main symbol matches nothing ... I'm sorry to burden you with my problems. I'll do my best to have an answer by the time you return with the Great Welkynd Stone." the first time, and afterwards, "I've made no progress on the fourth item. And every day that passes brings the Mythic Dawn closer to victory." He will bid farewell with: "I should have the final part of the ritual deciphered soon. It's only a matter of time now."

Once you have found the Great Welkynd Stone, Martin's name will change to Martin Septim, his Dagger of Sparks will be removed, and he will receive equipment more fitting an Emperor: a silver Longsword of Frost with 5pts of Frost Damage, and the Emperor's cuirass, boots, gauntlets and greaves, providing him with 50pts of Fortify Health, 50% Reflect Damage and 50% Reflect Spell.

When you return to Cloud Ruler Temple, Martin and Jauffre will be in the middle of a conversation. Jauffre begins with: "With all due respect, sire, there must be another way. The risk is too great!" Martin responds: "I know the risk. I was at Kvatch. But there is no other way. We have no choice." Jauffre argues: "The Countess will never agree to it..." Martin agrees with him: "She will. She must." Jauffre concedes: "Very well. The Blades are, as always, at your disposal." At this point, Martin will turn to you and say: "Ah, here you are! I have good news, of a sort." Jauffre will say afterwards: "Yes, let's see what (s)he thinks of your plan."

When you speak to Martin, he begins with: "You're back. And you've got the Great Stone..." If you reply that you said you would get it, he says: "You did. I can count on you." If you ask whether you had a choice, he will say: "Yes. You did. I can't force you to do anything. I understand that. And I thank you." Either way, you will have to give him the Stone. He says: "I never thought to see a Great Welkynd Stone! As beautiful as all the old tales tell... But of course its beauty is a mask for its deadly power, like everything crafted by the Ayleids. Now we need only one more item, and we'll be ready to open a portal to Mankar Camoran's realm..." You must then ask what the last item required for the ritual is. If you have not yet completed Bruma Gate, Martin will not be ready either: "I'm sorry, but I don't know yet. The Xarxes... it clouds my mind and haunts my dreams like nothing I've ever experienced... But don't worry. I will solve it. I must. I am close, I'm sure of it. In the meantime, the Bruma Guard need your help to close an Oblivion Gate. Didn't you already speak to Jauffre about that?" If you have finished Bruma Gate already, he will be ready: "I should have seen it sooner. It's the counterpart to the Great Welkynd Stone, just as the first two were the opposed powers of the daedra and the divines. Welkynd stones contain the concentrated power of Mundus; their counterparts are Sigil stones, which are used to hold open Oblivion Gates. A Great Sigil Stone, then, is what we require."

If you finish Bruma Gate after Miscarcand and are sent to Martin by Jauffre to learn of the last item, Martin will greet you with: "Thank Akatosh you're here! I have deciphered the final item for the ritual to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise!"

Either way, once you hand over the Stone, he will stand up and place the stone near the Great Hall's fireplace.

Defense of BrumaEdit

Martin preparing to lead the Defense of Bruma

When you ask him what the catch with obtaining a Great Sigil Stone is, he tells you: "You're not going to like it. Jauffre doesn't like it. The Countess of Bruma certainly isn't going to like it. Great Sigil Stones are the anchors of Great Gates. The kind of gate the Mythic Dawn opened at Kvatch. The kind of Gate the Mythic Dawn wants to open here to destroy Bruma." When you are surprised about his plan, he says: "I said you weren't going to like it. The risk is great, I know. I was at Kvatch. I saw the terrible power of the daedric siege engine. But we have no choice. The only way to recover the Amulet of Kings is to allow the Mythic Dawn to proceed with their plan to attack Bruma." Commenting on his safety in Cloud Ruler Temple, he will say: "No. I'll lead the defense of Bruma myself. If I am to be Emperor, it's time I started acting like one." You then offer to lead the troops instead, and he refuses: "Remember when we first met in Kvatch? I told you that I didn't want any part of the gods' plan. I still don't know if there is a divine plan. But I've come to realize that it doesn't matter. What matters is that we act. That we do what's right, when confronted with evil. That's what you did at Kvatch. It wasn't the gods that saved us, it was you. Were you acting for the gods? I don't know. But now it's my turn to act." You comply with his commands, and he says: "Please, my friend. I need your judgement, not your obedience. I explain myself to you so you understand me. And so you can explain to the Countess. I'm afraid she may take a bit more convincing than you." You must then agree to tell Countess Narina Carvain about the plan, and he says: "Good. Have her meet me in the Chapel of Talos for a council of war. That seems a fitting place to make such desperate plans."

If you speak to Martin again right away, he will greet you with: "Let the Countess know I'll be waiting for her in the Chapel of Talos." You can now ask Martin about the battle plans: "We must allow the Mythic Dawn to proceed with their plan to open three lesser Gates outside Bruma. According to the plans you captured from those spies, they need three lesser Gates open before they can open a Great Gate. The Great Gate will allow them to bring out the siege machine to blast the walls of Bruma, just like at Kvatch. But it's our only hope to get the Great Sigil Stone we need to complete the ritual. You'll have to act swiftly when the Great Gate opens." He will also tell you more about his history with daedric magic: "As a young man, I grew impatient with Mages Guild restrictions, as did many of my fellow apprentices. We threw ourselves into the riddles of daedric magic. We hungered for forbidden secrets. Knowledge and power were our gods. You can guess the rest. We got in over our heads. People died. My friends died. I've put those days behind me. But the bitter wisdom that one has been a fool is not without value."

Martin will now travel to the Chapel of Talos with Baurus and Jauffre to meet the Countess. When he arrives, if you speak to him, he will greet you with: "I'm waiting to discuss our battle plans with the Countess. Have you told her to meet me here yet?" When you inform the Countess of the meeting, Martin will teleport to the Chapel if he is not already there. The Countess is initially skeptical of the plans: "A desperate plan indeed. This ... Prince? Emperor? Martin would risk my whole city to gain a Great Sigil Stone?" However, she will eventually go to meet him. She will introduce herself to Martin, saying: "Your Highness? I am Narina Carvain, Countess of Bruma, at your service." Martin will reply: "There is no need for any formality at this time. I am not Emperor yet. And I am quite new to this notion of being heir to the throne. Thank you for coming. I know I am asking for a great deal of trust. But this is the only way. I would not suggest it otherwise." Narina responds: "Your champion has already explained the situation to me. I have agreed to it. We will not win this war through caution." Martin compliments her foresight: "You have a rare gift, to know when desperation is the path of wisdom. I will do everything in my power to defend your city, my Lady." Narina closes with: "If Bruma falls, the Empire falls with us. So be it." If you speak to Martin now, he will say: "When you're ready for battle, the Countess will order her men to stop closing the Gates outside the city."

Once you tell Narina you are ready for the battle to begin, Martin will have the Emperor's Helmet added to his suit of armor, and will join the MQ13 Allies Faction. He will head to the steps of the Chapel of Talos, with Burd following him. He will then walk through the streets of Bruma to the gate, and the citizens will gather and cheer him on as he walks through town. From the point that you tell Narina you are ready to fight until the fight actually begins, speaking to Martin will have him say: "My place is on the battlefield. The time for hiding in Cloud Ruler Temple is over. Come, let us go down to battle together." and end conversation. Once Martin is outside the city, he will head for the battlefield with Jauffre, Baurus and Burd all following him. When Martin arrives at the battlefield, he will no longer be essential and he will begin his battle speech. He shouts a stirring speech to the onlooking troops: "Soldiers of Cyrodiil! The Empire will stand or fall by what we do here today! Will we let the daedra do to Bruma what they did to Kvatch? Will we let them burn our homes? We will let them kill our families? No! We make our stand here, today, for the whole of Cyrodiil! We must hold fast until the Hero of Kvatch can destroy their Great Gate. We must kill whatever comes out of that gate! Soldiers of Cyrodiil! Do you stand with me?" After this, the various soldiers will shout for their cities.

Soon after the speech, the battle will begin. Martin will stay on the battlefield, fighting the daedra. If you leave the battle area during the fight, Martin will automatically die in about fifteen seconds and you will have to reload. If you speak to Martin during the battle, he will say: "We must hold the line until the Great Gate opens!" Also, during the battle, Martin can be heard shouting several new lines as he attacks enemies: "For Bruma and the Empire!" the first time he speaks, and after: "Hold the line!", "They must not pass!", "Stand fast for Bruma!", "Akatosh and the Dragon!", "Remember Kvatch!", "Back to Oblivion with you!", "Oblivion take you!", "To me!", "That's for my father!", and "Your lord will never prevail!" Eventually, the Great Gate will open, leading to the next quest.

Great GateEdit

Once the great gate has opened, if you speak to Martin he will urge you onward: "You need to close the Great Gate! We'll try to hold them off as long as we can!" While you are inside the Great Gate, if you take too long to get the Great Sigil Stone, Martin will die and you will receive the message: Martin has been slain, along with the rest of the Bruma defenders. All hope is now lost. When you do destroy the Great Gate, Martin will become essential again and his Emperor's helmet will be unequipped. Martin will approach and greet you, saying: "We won a great victory here today! We now have the means to recover the Amulet of Kings from Mankar Camoran. But we need to act quickly. Camoran will not take long to recognize his danger. Remember, the portal closes behind you. Anything you need, carry it with you. I'll have the ritual ready in the Great Hall when you arrive. Farewell." If you ask him about the Mysterium Xarxes now, he will say: "I have everything necessary for the ritual to use the Xarxes to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise. Remember, the portal will close behind you, so you will need to take everything you need." If you ask him about Oblivion gates, he will say: "The only way to close all the Oblivion Gates forever is for me to relight the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One. Our only hope is to recover the Amulet of Kings from Mankar Camoran." He will then head back to Cloud Ruler Temple to place the Great Sigil Stone. Once he has done this, he will wander around the Great Hall preparing to open the portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise. At this point he leaves the MQ13 Allies Faction. If you manage to speak to Martin before he arrives back at Cloud Ruler Temple, he will say: "Do you need something? Otherwise I should make my preparations for the ritual. There's no time to lose."

Once the battle for Bruma is over, you may hear some rumors about Martin around. The Blades may randomly say: "Martin Septim will soon claim his rightful place at the head of the Empire, and the Blades will stand beside him." You may also hear guards say to citizens: "The Emperor's heir lives! The bloodline is unbroken! Long live Martin Septim!", "The tide is turning, my friend. Bruma has been saved, and Martin Septim has claimed his birthright! Soon, all of Oblivion will tremble in fear!", or "The tide is turning. Bruma has been saved, and Martin Septim has claimed his birthright! It's time for every citizen to do their part... even you." Various Bruma citizens may also confess their love of the new Emperor: "I confess, I didn't think we had a chance against the daedra. But Martin proved himself a true heir of Talos on that day.", "To think that Bruma was where Martin Septim chose to reveal himself as the true heir to the throne for the first time!" or "Bruma certainly was fortunate to have Martin and his champion on the battlefield that day."


Martin opens the portal to Paradise

When you go to meet Martin back at the Great Hall of Cloud Ruler Temple, he will greet you with: "I have everything in place for the ritual. I'll open the portal whenever you're ready. I don't know what you'll find in Camoran's Paradise. I do know the portal I create through the Mysterium Xarxes ritual will close behind you. You'll have to find another way back. I believe that Mankar Camoran acts as the "anchor" for Paradise, just as a sigil stone anchors an Oblivion Gate in place. Kill Mankar Camoran, and you will unmake his Paradise. Shall I open the portal to Paradise? Are you ready?" If you say you're not ready, he will say: "That's fine. Make sure you have everything you need. There's no telling what you'll find there." If you are ready to head to Paradise, he will say: "Farewell, my friend. Our fate is in your hands. Bring back the Amulet of Kings. Brace yourself." Martin will then open the portal and wait next to it for you to enter. If you speak to him, he will only say: "We have only once chance at this! Use the portal to Camoran's Paradise before it closes again!"

Once you have entered the portal, Martin will patiently wait in the Great Hall for your return. His set of Emperor's armor will be removed from his inventory at this point, and he will have the Emperor's Robe and Emperor's Shoes added, which he will equip.

When you exit the portal after successfully destroying Paradise, Martin will greet you joyfully: "You found a way back! Does this mean... ?" When you answer that Mankar Camoran is dead, he will say: "You did it. You defeated him. Then you have it... you have the Amulet of Kings?" When you tell him you have the Amulet of Kings and that it is his, he is fearful: "Belongs to me? The Amulet of Kings? So you and Jauffre have said. If it is true, if the Emperor really was my father, then I should be able to wear it. Only those of the Septim blood can wear the Amulet of Kings." You will then tell him to put it on. He has to convince himself: "Yes, of course. What am I waiting for? After all, this is my destiny. No man can deny his destiny." He will take the Amulet from you and put it on, confirming his Septim blood. He says: "I didn't really need the Amulet to tell me that. I've known it was true since you first told me back in Kvatch. But it is one thing to talk of becoming Emperor, and quite another to actually be the Emperor." Telling him he is the Emperor now, he says: "Not yet. Until we light the Dragonfires, the Gates are open, and Mehrunes Dagon's invasion continues. While you were gone, I sent a messenger to Chancellor Ocato. He waits for us in the Imperial City." Asking why you should meet with High Chancellor Ocato, he says: "Chancellor Ocato is the head of the Elder Council. The Council rules in the Emperor's absence. I don't expect any objections from the Elder Council, but we should defer to their authority. Let's go to the Imperial City at once, before the enemy can recover from Mankar Camoran's death." You must now escort Martin to the Elder Council Chambers, beginning the final quest.

Light the DragonfiresEdit

Once this quest has started, Martin will be following you to the Imperial Palace, with Jauffre (if still alive) following him. After leaving the Great Hall, they will mount their horses and follow you to the Palace.

If you speak to Martin at this point, he will greet you with: "We should go to the Imperial City at once. Lead on." If you tell him to follow you, he will say: "Lead on, my friend." If you tell him to wait, he will say: "I'll stay here until you're ready to continue to the Elder Council Chambers. Don't be long." If you tell him you need to speak with him, he will say: "Of course." Asking him about Oblivion gates, he will praise you: "Against all hope, you returned from Camoran's Paradise with the Amulet of Kings! We now have a chance to turn back Dagon's invasion. I must go to the Temple of the One and perform the ceremony to relight the Dragonfires. But we must hurry! The barriers between our world and Oblivion weaken with every Gate that is opened. If Mehrunes Dagon is able to cross over into our world, even relighting the Dragonfires will not be able to send him back."

You can also speak to Jauffre a little about Martin at this point. If you ask about the Dragonfires, Jauffre will say: "Once Martin uses the Amulet of Kings to light the Dragonfires, the barriers between Oblivion and Tamriel will be restored. The Oblivion Gates will close, and Mehrunes Dagon's invasion will have failed." Asking about the Elder Council, he will comment on the situation: "Martin is right. Declaring oneself Emperor is a delicate matter. In this case, however, I do not think there should be any dispute. The Elder Council has been governing the Empire since the Emperor's murder. They will be overjoyed to have an heir to crown. They've been unable to solve the Oblivion Crisis. The Empire is falling apart. Only a legitimate Emperor offers any hope."

Once you have entered the Imperial City, speaking to Martin will yield the hurried response: "Let's continue on to the Elder Council Chambers. Delay is dangerous." When you exit conversation, he says: "Let's continue on to the Elder Council Chambers." When you arrive at the Palace, Baurus will greet him, saying: "Sire, Chancellor Ocato is expecting you. He had word of your arrival in the capital." Martin responds: "Very well. Let's finish this." If Baurus has died during the game so far, Captain Steffan will take his place for all the events of this quest. If you speak to Martin once he has entered the Elder Council Chambers, he will say: "By ancient tradition, I may not present myself as a candidate for the throne. I need you to formally present my claim to Chancellor Ocato." When you speak to Ocato, he has been expecting you: "I have been expecting you. The full Council has already considered the matter of Martin's claim to the Imperial Throne in detail." He will then go speak with Martin directly, pronouncing him Emperor: "Martin Septim, on behalf of the Elder Council, I accept your claim to the Imperial Throne. We should arrange the coronation ceremony as soon as ..." At this point, the Imperial Legion Messenger will run up to Ocato and say: "Chancellor Ocato! The city is under attack! Oblivion Gates have opened, and daedra are inside the walls! The guard is overwhelmed!" Ocato replies: "Courage, soldier. We have an Emperor again." He then turns to Martin and asks for the new Emperor's wishes: "Your Highness, what are your orders? Shall the Guard fall back to the Palace?" Martin replies: "No. If we let ourselves get besieged in the Palace we're doomed. We must get to the Temple of the One immediately." Ocato shouts: "As you command, sire. Guards! Form up and protect the Emperor! To the Temple of the One!"

The Imperial City under Daedric invasion

After this, the daedra's attack will be full scale. Martin will no longer be essential. If you speak to him, he will only say: "Mehrunes Dagon knows that if I can reach the Temple of the One and light the Dragonfires, he has lost. Come on!" You may also hear him yell while he attacks: "We must get to the Temple! Drive them back!" or "Drive them back!" Once you exit the Palace, Martin will begin to run through the Imperial City towards the Temple of the One. Following him will be Jauffre, Ocato, the Messenger, Baurus, and some Imperial Soldiers. The Imperial Legion Captain will run up to Martin and say: "The Palace is cut off, sire. We were the last to make it through from the Legion Compound. My men and I are at your disposal. What are your orders?" Martin will reply: "I need to get to the Temple of the One. It's our only chance to stop Mehrunes Dagon." The Captain will shout: "Yes sir! Let's move out!" The Captain will join Martin's entourage. Martin may now also say as he attacks a foe: "Follow me! The Temple is our only hope!" If Martin falls behind you during the dash, when you enter the Temple District, Martin will be teleported to you.

Once you see that Mehrunes Dagon is attacking the city, Martin will stop fighting and come speak with you: "We're too late... Mehrunes Dagon is here! Lighting the Dragonfires will no longer save us... the barriers that protected us from Oblivion are gone..." When you suggest casting him back into Oblivion, Martin says: "I don't see how... mortal weapons may hurt him, but now that he is physically here in Tamriel, they have no power to actually destroy him." You then suggest using the Amulet of Kings. Martin has an idea: "Wait. Yes. The Amulet was given to mortals by Akatosh... it contains His divine power... But how to use this power against Dagon? The Amulet was not intended as a weapon... ... I have an idea. One last hope. I must reach the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One." When you question the plan, he says: "You'll just have to trust me. I now know what I was born to do. But I'll need your help. I have to get past Mehrunes Dagon, somehow." You then promise to get him to the Temple, and he says: "Then I'll do the rest. Lead on, my friend." You can now tell him to wait, to which he responds: "We'll hold them off as long as we can. Return quickly." If you tell him to follow, he says: "I'm with you." If you speak to him again at this point, he will say: "Help me get past Dagon and into the Temple of the One! I'll do the rest!" You may also now hear him shout in the battle: "Do not give up hope!" Martin will follow you to the Temple.

The Avatar of Akatosh

Once inside the Temple, Martin will run across the room. If you manage to speak to him as soon as you enter, he will say: "Come on! We need to get to the Dragonfires before it's too late!" Speaking to him once he's reach the Dragonfires will instead trigger the final scene: "I do what I must do. I cannot stay to rebuild Tamriel. That task falls to others. Farewell. You've been a good friend, in the short time that I've known you. But now I must go. The Dragon waits." He will then run to light the Dragonfires, initiating the final sequence. Martin takes the Amulet of Kings to the center of the Temple and shatters it as Mehrunes Dagon destroys the roof. He transforms into the avatar of Akatosh and casts Mehrunes Dagon back into Oblivion. The dragon then turns into a giant statue, and the final cutscene begins. Over the cutscene, Martin narrates: "The Amulet is shattered. Dagon is defeated. With the Dragon's blood, and the Amulet of Kings, we have sealed the gates of Oblivion... forever. The last of the Septims passes now into history. I go gladly, for I know my sacrifice is not in vain. I take my place with my father, and my father's fathers. The Third Age has ended, and a new age dawns. When the next Elder Scroll is written, you shall be its scribe. The shape of the future, the fate of the Empire, these things now belong to you."


The Avatar of Akatosh, turned to stone

Once the final cutscene is over, Ocato will run up to you and ask about Martin: "What happened? Where's Martin? I must congratulate him! Mehrunes Dagon is defeated! Cast back into Oblivion! We've won!" When you tell him Martin is gone, he says: "What do you mean, gone? We saw the Temple dome explode, the avatar of Akatosh appear... that was Martin?" When you explain what happened, he says: "The joined blood of kings and gods. The Amulet of Kings. The divine power of Akatosh." He then says sadly: "Then Martin is gone..." When you point out the bright side, Ocato praises Martin: "Yes. Sealed forever. Mehrunes Dagon and his ilk can never threaten Tamriel again. Martin is dead. But he died an emperor, and a hero to rival Tiber Septim." Asking about the Empire, Ocato muses about Martin as the Emperor: "This victory is not without cost. We've lost Martin Septim. What an emperor he might have made. His sacrifice was necessary, but it leaves the Empire without an emperor. I don't know what happens now. There are troubled times ahead for the Empire. But now is not the time to worry about the future. Let's just give thanks that we're alive."

If you speak to Jauffre after completing the main quest, he will comment about Martin. Asking about the Dragonfires: "I believe that Martin's sacrifice sealed the gates of Oblivion forever. Tamriel no longer needs the protection of the Dragonfires." Asking him about Martin directly: "He truly was the Dragonborn... the last, and perhaps the greatest of all the Septims." Also, asking him about Mehrunes Dagon: "Against all hope, Martin cast him back into Oblivion! He will not trouble our world for long years to come." If you ask Ocato about Martin, he will be worried about the future: "I know he's gone. As the Chancellor of the Elder Council, my concern now is how to choose his successor." On leaving conversation he will remark: "The dragon will stand forever as a memorial to what you and Martin did for all of Tamriel." Asking Baurus, he will be proud: "The scholars and priests can debate what happened to Martin in the end. What I know is that he sacrificed himself to save us all. As a Blade, I'm proud to have served such a master, if only for a short while."

After the Main Quest has been completed, many people may greet you by asking about Martin: "You were Martin's friend, weren't you? You were fortunate to have known him.", "Any friend of Martin is a friend of mine. How can I help?" or "What was it like, in the Temple, at the end? Did Martin really call down the power of Akatosh to smite Dagon?" By asking about rumors, or simply by listening to conversations between people, you may hear a variety of things about Martin. Argonians and Khajiiti may say: "All else is put aside to celebrate of our deliverance from evil. Thanks to Akatosh and his servant Martin." Any of the three elven races may say: "Everyone wants to know what really happened in the Temple. What happened to Martin? Was the fiery dragon really Akatosh?" Blades may say: "Martin showed himself a true son of the Dragon Blood. But where does that leave us, with no Emperor to serve?" And on the topic of Martin Septim, they may say: "You were there. You saw his true nature. The blood of the Dragon was revealed for all to see." Imperial guards may say to citizens: "Have you not heard? The Oblivion crisis has ended! Martin Septim gave his own life to destroy the Daedra horde! We are victorious!" Mages Guild members may say: "Most people consider Martin's... transformation... a religious or political event, but what interests me is its metaphysical implications." Nine Divines members may say: "I wish I had witnessed the avatar of divine Akatosh myself. Imagine! Upon the very altar of the Temple of the One!" The response to this last one depends on sex. If the listener is male, he will say: "Yes, it must have been an amazing sight. I know I'm taking my faith more seriously than I used to." The female response is: "Indeed. I believe Martin's ascension may signal the beginning of a religious awakening across Tamriel."

One week after the final event occurs, you may also begin hearing new rumors. If you ask citizens about the Imperial City, females will say: "I can't get over the dragon statue in the Temple ruins. Tell me again how you and Martin defeated Mehrunes Dagon!" Males will say: "Every time I walk past the Temple, I'll remember that terrible day and how you and Martin delivered us from destruction."

Non-Quest Related Unique DialogueEdit

Since Martin has a unique voice actor, he has unique dialogue for a wide variety of mundane situations. These are listed here:

Conversations with the BladesEdit

Martin has many unique conversations he can have with the Blades. Some are specific to the Blade in question, some are not.

Martin greeting a Blade

  • To Baurus: "Baurus. Good to see you."
  • To Belisarius: "Belisarius, how are you?"
  • To Caroline: "Caroline. Don't let me keep you."
  • To Cyrus: "Hail, Cyrus."
  • To Jauffre: "Good day, Jauffre."
  • To Jena: "Jena, good day to you."
  • To Roliand: "Roliand, all's well, I trust."
  • To Captain Steffan: "Captain. Carry on."
  • To any Blade: "Hail, Blade. What news?"

Martin after being greeted by a Blade

  • To Baurus: "Baurus, good to see you."
  • To Belisarius: "Belisarius, thank you."
  • To Caroline: "Caroline, a good day to you. Or is it evening?"
  • To Cyrus: "Cyrus, my friend. Don't let me keep you."
  • To Jauffre: "All's well, I hope, Jauffre?"
  • To Jena: "Jena, always a pleasure."
  • To Roliand: "Roliand, thank you."
  • To Captain Steffan: "Captain. No news is good news, I hope."
  • To any Blade: "Don't let me keep you." or "Carry on."

Martin-Blade Conversations

Martin can also have a few unique conversations with the Blades. All of these conversations can only be heard before Defense of Bruma is started. The first is unique to Baurus, and can only be heard once:

  • "Baurus. I want you to know... I don't blame you for what happened. You did everything you could. I'm glad to have you here by my side."
  • Baurus responds: "I offer no excuses, sire. But my life is yours. No assassin will take you while I draw breath."

The other conversations can happen with any Blade. These are all random and can only be heard once. Each point of the dialogue tree is randomized, so the conversations have a very large number of variations. The table below shows the possible conversations. In a couple instances on the dialogue tree, there are four options. Since all of the greetings can only be said once, only three of the four options will ever be heard in one play-through. The left out option is random. Finally, some of the dialogue options can only be heard if the Blade in conversation is male.

Martin initiates dialogue Blade initiates dialogue
Greeting "Bladesman, I was wondering if I might have a word?"
"Excuse me. If you have a moment, I would speak with you."
"Hail Blade. Do you have a moment to talk?"
"My lord... I would speak with you."
"My lord, I was wondering if I could speak with you. I understand that you have many more pressing concerns..."
"My lord, please excuse my presumption, but I would speak with you."
First Reply "Of course, my lord. If there's anything you need, anything at all, just name it. Have you been threatened?"
"Yes, sire. What is it you need? You're not in danger, are you? My sword is yours!"
"Is everything all right, my lord? Has Cloud Ruler been breached? I told the others the Great Hall wasn't secure! Those damn high windows..."
""My lord"? That isn't necessary. I'm just a man. Just a citizen of the Empire, trying to do his duty. Just like you."
"You may have as much of my time as you need, so long as you stop calling me "lord." My name is Martin."
"Please, Blade, say what you will, but let us forgo these absurd formalities. I am no "lord" yet. I would remain plain Martin for a while."
"By all means. What do you need?"
Second Reply "Oh, for the love of Akatosh, would everyone just please calm down! I'm fine. And I don't need anything. I just... I just wanted to talk. That's all."
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Well, no one could ever accuse you Blades of being lax, I'll give you that. No, there's no need for alarm. I just wanted to talk."
"No no no no... It's all right... Everything's fine. There's no cause for alarm, really. I only wanted to share a few words. With a friend."
"Of course, sire. I just wanted to let you know you're safe here, sir. Cloud Ruler is secure, and the Blades stand ready."
"Sire... we failed your father. The shame we all carry... But we will not fail you! History will not repeat itself, of this you have my solemn vow!"
"Well... I just wanted to say how honored I am... How honored we all are... by your presence, I mean."
Third Reply "Please forgive me, sir. The others and I, we're just... well, we're glad to have you here with us, sir. We just want to make sure you're safe."
"[Sigh.] Look at me, acting the paranoid fool. I apologize, my lord. I meant no disrespect. My nerves are taut as a bowstring!"
"I'm sorry, sir. We're all a bit jumpy. What did you need?"
"Thank you for your kind words. I never knew my father, but he must have been proud to call the Blades his protectors. I know I am."
"No matter what happens, you must know... You must all know, that I am eternally grateful for the service you Blades have provided. "
"You do me too much honor. For who am I? The bastard heir of a dead Emperor."
Fourth Reply "Please, there's no need to apologize. If anyone should be sorry, it's me. You're busy, and I'm distracting you from your work."
"You and the other Blades have extended me every courtesy. But please, don't forget, I'm just a man. I need the company of friends, like any other."
"No, my friend, it's all right. It's just that, being a Septim is much... lonelier than I could have imagined. Perhaps my father felt the same way."
"Darkness may be upon us all, but the people of the Empire -- my Empire -- are worth fighting for! I just wanted you to know... I won't let you down."
"If I may be so bold... you are the true Dragonborn, sir, there's no one here that doubts it. Any one of us would gladly die so that you may live."
"I have trained my entire life for the crisis that is now upon us. When the moment comes, I will gladly lay down my life for the Empire!"
"Just know, that whatever you need, we will give gladly. Our hearts, our blades, our lives if need be. Long live the Septim bloodline!"
Fifth Reply "Thank you for your courtesy, sir. If you ever need a friendly ear, I'm always available, night or day."
"I... I'm glad you wanted to talk. You'll always have my sword, of course. But you have my ear as well. Anytime. As a friend."
"In truth, I welcome the chance to talk. For I feel a kinship toward you I cannot explain. We are brothers, bound by duty and destiny."
"Well, my friend, let's hope it doesn't come to that, hmm? We'll get through this together... as brothers."
"The darkest days surely lie ahead. But I know that the Blades will stand true for the Empire, as they always have."
"Only a fool would doubt the valor of the Blades, but I must ask the same of you. Do not doubt my valor, do not doubt my resolve. I will not fail you."
Goodbye "Thank you again for your kind words. Now please, don't let me keep you. We'll speak again later."
"Just remember, we're in this together. You must learn to rely on me as I rely on you. But I've rambled on long enough. Akatosh be with you."
"My heart is lighter thanks to your words. You've given me kinship, and that is worth more than a thousand swords. Until later, friend."
"I thank you again for speaking with me, my lord. I'll leave you alone now. I know you're very busy. Until next time."
"Well, I've kept you long enough, my lord. Remember that I'm here if you need anything."
"I'm sorry, sir, I've been rambling on like an excitable child! I can only imagine how busy you must be. With your blessing, I will now take my leave."

Combat Related QuotesEdit

  • When attacking: "For Akatosh!", "Take that!", "A little closer..." and "Fight fire with fire!"
  • When fleeing: "Fall back!"
  • When yielding: "I yield."
  • When accepting a yield: "Very well."

Crime Related QuotesEdit

  • When either being assaulted or watching an assault: "You shouldn't have done that."
  • When watching an assault that he will not report: "Very well."
  • When witnessing a murder: "No!"
  • When witnessing a murder that he will not report: "That's a shame."
  • When he either sees a pickpocket or is pickpocketed and notices: "What do you think you're doing?"
  • When he either sees a pickpocket or is pickpocketed and notices, and will not report the thief: "Don't think you're getting away with something."
  • When witnessing a theft: "Don't do that."
  • When witnessing a trespassing: "You shouldn't be here.", "I think you'd better leave here.", and "You've overstayed your welcome, I'm afraid."
  • If you engage in dialogue with him while trespassing: "You've overstayed your welcome here, I'm afraid."
  • When witnessing a trespassing that he will not report: "I don't think you should be here."

Detection Related QuotesEdit

  • When he hears someone: "I thought I heard something."
  • When he sees someone: "There you are!"
  • When he loses sight of someone: "Hmm."
  • When he gives up on finding someone: "Hmm. Strange."

To the Gray FoxEdit

While you are wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, Martin will say hello with: "You must be the Gray Fox. Your reputation precedes you, as I'm sure you know." If you engage him in conversation, he will say: "Well, well. The Gray Fox, in person."

Other QuotesEdit

  • When he sees a corpse: "Akatosh bless you and keep you."
  • When he refuses to tell something: "I'm afraid I can't tell you that."
  • When he sees two people in combat: "Look out!"
  • When someone stays near him until they are trespassing: "You need to go now."

Unused DialogueEdit

  • Martin has two lines for the What else can I do to help? topic which are never chosen, as those giving you the Bruma Gate and Miscarcand quests take precedence.
"While I continue to study the Mysterium Xarxes, you should keep searching for the daedric artifact we'll need for the ritual." (if you had completed Blood of the Divines but not Blood of the Daedra)
"While I continue to study the Mysterium Xarxes, you should keep searching for the Armor of Tiber Septim." (if you had completed Blood of the Daedra but not Blood of the Divines)


  • Martin is voiced by Sean Bean.
    • Before Sean Bean was hired to voice Martin, the male Imperial voice actor, Wes Johnson, voiced all of his dialogue. Little remains of this, except for some alternate bits of dialogue throughout the story, as Sean Bean's recordings overwrote most of Johnson's performance. These original lines reveal a more refined and well-spoken version of Martin, as well as a slew of unique persuasion mini-game dialogue. In the final game, there is no way for Martin to partake in the persuasion mini-game, rendering this unique persuasion dialogue inaccessible.
    • Because Martin has no specially recorded dialogue lines for the Knights of the Nine official download, asking him about the prophet will cause him to give the response of a default male Imperial NPC.
  • Since Martin is the main character in the plot, if he dies during any point where he is non-essential, you will receive a message: Martin has been slain. All hope is now lost. and will be forced to reload from a previous save.
  • Martin can be a useful follower if you choose to delay completing the Weynon Priory quest and can help you complete a large number of other quests. He is an essential character and is well-equipped to battle both living and undead enemies.
  • Most NPCs, save the Blades, who try to talk to Martin will say "Good to see you." and leave. This is to prevent any random dialogue between townspeople and Martin, who would have nothing to say and revert to an Imperial voice.
  • At stage 25 of The Path of Dawn, it is scripted for no apparent reason for Martin to have a Lesser Staff of Lightning removed from his inventory, though under normal circumstances he will not have one. If you had given Martin a Lesser Staff of Lightning during the battle at Weynon Priory by dropping it on the floor near him, it will disappear when this quest stage is reached.
  • Martin has something of a mismatch between his skills and spells. As a result of his Conjurer class not having Restoration as a major skill and the NPC skill leveling mechanism, he will only be able to cast Novice and Apprentice-level Restore Health spells.
  • Martin's name was originally spelled as "Martyn". This can still be seen in internal names of early dialogue leftovers.
  • Brother Martin also appears in the Jaws of Oblivion card expansion for Legends, as the card Martin Septim. His dragon form also appears as the card Avatar of Akatosh.


  • Having Martin follow you immediately after returning from "Paradise" as an actual follower might cause him to stop actually following you at some point. He'll just stand there and ignore hostile NPCs. Jauffre will still run around and fight, but won't travel far from Martin. Selecting the Follow/Wait commands makes no difference, nor does waiting. He will, however, get automatically moved when you enter new cells, but won't leave the area or move. ?