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Oblivion:Brotch Calus' House

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Brotch Calus' House
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Brotch Calus' House

Brotch Calus' House is located on the east side of the Great Chapel of Talos, between Olav's Tap and Tack and J'Ghasta's House.

The house includes quite a bit of interesting items and equipment. His fondness for Alchemy shows, as there are several rare ingredients to be found in the downstairs area, for example a sample of the rare frost salts and an emetic russula cap, as well as a couple of finished potions, a potion of warmth and a potion of insulation. Also in the downstairs area, an almost complete set of novice alchemy apparatus (oddly, the calcinator is missing and is replaced by a second mortar & pestle) is located on the shelves, along with a valuable steel shield and a chest with a chance of some iron arrows, some silverware and gold. On the top floor, there's quite an impressive wine collection and a chance to find some of the really expensive vintages from Surilie and Tamika in the nearby cupboard. The locked chest in the northwestern corner contains a chance of up to three pieces of randomly chosen equipment.