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Proprietor Suurootan
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Novaroma is a general store located in Bruma. It is found on the second level of houses in the city, above Honmund's House and next to Nord Winds and the Jerall View Inn.

The proprietor, Suurootan, has 600 gold and a Mercantile skill of 36. When bartering, he will buy anything while only selling various miscellaneous items. His wares also include the unique pair of greaves, Monkeypants, which drain your Willpower while fortifying your Acrobatics and Athletics. Note that your Mercantile skill must be over 50, as without the Journeyman-level perk Suurootan won't sell armor.

Co-proprietor Karinnarre is also a trader but for some reason she's never available to sell any of her wares. The store also sells all the extra furnishings for your house in Bruma for a base cost of 1,100 gold per upgrade.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a counter and a large selection of miscellaneous items and paintings on display. Suurootan and Karinnarre both live downstairs, as is usual with Bruma houses and stores. Their private quarters consist of a single room used as dining room and bedroom.

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  • Although Karinnarre does not sell any goods, it is possible once you have reached Expert in Mercantile to invest in her "shop".