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Honmund's House
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Honmund's House

Honmund's House is located south of the Bruma Fighters Guild overlooking the Bruma East Gate. The Great Chapel of Talos is across the plaza to the south.

The house's bedroom, downstairs

The house is occupied by Honmund and his Nord-style "live-in" partner, Alga and is certainly one of the most expensive homes in Bruma. As is customary in Bruma homes, the living quarters are located downstairs while the dining area is upstairs. The house contains only one zone, Honmund's House.



Honmund's HouseEdit

The house's living room, downstairs
The house's dining room, upstairs

Immediately upon entering Honmund's house, the passion for exotic and rare ingredients is clearly reflected. On shelves lining the walls of the centrally located study, find two ironwood nuts, two frost salts, two fire salts, two tinder polypore caps, two mandrake roots, one steel-blue entoloma cap, one bonemeal, and one dreugh wax. The presence of a near complete novice alchemy apparatus set (missing only a calcinator) suggests that one of the pair is an alchemist. The several large boulders scattered around the house also show that their research topics go beyond simple ingredients. To the left is the couple's bedroom. A locked chest containing random loot sits at the foot of the bed. A cupboard in the room contains an assortment of garments. A second cupboard is found by the stairs to the right of the study.

Upstairs, the second floor landing and balcony overlook the study. To the right is a storage room containing two barrels, as well as two potions of warmth, a topaz, and a gold nugget. There is also a locked chest containing up to three pieces of leveled equipment. The dining area is to the left. The only food item is a watermelon atop the cupboard.