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Oblivion:Battlehorn Castle (place)

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Battlehorn Castle
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Added by Fighter's Stronghold
# of Zones 9
Knights of the True Horn
Important Treasure
Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark, Dragonsword of Lainlyn, Lord Kain's Shield, plus more
Console Location Code(s)
BattlehornCastleExterior01, BattlehornCastleBasement, BattlehornCastleEastWing, BattlehornCastleGatehouse, BattlehornCastleGreatHall, BattlehornCastleForgottenPassage, BattlehornCastleTowerN, BattlehornCastleMasterBedroom, BattlehornCastleTowerS
Colovian Highlands
West of Chorrol, at the end of the Black Road
Battlehorn Castle entrance

Battlehorn Castle is a large castle west of Chorrol that can be won by defeating the attacking marauders (download-specific).

It is located at the western end of the Black Road and becomes your property after the quest of the same name is completed. The castle is added by the Fighter's Stronghold official download. It is as large as any of the city castles, and contains, among other things, a main hall, dining room, the lord's private quarters plus various smaller bedrooms, a basement (but no dungeon), and battlements giving a picturesque view of the surrounding countryside. The un-upgraded castle is quite bare, although it does have a smithy where Niels the blacksmith can repair your equipment, along with one or two guards, assuming they survived the opening assault.

Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House can be found in the courtyard next to the smithy and is home to Niels and his wolfdog Hjalti.


Nilphas Omellian will sell you many upgrades for the castle.


The castle comes with two men-at-arms. This upgrade improves security by supplying two more plus a commander for them. You can ask them to follow you and act as your companions in battle. If an accident befalls Castellan Athon, another captain (simply called Battlehorn Castellan) can be hired by visiting Nilphas Omellian and purchasing the Battlehorn Captain upgrade.


The bedroom, before being upgraded
The bedroom, after being upgraded

The castle's master bedroom already has a bed but the upgrade adds a sumptuous double bed, a warm fire and all the creature comforts the lord of the castle should expect. The maid can provide you with any drink that the wine cellar has in stock, as well as cheese, grapes, strawberries, mutton, venison, Shepherd's Pie, and sweetrolls. She can also be asked to accompany you on your travels. The upgrade also adds three skill books: 2920, Morning Star (v1) (Blade) and Warrior (Block), which appear near the bed, and King (Blunt), which appears on a table on the balcony overlooking the Great Hall.

Dining AreaEdit

The dining area, before being upgraded
The dining area, after being upgraded
  • Note: Battlehorn Dining Area
  • Base Cost: 1500  
  • Description: Furnishings for the dining room in the East Wing of the castle.

The East Wing initially houses a set of three small tables set with cheap ceramics. For your 1500 gold you will receive a single high quality table and the finest silver cutlery and equipment. The room will be better lit and more warm and open for a true ruler.

Dwemer ForgeEdit

The forge, before being upgraded
The forge, after being upgraded
  • Note: Battlehorn Dwemer Forge
  • Base Cost: 1500  
  • Description: An upgraded forge that provides a 15-point ability bonus to the Armorer skill when near it; can only be purchased after at least one other castle upgrade has been purchased.

Although the castle has its own forge from the start, the Dwemer Forge upgrade provides the Dwemer Fireheart greater power, acting as a 15 point increase to your Armorer skill, for as long as you are standing nearby. Because it is implemented as an ability rather than an enchantment, it provides the skill-appropriate perks at ranks 25, 50, 75, and 100.

Kitchen AreaEdit

The kitchen, before being upgraded
The kitchen, after being upgraded

The Cook can provide you with any drink that the wine cellar has in stock, as well as cheese, grapes, strawberries, mutton, venison, Shepherd's Pie, and sweetrolls. It is upgraded with a dead deer on a table to be prepared into a fine meal and bread baking in the wood-burning stove.


Although your private room has a few books to start with, the library upgrade provides a wide variety of new books, including two skill books: Heavy Armor Repair (Armorer), and History of the Fighters Guild (Heavy Armor).

Training AreaEdit

The training area, before being upgraded
The training area, after being upgraded

Trophy RoomEdit

The taxidermy area, before being upgraded
The taxidermy area, after being upgraded

After purchasing the Trophy Hall upgrade, trophies can be created with the help of Melisi Daren. Each requires the appropriate creature's alchemical ingredient to create, and are completed at 10am each morning after which they will go on display in the Great Hall. The one exception is the bear, which she completes at 9am. She will only create one of each creature. Presumably for added realism, Melisi places a Nirnroot behind the stuffed wolf figurine.

Animal Ingredient
Bear Bear Pelt
Clannfear Clannfear Claws
Daedroth Daedroth Teeth
Minotaur Minotaur Horn
Mountain Lion Lion Pelt
Ogre Ogre's Teeth
Troll Troll Fat
Wolf Wolf Pelt

Wine CellarEdit

The wine cellar, before being upgraded
The wine cellar, after being upgraded

The wine cellar initially houses only a large vat containing 20 bottles of Mead. After purchasing the upgrade, it gains several other barrels: another large barrel containing 20 bottles of Cheap Wine and seven other barrels that will contain the special varieties of wine created by the vintner, Talan. These seven start empty. 24 hours after supplying Talan with the correct ingredients, one bottle of wine will be added to the relevant barrel. Although he only creates one bottle per barrel every 24 hours, he can actually create all seven varieties at once. When not making a special wine, Talan will gradually replenish the two large barrels, up to their 20 bottle capacity. One bottle of Shadowbanish Wine can also be found in the wine cellar.

Wine Name Object ID Ingredients Required Effects    
  Argonian Bloodwine xx00a6a8 Bergamot Seeds ×2
Foxglove Nectar ×2
White Seed Pod
Resist Poison 40% for 50s
Resist Disease 40% for 50s
Water Breathing for 50s
20 1
Colovian Battlecry xx00a6a5 Bog Beacon Asco
Cinnabar Polypore Red
Cinnabar Polypore Yellow
Shield 10% for 50s
Fortify Endurance 5pts for 50s
25 1
Frostdew Blanc xx00a6a2 Aloe Vera Leaves ×2
Green Stain Cup Cap ×2
Restore Health 1pt for 50s
Restore Fatigue 1pt for 50s
20 1
Julianos Firebelly xx00a6ab Sacred Lotus Seed
Lady's Smock Leaves ×2
Resist Frost 15% for 50s
Fortify Health 15pts for 50s
25 1
Numbskin Mead xx00a6a9 Dragon's Tongue
Lady's Smock Leaves ×2
Resist Fire 15% for 50s
Fortify Health 15pts for 50s
25 1
Sparkling Honeydew xx00a6ad Lavender Sprig ×2
Summer Bolete ×2
Fortify Personality 10pts for 50s
Fortify Speechcraft 10pts for 50s
30 1
Stumblefoot's Reserve xx00a6af Arrowroot
Flax Seeds ×2
Feather 25pts for 50s
Fortify Strength 10 pts for 50s
30 1


For maps of the castle, see Battlehorn Castle Maps.

Related QuestsEdit


Battlehorn Castellan
Battlehorn Man-At-Arms
Castellan Athon *
Hjalti (wolfdog)
Lord Kelvyn (dead)
Melisi Daren *
Plautis Rusonius *
Rona Benanius *
Shagrol gro-Uzug *
Talan *
Arielle Jurard (lich)
Lord Kain (skeleton)

* Only appears after being hired.
† Only for hire if Castellan Athon is dead.

Safe ContainersEdit

Not all of the containers in Battlehorn Castle are safe to store things in. The following are the containers in the castle that will not respawn:

  • All of the containers in the Private Quarters.
  • The two crates and chest in the Great Hall outside the entrance to the North Tower.
  • The rounded top chests in the Barracks and the large servants' room in the Basement.
  • The lectern in the Trophy Room.
  • All sacks, including the ones in the Gatehouse and Kitchen.
  • The covered pot and dead deer in the Kitchen.
  • The three barrels next to the wine racks in the Wine Cellar.
  • The chest in the secret Grotto.


  • The location of Battlehorn Castle before the download consists of barren grasslands. This is because, originally, this location would've been the site of "Spy Rock", an abandoned Imperial watch that would've played a role in an unfinished quest. The location was removed alongside the quest, leaving the space empty and barren, similar to the space outside of Fort Sutch.
  • The gatehouse has a usable portcullis.
  • There is an altar of Julianos in the Great Hall, to the right of the main door into the castle, which grants you Julianos' blessing when you activate it. Just like the altars in chapels, this will only work if you have visited a wayshrine of Julianos.
  • The castle has three 'hidden' doors. The easiest can be found by exploring the basement - a door at the back of the wine cellar leads to a hidden pillar door on the main floor near the entrance to the North Tower. The second is a hidden pillar door at the back of your private quarters, in the area with a round table and two benches. This door leads to a small 'storage vault' with two chests, two barrels, two crates, and a jewelry box. In the ceiling is a trapdoor that leads to the roof, where you will find a steel bow, arrows, and some mugs on a table with chairs, presumably for drinking and shooting from the roof of the castle. The journal on the shelf above the jewelry box leads you to the third secret door, behind the archery target in the weapons room in the basement. Use the unlit wall candelabra to the right to open the door. In the Grotto beyond the door, pass through another hidden pillar door to fight the skeleton and lich.
  • Once all upgrades have been purchased, a chest appears at the foot of the bed in your private quarters. It contains the leveled shield Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark.