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OB-icon-Shield.png Shield
School Alteration
Type Defensive
Effect ID SHLD
Base Cost 0.45
Barter Factor 100
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Custom Potions
Sigil Stones

Shield M% for D seconds

Shield adds directly to the physical Armor Rating of the subject and is cumulative with worn armor. For example, you end up with an armor rating of 25 if you are wearing no armor and cast a 25% Shield spell, which is equivalent to wearing a full set of Leather Armor; your total Armor Rating would be 50, or 50%, if you then put on a suit of Leather Armor in addition to the spell. Armor Rating is capped at 85% and cannot go higher.

The Shield effect has no negative impact on the caster's Spell Effectiveness.


The Active Effects menu will confirm that the total Shield effect is 100%. However, the resulting armor rating is still only 85%, so the extra 15% Shield is providing no benefit.

  • When Enchanting, an Elemental Shield effect is often preferable to a plain Shield.
    • For example, a 5% Fire Shield gives you 5% fire resistance and a +5 to your armor rating. A 5% Shield spell only gives you the AR boost.
    • When enchanting using an altar of enchanting, Shield and Elemental Shield strengths are very similar (Shield gives you at most 1 extra point).
    • When enchanting using Sigil Stones, Elemental Shield always gives you a stronger effect than regular Shield. For example, a transcendent Sigil Stone gives 20% Shield or 25% Elemental Shield.
  • For spellcasting, the difference between an Elemental Shield and a plain Shield effect can be more significant. The base cost for an Elemental Shield (0.95) is more than twice that of a plain Shield (0.45).

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