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Oblivion:Resist Poison

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OB-icon-Resist.png Resist Poison
School Restoration
Type Defensive
Effect ID RSPO
Base Cost 0.5
Barter Factor 15
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Resist Poison M% for D seconds

Increases the target's resistance to Poisons. The damage taken by a target with 50% Resist Poison will be halved. All poison damage is nullified at 100%.

In order to be effective, the Resist Poison effect must be active before poison damage is incurred. Therefore, if the resistance and damage effects are combined into a single spell or other delivery method, the target will take full poison damage.

It is possible, although unnecessary, to have a higher than 100% resistance to poison. This may be achieved through potions and enchanted items.


  • This effect is not normally available as a spell. However, you can gain access to it through special racial abilities, in which case custom spells and enchantments can be created. The races that provide access to Resist Poison are Argonian and Redguard.
  • This effect can also be acquired via the spell Resist Poison if the Spell Tomes official download is installed.
  • This effect also provides resistance to Gas Traps and Gas Room Traps.
  • This effect does not provide resistance to ingested poisons (raw ingredients or potions; this includes potions made from poisoned apples or chokeberries, which act as script effects rather than poisons).

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Alchemy IngredientsEdit

Combine any of the following alchemy ingredients to create a potion of Resist Poison: