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Console Location Code(s)
DrakeloweExterior, DrakeloweFarm, DrakeloweFarmBasement
Nibenay Basin
South of Cheydinhal

Drakelowe is a farm south of Cheydinhal (quest-related).

The farm is inhabited by Melisande, rumored to be one of the last witches of Glenmoril and to know the recipe for a cure to vampirism needed for the related quest. It consists of the farmhouse and a garden (including 14 blackberry bushes, 8 lettuce plants, 10 strawberry bushes, and 5 tobacco plants). A path leads south from the house across a bridge and down several flights of wooden steps to a small dock by the Reed River; a minor loot chest is in the water beneath the dock.

The interior of the farmhouse features a secret trap door in the southern fireplace; positioning your cursor near the front edge of the base of the fireplace will let you open it. Entering the basement is considered trespassing, so it is recommended to sneak in while Melisande is sleeping. In the basement you will find a large collection of bones, novice alchemy equipment, nine soul gems of various sizes (including a grand soul gem needed for the related quest), a large selection of potions and poisons (31 in all), and some generic clutter.

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  • Drakelowe is marked as a private area. Therefore, do not wait too long to begin the dialogue with Melisande, or she will enter combat mode and attack you. Trespassing does not affect the quest dialogues with her, however.