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Oblivion:Border Watch

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Border Watch
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North of Leyawiin, west of the Green Road near Water's Edge
Border Watch

Border Watch is a village with an inn north of Leyawiin (quest-related).

The village, built in the Leyawiin style, is occupied entirely by Khajiit who have a superstitious belief in the "K'Sharra Prophecy". You will be tasked with making the first two signs of the prophecy occur during the related quest.

The settlement consists of five houses (J'Riska's House, M'dasha's House, M'dirr's House, Ri'bassa's House, and Tsalajma's House), the Border Watch Inn (famed for its large collection of cheese, including the rare Olroy Cheese, and featuring an indoor Nirnroot plant), a garden (including 1 arrowroot plant, 1 blackberry bush, 2 carrot plants, 10 corn stalks, 2 leek plants, 1 potato plant, 2 radish plants, 2 strawberry bushes, 2 tobacco plants, 3 tomato plants, 1 watermelon vine, and 4 wheat stalks), and a sheep pen (with five sheep prior to the related quest).

The interiors of the houses are in complete disarray and feature the following items of note: a sack of flour in J'riska's house, a sample of arrowroot and a shepherd's pie in M'dasha's house, three sacks of flour, four samples of garlic, a ginkgo leaf, and an unlocked chest containing three bottles of skooma in M'dirr's house, and a sack of flour and four samples of monkshood root pulp in Tsalajma's house.

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  • The village's sheep will need to be killed during the related quest.
  • Several of the burning dogs that fall from the sky during the related quest may survive the ordeal, and will aimlessly wander the town afterwards.
  • Border Watch also appears in ESO.