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Oblivion:Unwanted Tenants

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Rid your new home of two unwanted guests (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Lord Jaren's Journal at Battlehorn Castle
Location(s): Battlehorn Castle
Prerequisite Quest: Battlehorn Castle
Reward: Dragonsword of Lainlyn, Lord Kain's Shield, 3 Varla Stones, leveled amount of gold
Lord Kain

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. Install the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in and complete the Battlehorn Castle quest.
  2. Find and read Lord Jaren's Journal.
  3. Discover the castle's secret grotto and kill the inhabitants to claim your prize.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Lord of the CastleEdit

This quest only becomes available once the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in is installed. See the instructions on that page for information.

A Message from the PastEdit

In the private quarters, there is an area at the end of the corridor that you can see when entering the room. It contains a central round table with two benches to the right. To the left is a recessed arch sitting atop of two half-pillars. The right one can be triggered, which opens a secret entrance to a small room behind the wall recess. The bookshelf at the opposite side of the room holds Lord Jaren's Journal. Looking up will reveal a hatch door onto the castle's rooftop.

Jaren was the father of Lord Kelvyn, the previous lord of the castle who was killed in the battle you helped to win. In the journal, Jaren reveals the terrible fate of his liege-lord at the hands of the necromancer Arielle Jurard and how he tricked the pair, sealing them inside the castle's grotto. He also lets slip that the entrance is to be found in the training room. It seems he had intended to tell his son about the castle's unwanted tenants but his untimely death (described in Lord Kelvyn's Will) meant he never found the time.

Low SpiritsEdit

In the castle's training room is an archery butt. Behind that is a candelabrum attached to the wall that, when pulled, will unlock the secret door to the grotto. Follow the winding path to another blank wall with a movable pillar then through this to the grotto itself. Inside, you will find the skeleton Lord Kain and the nether Lich Arielle Jurard. Kain holds the Dragonsword of Lainlyn and Lord Kain's Shield while Jurard owns a key that unlocks a leveled chest hidden underwater against the southwest wall of the main chamber. The Lich also carries a random staff. Three Varla Stones can be found in the upper tier of this room.


  • The second knight who helped imprison Lord Kain is also encountered, after a fashion, in the quest Tears of the Savior.
  • The Lich Arielle Jurard shares her name with a female battlemage you meet during the Anvil Recommendation quest.
  • It is possible to access the hidden room in your bedchamber by climbing through a hatch found outside on the roof. This saves you from having to find the hidden switch in your bedroom. However, a high Acrobatics may be needed for you to get to the hatch. It is also able to be reached using the paint brush glitch.