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Oblivion:Clannfear Claws

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Clannfear Claws
Clannfear Claws
Value 50 Weight 2.0
Alchemy Effects
1st Cure Disease Cure Disease
2nd Resist Disease Resist Disease
3rd Paralyze Paralyze
4th Damage Health Damage Health
# Samples 1
Creature Clannfear

The ingredient Clannfear Claws is primarily collected from dead Clannfears. Claws can only be collected from full-grown Clannfears, not from Clannfear Runts.



1 guaranteed sample can be found in the following location (magenta cross on map):

It can also be found randomly in the inventories of alchemy vendors (starting at level 13) and in some Conjurer and Oblivion loot chests (starting at level 7).


Clannfears are most commonly encountered in the Planes of Oblivion, where they will be spawned by standard Daedra leveled lists from levels 13 to 21, and by boss-level Daedra lists from levels 11 to 19.

Obtaining Clannfear Claws before level 11 is difficult. The only place where an adult Clannfear can be encountered at any level is during the Great Gate quest, where there is a single guaranteed adult Clannfear, independent of your character's level. During the Paradise quest, Clannfears can be randomly generated starting at level 8.

In Cyrodiil, Daedra leveled lists that can randomly spawn Clannfears (level 13-21) are found in Conjurer-inhabited ruins (circles on map). Clannfears can appear outside Oblivion Gates at levels 16-24 (squares on map). The best locations to check are:

  • Fort Teleman (purple circle) is the only place in Tamriel with a boss-level Daedric list, where one Clannfear is guaranteed to appear at level 11. 2 more are likely at levels 13-21 (based on probabilities for each creature to appear and be Clannfear).
  • Arkved's Tower (green circle) is the only other place where Clannfears are guaranteed to appear. 3 Clannfears will always appear in Arkved's Lost Halls at levels 13 and higher; 7 more are likely at levels 13-21.
Locations of Clannfears and Clannfear Claws