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Shivering:Main Quest

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The following are the quests that make up the main quest of Shivering Isles. There are many additional side quests, as listed on the Quests article.

Ten achievements (250 points) can be unlocked during the questline.

  1. A Door in Niben Bay: Cross the threshold of Madness. (SI-qico-ADoorInNibenBay.png 20 pts)
  2. Through the Fringe of Madness: Get past the Gates of Madness. (SI-qico-ThroughTheFringeOfMadness.png 20 pts)
  3. A Better Mousetrap: Activate the Resonator of Judgment.
  4. Baiting the Trap: Decide the fate of some greedy new adventurers in the Isles. (SI-qico-BetterMousetrap.png 20 pts)
  5. Understanding Madness: Meet the Duke of Mania and the Duchess of Dementia and join their courts. (SI-qico-LadyOfParanoia.png 20 pts)
  6. The Cold Flame of Agnon: Choose sides in the battle at Cylarne to relight the hope of New Sheoth. (SI-qico-ColdFlameOfAgnon.png 20 pts)
  7. Ritual of Accession: Become a Duke/Duchess in the Court of Madness.
    You choose one (and only one) of these two quests to complete the Ritual of Accession:
  8. Retaking The Fringe: Defend The Fringe and stop the attackers.
  9. Rebuilding the Gatekeeper: Find all of the parts of the Gatekeeper and rebuild it. (SI-qico-RebuildingTheGatekeeper.png 20 pts)
  10. The Helpless Army: Save the Mazken/Aureal from the Knights of Order. (SI-qico-TheHelplessArmy.png 20 pts)
  11. Symbols of Office: Procure the two items needed to craft the Staff of Sheogorath.
  12. The Roots of Madness: Cleanse the Pools of Madness.
  13. The End of Order: Fight the last battle against the forces of order and Jyggalag. (SI-qico-TheEndOfOrder.png 50 pts)
  14. The Prince of Madness: End the Greymarch; get your rewards.