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Skyrim:Cliffside Retreat

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Cliffside Retreat
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 8
Important Treasure
The Marksmanship Lesson
Console Location Code(s)
The Reach
South of Dragon Bridge
Northeast of Liar's Retreat
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
Cliffside Retreat

Cliffside Retreat is a small shack south of Dragon Bridge.

The shack is inhabited by a lone bear hunter, who spends all day sitting on the wooden ledge overlooking Chillwind Depths and does not sleep. The shack has a bed that is free to use.



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The small open shack contains an unowned bed with a set of shelves beside it. All the items in and around the shack and on the wooden platform are marked as owned, and taking them is considered stealing. The shelves hold a copy of the Archery skill book The Marksmanship Lesson, three red apples, two carrots, and a cabbage. Leaning against the foot of the bed are a leveled bow and a quiver of steel arrows. The south wall of the hut is open with a deck attached. On the deck is a table with two cave bear pelts, a bear pelt, and a steel dagger on it. Underneath the table are two bear traps, and by the corner of the shack is a respawning barrel of foodstuffs.

Behind the shack, to the north, is a tanning rack, while against the outside northeast wall is an open crate containing two more bear pelts and a cave bear pelt, with a set bear trap to the right. There is an unlit campfire a few paces east of the shack, near the wooden platform, where the hunter sits. Beside him is an open-topped wooden box containing three red apples. There are several lavender bushes around the site as well.


  • The only container in the area is the barrel, which respawns and is therefore not safe to store items in.