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Skyrim:The Reach

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The Reach
(lore page)
Capital Markarth (map)
Jarl's Residence Understone Keep
Military Fort Fort Sungard
Initial Affiliation Imperial
Imperial Government
Jarl Igmund
Steward Raerek
Housecarl Faleen
Stormcloaks Government
Jarl Thongvor Silver-Blood
Steward Reburrus Quintilius
Housecarl Yngvar the Singer
Part of the Reach

The Reach is a hold in western Skyrim, with Markarth as its capital. It is initially affiliated with the Imperial Legion, but can be captured by the Stormcloaks after completing Compelling Tribute and The Battle for Fort Sungard. It can also change sides as part of negotiations during Season Unending.

The terrain is very mountainous, containing the Druadach Mountains. The far eastern edge of the hold from Broken Tower Redoubt in the north to Fort Sungard in the south is more hilly. The mighty Karth River and several smaller tributaries originate here.

The Reach is home to the native Forsworn, who will attack any outsiders on sight.

Map of the Reach
Markarth, the hold capital

Flora and FaunaEdit

The most characteristic flora are the juniper berry bushes which are native to the Reach. Hanging moss, more common to caves, also seems to thrive there. Mora tapinella and sparse populations of mountain flowers are to be found throughout the hold but in the northeast the flowers can be quite common.


All locations in the Reach with individual map markers are listed. There are a few places without map markers listed for their significance.

Hold CapitalEdit

Farms, Towns, and Settlements including Orc Strongholds and InnsEdit

Camps, including Giant Camps and Military CampsEdit


Dragon LairsEdit


Ruins including Dwarven and NordicEdit

Only technically located in the Reach.

Standing Stones and Daedric ShrinesEdit

Towers and FortsEdit

Landmarks, including Bodies of Water, Clearings, Ships and ShipwrecksEdit

Unmarked PlacesEdit

The Reach QuestsEdit

Quests that are started in or related to the Reach (except for radiant quests begun in other holds) are listed here:

Main QuestEdit

Imperial Legion Civil War QuestsEdit

Stormcloaks Civil War QuestsEdit

Daedric QuestsEdit

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

Side QuestsEdit

Dawnguard QuestsEdit

Creation Club QuestsEdit


In addition, many miscellaneous quests are located in the Reach. They are listed here.