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Skyrim:Saints & Seducers

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Saints & Seducers
Released November 20, 2019
Size 1.01 GB
Filename ccbgssse025-advdsgs.esm
PC Free on Special Edition
Available from Creation Club for 1500 CC Credits (formerly)
Other Also available on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch
Patch Special Edition Version
Saints & Seducers

Saints & Seducers is a Creation for Skyrim Special Edition. It revolves around the machinations of a manic mage, who has weakened the barriers between the Shivering Isles and Tamriel, allowing madness to seep through. This Creation adds new summons, enemies, alchemy ingredients, a dungeon, recruitable pets, two artifacts, four craftable armor and weapon sets, a quest and several side quests, all themed around the Shivering Isles.

The Creation was given to everyone for free on all platforms with the release of the Anniversary Edition on November 11, 2021. Purchasing this Creation also originally granted you Rare Curios, which is now also available for free.

Official SummaryEdit

Creation Club
This creation contains multiple quests, a new dungeon, two artifacts, several new sets of weapons and armor, recruitable pets, alchemy ingredients, summoning spells, and more all from the realm of the Mad God Sheogorath! Includes bonus Creation "Rare Curios". Additional art support by Elianora. Additional design by Kris Takahashi. (Quest "Balance of Power" starts by talking to the traveling Khajiit Merchant Ri'saad.)
Sneak Peek - November 2019
Madness starts with a seed, and from there it creeps across the land – from a bandit's tent to a blacksmith's anvil. Yet no one knows the root of this madness, or where madness has taken root. This is our most massive Creation to date, with new summons, enemies, alchemy ingredients, a dungeon, recruitable pets, and several craftable armor and weapon sets from the Shivering Isles!
This Creation starts with a quest to track down a troubling new development in Skyrim and contains several side quests to be discovered.
Sneak Peek - August 2019
Track down a mad conjurer seeking the Shivering Isles, including a new dungeon afflicted by his attempts. This has largest amount of content we have included in a single creation: four sets of armor and weapons, two artifacts, new enemies and more!


This section only lists new content added by Saints & Seducers. For Rare Curios items, see this page.

Quest InformationEdit

Miscellaneous Quests


Armor and Weapon Sets
Unique Armor
Unique Clothing
Soul Gems
Miscellaneous Items


Spell Tomes











  • This Creation includes the track "Wind from the Depths" from the Oblivion soundtrack; it will play while exploring Solitude Sewers.
  • The cover art uses the art from the Saint card back from Legends.
  • As a gift to modders, the root tunnel dungeon kit used in this Creation was built into the Special Edition base game and is fully available as a modder's resource.
  • Although this Creation includes Rare Curios, it is designed to run without it. If the user disables Rare Curios by deleting the Rare Curios .esl file, Saints & Seducers will operate normally, but will not include Rare Curios content such as ingredient drops from Corrupted Spriggans and Elytra Nymphs.
  • The Soul Tomato does not become filled when activating a fissure within the Soul Cairn. Neither does the Flawed Varla Stone.

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