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Skyrim:Saints Bandit Leader

Skyrim: People
Saints Bandit Leader
(RefID: xx0008BC)
Added by Saints & Seducers
Race Radiant Gender Radiant
Level PC×0.5 (range=1-25) Class Bandit
RefID xx0008BC BaseID xx0009CC
Other Information
Class Details EncClassBanditMelee
Faction(s) Saints and Seducers Bandits
Saints Bandit Leader

The Saints Bandit Leader is a unique Saints Bandit. The leader’s race and gender are radiant, similar to other radiant bandit bosses like Krev the Skinner. Despite his/her name, he/she merely leads one of the groups on behalf of the true gang leader of the saints bandits, Kinthal. He/she has a note that starts a miscellaneous quest to unlock Golden and Dark smithing.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Balance of PowerCC: Put a stop to two bandit gangs wielding strange otherworldly equipment.
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