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Skyrim:Hevnoraak (creature)

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Hevnoraak (RefID: 0004CF61)
(lore page)
Location Valthume
Species Dragon Priest Soul
Level 50 Type Undead
RefID 0004CF61 BaseID 0004D6E7
Other Information
Health 1490 Magicka 545
Stamina 0
Primary Skills Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Sneak
Perks Atromancy; Augmented Shock (rank 2); Mage Armor (rank 2); Magic Resistance (rank 1); Recovery (rank 2); Regeneration; Respite; Stability; Ward Absorb
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Dragon Priest Faction; dunValthumeBossFaction

Hevnoraak is one of eight named dragon priests found in Skyrim. He is found in Valthume, and is the subject of the quest Evil in Waiting. His eponymous mask can only be obtained when he is dead. This mask grants immunity to all types of poisons and diseases, except for those which ignore poison and disease resistance. He carries a unique staff that creates a wall of lightning.

Hevnoraak knows the following spells: Chain Lightning, Command Daedra, Conjure Storm Atronach, Greater Ward, Ebonyflesh, Lightning Cloak, and Thunderbolt.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Hevno means "brutal" in the dragon language.
  • Although he can cast both Chain Lightning and Thunderbolt, he may only rely on his unique staff for ranged attacks.


  • Hevnoraak has a faulty hitbox when coming out of his coffin: arrows and ranged magic that is targeted at his lower half often phases through as if his legs didn't exist, but ranged attacks at his torso and head still land hits as expected. However, the reverse might also be possible: ranged attacks might go through his torso but hit his legs. Area-of-effect magic (like Fireball and various Shouts) and melee attacks don't seem to be affected by this bug. ?