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Skyrim:Sundered Towers

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Nordic Tower:
Sundered Towers
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Clearable No (see Notes)
Respawn Time 10 days
Forsworn, Hagravens
Console Location Code(s)
The Reach
Southeast of Karthwasten
Northeast of Red Eagle Redoubt
Sundered Towers

Sundered Towers is a small pair of linked ruined Nordic towers southeast of Karthwasten containing Forsworn and hagravens.

Related QuestsEdit


The towers are at the top of a series of stone staircases and winding paths interspersed with landings occupied by the Forsworn camped at Red Eagle Redoubt. The entrance to the towers is a level-locked iron door which can be unlocked with the Red Eagle Tower key carried by the Forsworn Briarheart of the redoubt. Inside is a copy of The Legend of Red Eagle and a random pair of gauntlets on a sideboard opposite. A flight of stairs to the right ascends to a doorway outside to a wooden ramp up to the next level, where a raised wooden bridge is on the right and a doorway is to the left. Just inside on the right is a chain that lowers the bridge. At the back of the room behind a flight of wooden stairs is an urn, while the stairs lead up to another level with more stairs up to the highest level; both of these levels are empty.

Once you have lowered the wooden bridge, you may cross to a second tower to the east. On the far side is a doorway ahead and a wooden ramp down to the left. Through the door, the room contains a novice-locked chest and a flight of wooden stairs leading up, with another flight above these leading to the top; again, these levels are both empty. Descending via the ramp brings you to a doorway with a broken sideboard opposite holding a random potion of magicka and a random empty soul gem. There are also stairs leading down on the right as you enter. At the bottom is a pile of rubble with a random potion among it, with an iron door opposite secured by a bar on this side preventing entrance from the other side.


  • This location cannot be independently cleared. It will only show up as such when the boss-level creatures in Red Eagle Redoubt have been killed, as the game considers these zones one unit for the purpose of calculating clears.
    • Sundered Towers itself will never add to your count of cleared locations, and therefore does not contribute to the Delver achievement.


  • The key might not be on the corpse of the Briarheart.