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Skyrim:East Empire Company Warehouse

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East Empire Company Warehouse
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Snorreid, East Empire Wardens
Important Treasure
East Empire Shipping Map
The Buying Game
Heavy Armor Forging
Console Location Code(s)
EastEmpireWarehouseStart, EastEmpireWarehouseExterior
Docks outside Solitude
Special Features
Shadowmark Danger Danger
East Empire Company Warehouse

The East Empire Company Warehouse is a warehouse on the Solitude docks immediately southeast of the city.

Warehouse interior

The building is the headquarters and main warehouse for the East Empire Company in Skyrim. Normally, the entrance is locked with a leveled lock, and you will be considered to be trespassing if you enter. There is usually a Solitude guard patrolling just outside the entrance, while the interior of the warehouse is occupied by Dockworkers, the Dockmaster, and Snorreid, as well as a complement of three patrolling Solitude guards. When the quest Scoundrel's Folly is started, the Solitude guards, Dockworkers, and Dockmaster are replaced by wardens, who are hostile to all trespassers.

Inside the warehouse is an entrance to Brinewater Grotto, which has a second (exterior) entrance near the Solitude Lighthouse. There is a large amount of food, clothing, potions, weapons, and armor in the warehouse, as listed below.


East Empire Wardens *

* They replace the Dockmaster, Dockworkers, and three Solitude guards during the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit



The area outside has a small structure on your left containing empty wine bottles, cheese, a knife weapon, and a copy of Beggar Prince. You'll find an unlocked chest and a barrel underwater. On the other side of the dock, three harvestable salmon, a bucket, a fishing rod, and a bottle of Nord Mead on a barrel await you. Jolf can be found sitting near a ferry on your left.

East Empire Company WarehouseEdit

East Empire Company Sign

The entrance leads into a shack-like structure, with a table on your right holding a piece of charcoal. The inside of the warehouse consists of indoor docks, with berths on both sides of the building and the waterway between them. There is a path along the waterside leading past stacks of crates bearing the East Empire Company crest, and another shack containing nothing but an empty table. There are shelves throughout the zone filled with all manner of items, including crates, bales of straw, sawn logs, furniture, food barrels, and many other items. The shelves form passages between them. Near the start of the shelves, you can climb a ramp to the top of a shelf with an entire rib cage of a mammoth ahead. You can then climb a split log to the left and jump across to another shelf opposite, where there are several crates and an end table holding a copy of Speech skill book The Buying Game. There is a large urn ahead across another gap, and above the urn on a shelf is a novice-locked chest.

Continuing through the passage between the shelves on the lower level, after you pass a pile of carriage wheels, ahead and to the right is a flight of wooden stairs leading down into the water. Around the corner, near several unusable anvils and a selection of ingots, is a copy of the Smithing skill book Heavy Armor Forging. Just past this area is a master-locked gate, but there is nothing in the area behind it. To the right of the gate is a flight of stairs leading up, with a novice-locked chest on the ground behind it. At the top there are more stairs leading up, and at the very top you will find Snorreid either sleeping on one of three bed rolls or sitting at a table eating. There are more shelves here holding many food barrels, dressers of random clothes, and an apprentice-locked chest. Returning to the lower level, there is a warden guarding the first docked boat, which has an apprentice-locked chest on board. There is a rowboat on top of one of the shelves, and an adept-locked chest on the ground beneath it. Just after this is a boat that has been raised out of the water for repairs, with stairs up on this side; six bowls of troll fat appear to be being used to waterproof the boat and deck. Another warden patrols around this boat, with a fourth on the far side who is often within earshot. Beyond the boat under repair are more shelves, with wide stairs leading up at the end of the shelves. Just beyond the stairs up are stairs leading down into the water. Beyond these stairs are more shelves, with a tall ladder leaning against them. You are able to climb the ladder to the third shelf, where there is a novice-locked chest. Next to these shelves is another flight of stairs down into the water, and more shelves continue to the end by the large sea doors. At the very end is a table with the business ledger on top.

Returning to the stairs leading up, at the top are more shelves, with two life-sized statues to Dibella on the top shelf that you cannot interact with. Past these statues, the path climbs steeply to the Dockmaster's cabin, which has double wooden doors that are kept unlocked. The cabin is in a poor state of repair, with large holes in the walls and roof. Inside is a long wooden table against the southwestern wall with the East Empire Shipping Map, a random dagger, nineteen loose septims, a small coin purse, a silver ring, a silver amethyst ring, a gold, and a leveled ring. The map can be sold to Delvin Mallory as part of the quest The Litany of Larceny. A dresser to the left of the table holds a selection of clothes, and has a wolf pelt on top. There is an unowned single bed opposite the entrance, with a medium coin purse on the floor by its foot, and a pheasant breast on the floor beside it. A small round table to the right of the bed holds a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine, and a loaf of bread. There are two bunches of dried frost mirriam and a bunch of dried elves ear hanging from the rafters, and against the northeastern wall is a cupboard and a set of shelves that hold five bottles of alto wine, four bottles of wine, a gourd, a garlic braid, and twelve common books. To the right of the shelves is a bucket containing another gourd.

Back at the bottom, descend the stairs into the water near the ones you've just climbed, then turn north at the wall to climb a short wooden ramp. This is a dead end until you arrive here during the related quest, at which time you may pass between the shelves to reach a concealed entrance to the main section of Brinewater Grotto.

These are all the items found either on or under the large multi-leveled shelves throughout the warehouse:

† There is an additional pair that is out of bounds and cannot be collected or dragged without being knocked into bounds, which can be done by standing in that corner and activating The Ritual Stone power.
‡ These are in addition to those being used to repair the ship.


  • There is a   Danger shadowmark to the right of the entrance door. This is due to the quest Scoundrel's Folly, when the workers are replaced by hostile wardens.
  • The Warehouse's items respawn, and will prove useful to anyone in need of minor potions, troll fat, giant's toes, food and drink, iron weaponry, and general clutter.
  • This is the only location in the game where you can find a fixed set of loose noble clothes.
  • Under the water is a single unlocked chest containing only minor loot. It is just to the south of the berthed boat.


  • There are two pairs of boots you cannot interact with unless you knock them back into bounds. This can be done by standing in that corner and using The Ritual Stone power and possibly by casting certain spells such as fireball at that corner.
  • The guard who patrols the dock outside the Warehouse may be found swimming in the water, making it impossible to speak to him. ?