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Skyrim:Pacify (effect)

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This article is about the effect. For the spell, see Pacify (spell).

SR-icon-spell-Illusion Light.png Pacify
School Illusion
Type Offensive
ID 0004dee7
Base Cost 3.9
Items Weapons
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Halldir's Staff
Staff of Tandil

Enchanting description: Creatures and people up to level <mag> won't fight for <dur> seconds.

Pacify reduces the Aggression of the target, causing them to stop fighting. It is one of a group of related spell effects, including Calm and Harmony, all of which reduce Aggression.

Normally Pacify has no effect on non-living creatures, namely Undead, Daedra, and Automatons. However, the Master of the Mind perk causes it to also affect non-living creatures.


The following items use this effect, but they cannot be disenchanted.


The following spells use this group of effects. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

  • Calm: Calm (0004dee7; InfluenceAggDownFFAimed)
    • With the Master of the Mind perk, instead uses: Charm - Master of the Mind (0009e0bb; PerkMasterMindAggDownFFAimed)
  • Pacify: Pacify (0004dedf; InfluenceAggDownFFAimedArea)
    • With the Master of the Mind perk, instead uses: Charm - Master of the Mind (0009e0bc; PerkMasterMindAggDownFFAimedArea)
  • Harmony: Harmony (0007e8dc; InfluenceAggDownFFSelfArea250)
  • The greater power Vampire's Seduction, which is only available to vampires.


  • In several instances, this effect is also labeled "Charm", even though in past games Charm was a different effect from Calm (increasing the target's Disposition).
  • Attacking a Calmed creature or NPC will immediately dispel the Calm effect on that target. Other targets are unaffected, though, so you can Calm a group of enemies and then engage them one at a time.
  • The master-level Harmony spell also causes NPCs to "forget" if they have been pickpocketed recently, giving you another chance. This only works with Harmony.
  • It is possible to sleep with enemies nearby (even in the same bed) if all nearby enemies are under the Calm effect. However, due to the passage of time, enemies will become hostile again upon waking.
  • Calm spells are very effective with a stealth playstyle, allowing you to calm groups of enemies and giving you time to get behind them for an effective backstab.

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