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Magic is of secondary importance in Skyrim. The same magical effects are shared by spells, alchemy, enchanted items, as well as less obviously magical features such as racial abilities and food. For information on the history of magic, see the lore article.

Magic Overview — General information about using magic in the game
Magical Effects — Descriptions of effects available from spells, potions and scrolls
Spells — Spells available in the game
Blessings — Blessings obtained by using altars
Dragon Shouts — Using the tongue of dragons
Powers — Greater and lesser powers
Enchanting — Make your own artifacts, imbued with magical power
Enchanting Effects — Effects you can place on gear, after disenchanting and unlocking them
Magic Items — General information about the magic items available
Generic Magic Apparel — Randomly appearing magic apparel (armor, clothing, and jewelry)
Generic Magic Weapons — Randomly appearing magic weapons
Artifacts — Powerful, unique magic items obtainable through quests for otherworldly powers
Scrolls — Magical scrolls which are used to cast spells
Spider Scrolls — A list of the Spider Scrolls added
Alchemy — The science of creating potions and poisons
Potions — List of the available standard potions
Alchemy Effects — List of specific alchemical effects and those ingredients which have them
Ingredients — List of the various ingredients used in alchemy
Food — List of the available types of food
College of Winterhold — Join the College of Winterhold
Standing Stones — Magical stones which grant special abilities or powers