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Pumpkin (RefID: 000B1190)
Location Southfringe Sanctum
Species Fox Soul
Level 2 Type Animals
RefID 000B1190 BaseID 000B11A7
Other Information
Health 22 Magicka 0
Stamina 25
Primary Skills Sneak
Faction(s) NecromancerFaction
Pumpkin in his cage

Pumpkin is the pet fox of the spellswords living in Southfringe Sanctum. He resides in a cage near a small camp site. In his cage is a dead chicken and some bloody bones. Just outside his cage are two pieces of chicken in a bowl. He is not initially aggressive, but as he is allied with the spellswords in the cave, he will try to protect them from attackers if he is let out of the cage.


  • You may use Animal Allegiance or Command Animal on Pumpkin and his hostility will be removed forever.
  • Pumpkin has an AI package to follow you within Southfringe Sanctum.
  • Pumpkin is just a regular fox bar the fact he is part of NecromancerFaction (unlike other foxes).
  • Pumpkin shares his name with another animal in Oblivion. This animal is also the pet of a hostile faction.