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Skyrim:Ring of Masser

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Unique Item: Ring of Masser (FExxx823)
Type Ring
Added by Alternative Armors - Daedric Mail
Editor ID ccBGSSSE051_Ring
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 5211
Illusion spells cost 30% less to cast. Increases your Stamina by 20 points. Sneaking is 20% better.
Ring of Masser

The Ring of Masser is a ring found on the body of Gunther Frost-Foot. It can be exchanged with Ma'dran for a set of Daedric mail armor, or kept for personal use. It is a Khajiiti artifact.[1] In appearance it is a generic silver ruby ring. The Ring of Masser cannot be disenchanted.

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  1. ^ Player's description of Ring during Missing Merchant quest in Skyrim