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Skyrim:Torbjorn Shatter-Shield

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Torbjorn Shatter-Shield
(RefID: 0001B12B)
Home City Windhelm
House House of Clan Shatter-Shield
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 4 Class Warrior
RefID 0001B12B BaseID 0001413F
Training Trainer (Expert)Two-handed (Expert)
Other Information
Health 85 Magicka 50
Stamina 60
Primary Skills Two-handed
Class Details TrainerTwoHandedExpert
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleDrunk
Faction(s) CrimeFactionEastmarch; Favor110QuestGiverFaction; FavorJobsDrunksFaction; Skill Trainer; TownWindhelmFaction; Two-Handed Trainer; WindhelmCandlehearthPatrons; WindhelmMarketBrowsers; WindhelmShatterShieldFaction; WindhelmShatterShieldOfficeFaction
Torbjorn Shatter-Shield

Torbjorn Shatter-Shield is a Nord warrior living in Windhelm with his family, the Shatter-Shield clan. He is the owner of the Clan Shatter-Shield Office, which is involved in local trade affairs. He lives at the House of Clan Shatter-Shield, with the rest of his family. He's married to Tova, the mother of his twin daughters, Nilsine and Friga, with the latter having been recently murdered by a serial killer. Torbjorn is an expert level Two-handed trainer. He is a frequent patron to Candlehearth Hall.

Torbjorn will begin his day at 9am by having breakfast. After spending two hours on his morning meal, he will leave his house at 11:10am to browse the Windhelm Market. He will dedicate the next five hours of his time to browsing the market, finally leaving it to visit Candlehearth Hall at 4pm. Torbjorn will wander around Candlehearth Hall for the first four hours of his visit, before settling down near the bar at 8pm for the rest of the day. He will finally return home around midnight to sleep. Torbjorn will awaken at 9am the next day to repeat his schedule.

Torbjorn wears a set of fine clothes and a pair of fine boots. He carries an iron dagger to defend himself. Besides that, he also carries a key to his home, as well as a selection of upper-class items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit

Radiant QuestsEdit


Approaching Torbjorn will have him greet you in a number of ways:

"Poor Nilsine has been wrecked since her sister was killed."
"Seeing a good tavern brawl might be just the thing to lift my spirits."
"Don't take anything for granted in life. Nothing lasts forever."
"I'd appreciate if you don't bother my wife, Tova. She's still in mourning."
"Both my daughters. Now my wife? How much is one man supposed to take?" (Should his surviving daughter and wife die as well)

He will also make mention of the unused NPC, Brond:

"Brond's one of the most savage fighters I've ever seen..."

His goodbyes:

"Please forgive my mood. I'm still coming to terms with my daughter's death."
"Please forgive my mood. I'm still coming to terms with the death of my wife and daughters..." (Should his surviving daughter and wife die as well)

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Rare GiftsEdit

If you don't have any other version of Rare Gifts active, Torbjorn will greet you by saying: "I'd appreciate if you don't bother my wife, Tova. She's still in mourning." Asking about her being in mourning will have him ask you to acquire an Amulet of Arkay to bring her comfort over her daughter's death:

Your wife is in mourning?
"Our little girl died recently. I've been shouldering my days with strong mead, but nothing gives my Tova peace. I've been looking for an Amulet of Arkay to remind my wife that our child is with the gods now, but I can't find one."
That's too bad.
If I find one, I'll bring it to you.
"Thank you."

If you return with one:

Here's an amulet of Arkay.
"I hope Arkay grants my wife some comfort. Thank you. Here. I always pay my debts."

A Few Words with YouEdit

Asking Torbjorn to pay the Argonians a fair wage will have him refuse without hesitation:

You need to pay the Argonians a fair wage.
"Those boots aren't worth the septims I do pay them. I'm not giving them coin I could give to good, Nord workers."

If you have previously given him a drink, or have completed his favor quest by bringing him an Amulet of Arkay, he will instead agree to your request without the need for further convincing:

"Well, my friend, if you think those boots needs more coin, I'll make it happen. But I'm doing this for you, not them."

Otherwise, you may choose between three options to change his mind. If you want to persuade him, you will need a Speech skill level of at least 25.

Option Dialogue Reaction
They'll work harder if you pay them more. (Persuade) Passed: "Bold words, but true. Fine, you win. I'll pay the Argonians more coin."
Failed: "They don't work now. Why should I waste more money?"
Passed: Return to Marshes
Failed: Nothing
What if I invest in their future? (Bribe) Passed: "Paying the wages yourself? Well, I won't say no to gold. By my family's honor, this money will go to the Argonian workers."
Failed: "What future?"
Passed: Return to Marshes
Failed: Nothing
Pay them, or things will get ugly. (Intimidate) Passed: "Easy. Maybe I was being too harsh on them. By the honor of Clan Shatter-Shield, they will be paid fairly. You have my word."
Brawl: (Start a brawl)
  • Victory: "Damn boot-lover."
    • You pay those Argonians fairly, or else.
    • "I yield. By the honor of Clan Shatter-Shield, the Argonians will be paid as much as any other worker."
  • Failure: (Nothing)
Passed: Return to Marshes
Failed: Brawl
Fine. Forget I asked. "That's what I thought." Nothing


Torbjorn threatening Niranye
Torbjorn thanking Hillevi

Torbjorn can be seen holding conversations with a couple of the merchants at the Windhelm Market. If he chooses to talk to Niranye, he will subtly threaten her of the dangers of her Thieves Guild connections while the guards are searching for a killer:

Torbjorn: "I've been meaning to speak to you, Niranye. Rumor is, you've got ties to the Thieves' Guild."
Niranye: "One should never pay too much attention to rumors, Torbjorn. You have piqued my curiosity, however. Please, do continue."
Torbjorn: "It's a bad time to be a criminal, what with these murders going on. In fact, thieves have been known to kill, if there's a profit in it. This war's been hard on all of us."
Niranye: "Not that I'd know anything about it, of course, but it seems to me that the last thing a thieves' guild would want is to draw attention to itself."
Torbjorn: "The eyes of the law are everywhere these days. The guards are looking for a killer, but who knows what else they might turn up? Good day."

Torbjorn will also on occasion talk with Hillevi Cruel-Sea to thank her for helping his family in their time of need, while also reminiscing on his lost daughter Friga:

Torbjorn: "I wanted to thank you again for the mince pie you sent over. It was delicious."
Hillevi: "It was my pleasure, Torbjorn. I enjoy cooking, and after what you and Tova have been through, it was the least I could do."
Torbjorn: "My little Friga loved to cook, but she was terrible at it. Then one day, out of nowhere, she made the most amazing leek soup. She watched while we ate it, and when she saw how much we loved it, she was... so proud..."
Hillevi: "I... I'm so sorry, Torbjorn. You must be suffering terribly. I wish there was some way I could help."
Torbjorn: "You've done more than enough already. You've been a good friend in a time of need, and we won't forget that. I'm sorry I lost myself for a moment there. I just need some time to get over the loss."


  • As shown by the Creation Kit, Torbjorn was meant to refer you to his employee, Suvaris Atheron, but the line didn't make it into the final game:
"You want to talk about shipping matters, speak with Suvaris Atheron."