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Suvaris Atheron
(RefID: 0001B126)
Home City Windhelm
House Atheron Residence
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 4 Class Citizen
RefID 0001B126 BaseID 00014122
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 60
Stamina 60
Primary Skills Destruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleDarkElf
Faction(s) CrimeFactionEastmarch; TownWindhelmFaction; WindhelmAtheronFamilyFaction; WindhelmCornerclubPatrons; WindhelmShatterShieldOfficeFaction
Suvaris Atheron
Suvaris being harassed by Angrenor and Rolff

Suvaris Atheron is a Dark Elf citizen who resides in Windhelm, in the segregated Gray Quarter. She has two brothers, Faryl and Aval, with whom she shares the quarters of the eponymous Atheron Residence. Suvaris works for Torbjorn Shatter-Shield at the Clan Shatter-Shield Office, the main competitor of the East Empire Company in Windhelm.

When first visiting Windhelm, you will witness Rolff Stone-Fist and Angrenor Once-Honored harassing Suvaris, as well as accusing her of being a spy for the Imperial Legion. This scene will occur regardless of the time of day, or any other appointments Suvaris has. When not being threatened by Nords, Suvaris begins her day at 8:05am by heading out of her home down to her office. She will spend the next twelve hours working, breaking only at 1pm to have lunch at the office. After ending the workday at 8pm, she will head down to the New Gnisis Cornerclub to drink. She will finally return home at midnight, to go to sleep in preparation for the next day.

Suvaris wears a set of farm clothes, a pair of gloves, and a pair of boots. She is equipped with an iron dagger. She carries a key to the Atheron's house, a key to the Shatter-Shield's office, as well as a selection of common loot and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


Approaching Suvaris may have her greet you by mentioning the shipping capabilities of her employer.

"Looking for shipping? We'll always offer better service than the East Empire Company."

She might also grumble about the Argonian dock workers from the Argonian Assemblage.

"These lazy Argonians better get their tails moving."

She might also mention the recent loss of one of her employer's daughters at the hands of a serial killer.

"You hear about the Shatter-shield girl? It's a tragedy."

She will also talk about Torbjorn's desire for money from the shipping operation, as long as he is still living:

"Torbjorn wants the shipping operations to bring in cash, and I make it happen."

Suvaris can first be encountered just inside the primary gate to Windhelm, being harassed by Rolff Stone-Fist and Angrenor Once-Honored:

Rolff: "You come here where you're not wanted, you eat our food, you pollute our city with your stink and you refuse to help the Stormcloaks."
Suvaris: "But we haven't taken a side because it's not our fight."
Angrenor: "Hey, maybe the reason these gray-skins don't help in the war is because they're Imperial spies!"
Suvaris: "Imperial spies? You can't be serious!"
Rolff: "Maybe we'll pay you a visit tonight, little spy. We got ways of finding out what you really are."
Suvaris: "(Sigh)"

Should you speak to Suvaris after witnessing this scene, she will ask about your standing on the issue if you are not a Dunmer:

"Do you hate the dark elves? Are you here to bully us and tell us to leave?"

If you tell her that you do hate the Dunmer, the conversation ends.

Yes, I do hate the dark elves.
"Then we have nothing more to talk about."

It continues if you tell her you don't hate them. You can then tell her that you noticed the way Rolff treated her. Asking her why anyone would think she is a spy will have her respond by claiming that the Nords will cling to any reason to hate them, imaginary or not. Also, telling her that you don't hate her people will raise her disposition towards you, causing her to treat you as a friend.

No, I don't hate your people.
"You've come to the wrong city, then. Windhelm's a haven of prejudice and narrow thinking, unworthy of one such as you."
Looked like those Nords were giving you trouble.

"Nothing new there. Most of the Nords living in Windhelm don't care much for us, but Rolff is the worst by far.
He likes to get drunk and walk around the Gray Quarter yelling insults at us in the small hours of the morning. A real charmer, that one."

Why would anyone think you're a spy?
"Some of these Nords will come up with any excuse to despise us.
And it isn't just the dark elves they hate -- they make a target of the Argonians as well.
In fact, just about anyone who isn't a Nord is fair game for their bullying."


Suvaris being harassed by Ambarys

Suvaris might be questioned by Ambarys Rendar about her work for the Cruel-Seas, despite her working for the Shatter-Shields (see bugs):

Ambarys: "What's new with the Cruel-Seas [sic], Suvaris? Have they given you one of those helmets with the horns on them yet?"
Suvaris: "What do you want from me? I work for them ok? We're not friends. They pay me, and I get the job done. That's it."
Ambarys: "Touchy. Maybe some Dunmer lives in you yet."
Suvaris: "Either pour another drink or keep moving, Ambarys."

Ambarys will also ask Suvaris if she finds it belittling working for a Nord family.

Ambarys: "Don't you ever find it demeaning, working for that Nord family?"
Suvaris: "Look, Ambarys, I just came here for a drink. I don't need any trouble."
Ambarys: "Fine, then. I guess some Dunmer are content to be their pets."
Suvaris: "Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, and you're going to leave me alone. Deal?"

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Visiting the East Empire Company's office in Windhelm will lead to an encounter with Orthus Endario. He will apologize for the poor state that the office is in and will inform you that the East Empire Company cannot afford to keep the place running in proper shape ever since a group of pirates started attacking their shipping operations. He will state that their competition, the Shatter-Shield shipping operation, are the only ones safe from the attacks, and will suggest that they are involved with the pirates. Asking him if he has proof will have him admit that he does not, but will instead have him request you gather it by obtaining Suvaris Atheron's Logbook. Obtaining her logbook and giving it to Orthus will have his suspicions confirmed by entries mentioning Suvaris meeting with the pirates. While Suvaris was involved with the pirate operations, she will not make any comment about it, or face any kind of punishment for her role in the attacks.


  • Although you won't hear it from him, apparently her brother Aval strongly dislikes that Suvaris and her brother Faryl are employed by Nords, as Faryl can be heard stating:
"My sister and I both work for the Nords. Our brother is ashamed of us, but at least we can affort [sic] to eat."
  • As shown by the Creation Kit, Torbjorn was meant to refer you to Suvaris, but the line didn't make it into the final game:
"You want to talk about shipping matters, speak with Suvaris Atheron."


  • Her logbook refers to her as male.
  • Suvaris will have a conversation with Ambarys about her work for the Cruel-Seas, despite her not working for them. This line of dialogue either confuses the Cruel-Seas for the Shatter-Shields or it confuses Suvaris for Idesa Sadri, a Dunmer in the employ of the Cruel-Seas.