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Skyrim:Truth Ore Consequences

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Retrieve an ore sample from Filnjar.
Quest Giver: Hafjorg
Location(s): Elgrim's Elixirs, Shor's Stone
Reward: Random potions
Disposition: =1 (Filnjar)
ID: FreeformRiften17
Suggested Level: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Head over to Shor's Stone.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Hafjorg.
  2. Obtain an unusual quicksilver ore sample from Filnjar.
  3. Return the ore sample to Hafjorg.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Helping outEdit

Should you find yourself in Elgrim's Elixirs, commiserate with Hafjorg about how much she has to do at the shop. She will tell you that caring for her husband, Elgrim, is holding her back from getting things done; specifically running an errand to Shor's Stone to retrieve an unusual ore sample. Offer to fetch it for her:

You've got your hands full, eh?
"I swear, if I wasn't around, Elgrim would forget to eat his meals. How we make any coin at all is beyond me. In fact, I need to arrange for someone to pick up an ore sample for me in Shor's Stone... goodness knows Elgrim won't lift a finger to do it." Telling her that you could get it for her will have her say,
I could get it for you.
"You would? Oh, that would be wonderful. Speak to Filnjar in Shor's Stone. He's got some sort of ore sample he wants us to identify and was willing to pay us well for it."

Shor's StoneEdit

Sample of quicksilver

In Shor's Stone, seek out Filnjar at his home and smithy. Let him know you are there for the ore, and after some derisive comments about Elgrim, he hands over a sample of quicksilver. He explains that he needs Elgrim to examine this particular piece as its discovery coincided with a strange invasion of frostbite spiders in Redbelly mine:

I'm here for Elgrim's ore sample.
"It's about time; I sent them a letter weeks ago. That Elgrim... he'd forget his own pants if his wife didn't help him dress. Here you go. Tell Hafjorg that she can chip off whatever she thinks is a fair trade for their time."
What's so special about this ore?
"Redbelly is supposed to be nothing but an iron mine. Been working it for years. Then right before the spiders had moved in, we found that chunk of ore. Never seen anything like it. I want to know what I'm dealing with before I start tearing it out of the ground."

Four PotionsEdit

Bring the sample to Hafjorg. She makes a sarcastic comment about her husband's busy schedule, but had him make you four leveled skill potions to compensate you for your travel:

I've brought the ore sample from Filnjar.
"Thank you. I'll be sure to get Elgrim to examine this as soon as his... busy schedule allows. Here, I had him make you a few things for all that travel."'


  • The ore sample is a special variety of quicksilver ore; it cannot be used for smelting.
  • It is possible that the unusual ore sample was intended to be ebony ore as Redbelly mine contains ebony ore veins despite being described as an iron mine by dialogue in game.
  • The quest only originates from Hafjorg even though Filnjar has been waiting for a courier.
  • No follow-up is known at this time to explain the appearance of the spiders and its link to the ore.


Quest StagesEdit

Truth Ore Consequences (FreeformRiften17)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Obtain Ore Sample from Filnjar
Objective 20: Return Ore Sample to Hafjorg
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